Yasiel Puig and Skip Schumaker do something nice for young Dodgers fan with leukemia

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Before the Los Angeles Dodgers took down the San Diego Padres by a 2-1 score Saturday night, Skip Schumaker hosted 7-year-outdated Oscar Juarez at Dodger Stadium. Schumaker escorted Juarez, who has leukemia, and his 5-year-outdated brother across the home clubhouse and onto the field. The go to was arranged by a neighborhood pediatric charity.

Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times writes:

Schumaker introduced the boys to Yasiel Puig, who immediately dropped to his knees so he might take a picture along with his arms round them. The boys moved alongside, but soon Puig came chasing after them, so he may give them every a pair of batting gloves.

Then, after the boys headed onto the field to observe batting apply, Puig discovered them and charged over yet one more time, this time to offer them an autographed bat.

As for the game, Puig went 0 for 4 with a walk (!) and a caught stealing. Schumaker went 2 for 4 with a double and a run scored. Puig did contribute another highlight, though, on defense:

That may be top-of-the-line performs he makes all season. From that depth in the outfield, with him shifting laterally when he made the throw residence on one hop.. simply wonderful.

But the play by Puig and people hits by Schumaker pale in comparison to their collective pregame work with the Juarez boys. It is unlikely the primary time they’ve ever hosted an sick little one, nor the final. It is simply.. good job, guys.


Puig Pong! Dodgers’ Yasiel Puig and Tony La Russa play ping pong at Clayton Kershaw’s event

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Clayton Kershaw, whose uncle Clyde Tombaugh actually found Pluto in case you hadn’t heard, hosted a ping pong match for Kershaw’s nonprofit foundation on Thursday. Kershaw and his superstar companion, Matthew Perry, won, however that is not practically as fascinating as Los Angeles Dodgers rookie Yasiel Puig taking up Tony La Russa.

Thankfully, reporter Molly Knight of ESPN was readily available to seize the taking place at Dodger Stadium on film. Puig and his actor teammate beat La Russa and Dodgers lefty Chris Capuano, Knight stories. It appears to have been a grueling matching, physically and mentally.

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Two observations: Puig seems worn out. What a couple of days for him, eh? The other observation: La Russa takes dropping as well as ever. By no means change, TLR!

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Kershaw is pumped to be champ, and it’s like Matthew Perry can’t believe they won. Additionally, headbands! It additionally needs to be mentioned that Kershaw is de facto taking to acting, which is a should in Hollywood:


Don Mattingly benches Yasiel Puig because Skip Schumaker gives Dodgers ‘a better chance to win’


Don Mattingly pulled the Puig once more — and the Los Angeles Dodgers gained anyway. Once more.

Yasiel Puig was benched by his manager Wednesday afternoon, replaced in proper discipline by Skip Schumaker in the fifth inning for reasons unspecified by Mattingly. With Puig grounded, the Dodgers beat the Chicago Cubs four-0, with Schumaker getting on base twice and driving in a run.

The move was not made due to an injury, but as an alternative was disciplinary in nature. The one word given by the Dodgers during the sport, as relayed by Vin Scully on the Fox Sports activities TV broadcast, was that it was a “manager’s choice.” After the game, Mattingly would not specify why Puig was pulled, preferring to keep the matter “in house.” Knowledgeable hypothesis by native writers says the punishment is for Puig not hustling to his place in proper discipline.

No matter, Mattingly uttered what already have grow to be famous words about why Puig was benched:

He probably wasn’t speaking actually, however it’s fun to level out that the Dodgers are 53-23 in Puig’s appearances and 53-50 when Schumaker performs. And let’s not even get into the wins above replacement comparison. Puig seems like he got the message — no matter it was — after meeting with Mattingly and GM Ned Colletti:


Mattingly additionally punished Puig for disciplinary causes Aug. 20 towards the Marlins, though this truly was the first time Puig has been benched — should you imagine Mattingly. He did not begin Puig against the Marlins after he was 35 minutes late for pregame activities at Miami. Puig entered that recreation within the fifth inning and hit a go-ahead home run in one other Dodgers victory. He was fined for being tardy, but Mattingly stated Puig didn’t begin as a result of he was simply getting a day off — or a half-day without work — as a result of he wanted the rest. Mattingly repeated that Wednesday.

“No person probably believes that, because of the timing of it, however that was a break day he was getting no matter what time he was attending to the ballpark, ” Mattingly said.

It would not matter what we consider, it solely matters what Puig believes. He is the one Mattingly has to control into taking part in his greatest.


Yasiel Puig slides into plate after hitting walkoff home run

Los Angeles Dodgers rookie slugger Yasiel Puig does things just a little bit in another way than the typical major league ballplayer. Say, who desires to be average, anyway?

With teammates ready to playfully pound on him, Puig completed off his first profession recreation-ending dwelling run trot by sliding into the plate within the 11th inning Sunday. Unconventional, positive, but not unprecedented, and a seemingly acceptable option to celebrate a 1-zero victory against the Cincinnati Reds at Dodger Stadium.

Reds pitchers gathered a group-document 20 strikeouts in opposition to the Dodgers, with Puig amongst four batters who struck out thrice. However not against right-hander Curtis Partch, Cincy’s third reliever to observe Tony Cingrani. After connecting, Puig flipped his bat melodramatically and raised his arms like Richard Nixon before rounding first.

Via the Related Press, Puig gave the impression to be excited about what to do next while making his circuit:


”Each player does what he can when he will get to the plate. Some individuals bounce, some individuals slide, some folks run,” Puig stated by a translator. ”I have a earlier teammate in Cuba that jumped and damage his ankle. So I made a decision to slip.”

Of course, there’s always the Kendrys Morales incident to recall, when he broke his leg doing a relatively mild jump onto the plate in celebration of a walkoff homer. While sliding into house in all probability wasn’t crucial for Puig, it was amusing for non-curmudgeons. And it coincidentally paid tribute to one of many recreation’s great showmen, Rickey Henderson.

When he broke Ty Cobb’s all-time document for runs scored in 2001, Rickey crossed the plate in almost precisely the identical fashion as Puig:

That’s why he’s the Biggest of All Time™. (Say, did anyone else discover a younger Adrian Beltre taking part in third for the Dodgers?)

It’s true: Puig is a brash rookie who has accomplished barely an iota of what Henderson did. Rickey’s a Corridor of Famer. Puig won’t get inducted for years. But it surely strikes me that Rickey performed with a certain love of the sport that — irrespective of how much service time you have accrued — can be OKAY for any participant to emulate. We want more Rickey in baseball, not much less Rickey.

Regardless, can we count on the Reds to retaliate for Puig’s behavior the subsequent time they face the Dodgers? Ought to somebody really worry about getting hit with a pitch because of Puig’s antics? Former major leaguer Greg Swindell, watching the sport whereas participating Twitter, probably would say yes:

Please, don’t stop. But then once more I didn’t play organized ball after age sixteen. The one mockery Puig makes — if you want to name it that — is of opponents who can’t get him out. He is batting372/.417/.590 with 10 residence runs in 48 games, and he has enjoyable whereas doing it. What is improper with this image? Irrespective of, Swindell doubled down on his criticism:

He’s referring to Prince Fielder’s infamous residence run celebration explosion from 2009. The game’s never recovered from that black mark. Absolutely, Swindell will not be the only one who feels this way.

It’s simply too dangerous that some individuals really feel the necessity to take what must be a enjoyable thing and act like the neighborhood children will not get off their lawn. Nevertheless it’s OKAY. The rest of can just chill and enjoy the Puig present.

It additionally ought to be pointed out that Puig’s jersey was torn from his again — probably by his teammates — and he signed it earlier than giving it to a young fan.

A true menace!


Yasiel Puig hit with $12 million lawsuit, accused of being ‘informant’ for Cuban government

(USA Today) It won’t always be smooth sailing for Yasiel Puig. According to Dylan Hernandez of the Los Angeles Times, the Dodgers rookie sensation is being sued for $12 million by Miguel Angel Corbacho Daudinot, who claims Puig knowingly made false allegations against him and gave false testimony during his 2010 trial in Cuba.

Puig’s testimony helped lead to a guilty verdict that resulted in Corbacho Daudinot receiving a seven-year prison sentence. Corbacho Daudinot is now seeking damages for “prolonged arbitrary detention and torture” and through his lawyers has filed his complaint in a federal district court in Florida.

Here’s more from Hernandez:

The complaint refers to Puig and his mother as “informants” for the government.

Puig and his mother testified in a 2010 trial in which Corbacho Daudinot was convicted of human trafficking – basically, of plotting Puig’s escape from Cuba. Corbacho Daudinot denies he ever offered to help Puig defect.

Corbacho Daudinot alleges that Puig knowingly made false claims against him to demonstrate allegiance to the Cuban government, and be reinstated in the country’s top baseball league and national-team program. According to the suit, Puig was demoted to his Cuban league team’s developmental squad because the government suspected him of wanting to flee the island.

The lawyers representing Corbacho Daudinot filed similar lawsuits last year against Cincinnati Reds pitcher Aroldis Chapman on behalf of different plaintiffs.

Yahoo! Sports Jeff Passan recently wrote about Puig’s numerous attempts to defect from Cuba. It’s a worthwhile read that sheds light on the process Puig had to go through before finally defecting successfully in June 2012.

As for Corbacho Daudinot, after serving 3 1/2 years of his sentence in prison, he’ll serve the next 3 1/2 under Cuba’s “provisional liberty” program, which means he’s free but his travel is restricted and he cannot return home to the Dominican Republic, where he’s a permanent resident. Corbacho Daudinot’s lawyers also contest their client is in poor mental and physical health because of his incarceration.

Though he remains in Cuba, Corbacho Daudinot was able to file his lawsuit in Florida under the Torture Victim Protection Act of 1991.

I’m not much of a legal expert, so I’m not exactly sure what the next step will be in this case, but we’ll definitely keep an eye on it and let you know as the story either unfolds or quietly fades away.


Jonathan Papelbon says Yasiel Puig making the All-Star Game would be an ‘injustice’ and a ‘joke’

(Getty Images) The ever-outspoken Jonathan Papelbon has some thoughts about rookie Yasiel Puig potentially being an All-Star. Specifically, the Philadelphia Phillies closer thinks that would be “a joke” and an “injustice” to veteran players.

Puig — who had a 3-for-5 night with a homer on Tuesday for the Los Angeles Dodgers — is hitting443/.473/.745 after taking baseball by storm on June 3. He’s played in only 27 games and been to the plate 112 times, but he’s made all those opportunities count. His 44 debut-month hits are second historically to only Joe DiMaggio who had 48 in May 1936. In addition, Puig has hit eight homers, knocked in 17 runs and the Dodgers are 16-11 since his debut.

All this has begged the question: Should Puig be an All-Star? Papelbon, fearless closer that he is, took that issue head on during an interview with MLB Network Radio:

“The guy’s got a month, I don’t even think he’s got a month in the big leagues, and just comparing him to this and that, and saying he’s going to make the all-star team, that’s a joke to me. It’s just really what happens in baseball when… to me it really does an injustice to the veteran players that have been in the game for eight, nine, ten plus years, and it kind of does them an injustice because they’ve worked so hard to stay there.”

Here’s the interview clip in question. Pay close attention to when Papelbon says “Pig, Puig, whatever.”

Puig isn’t even on the All-Star ballot, but he’s been getting write-in support from fans. Realistically, his best chance at getting on the team is through MLB’s Final Vote, which crowns the 34th player on each team through a separate fan vote. That comes after players and the All-Star managers have their say. Rosters will be announced Saturday.

NL All-Star manager Bruce Bochy had previously said he didn’t think Puig’s short time in MLB was enough to warrant a selection. Of course, Puig’s non-stop hit barrage could have changed that. There have only been four games in which Puig didn’t get a hit. Further: In 15 of his 27 games, he’s gotten more than one hit.

It’s worth noting that Papelbon was elected to the All-Star game in his rookie season. The circumstances were a tad different. He got his big-league call-up in the previous season and played a little bit then. In 2006, though, he had 0.59 ERA and 26 saves, pitching 46 innings in 40 games before being named to the All-Star team.

He was one of three rookies who made the team that year. At the time, he said:

“It’s been a wild, wild ride. It’s awesome. It was a very emotional experience to find out that I had made the team. We’re the next crop coming in. This is exciting because it is the starting points of our career.”

At the heart of the Puig All-Star debate is a theme that’s at the core of many debates: ruffling tradition.

(Getty Images) Traditionalists think Puig simply hasn’t shown enough to be considered an All-Star, and that the All-Star Game is an important institution that not just anybody who has played 27 games can sprint into. The other side of the argument says Puig should be an All-Star because he’s the most exciting player in baseball right now, the kind of guy people will turn on their TVs to watch, even if they’re not huge baseball fans. He’s a boost for the game, much as he’s been a boost for the Dodgers.

Here’s one thing to ponder: Justin Upton of the Atlanta Braves would be, at last tally, a starting outfielder in the National League. He’s hit 15 home runs. Not too shabby. However, he hit 12 of those home runs during a hot first month of the season. Since May 1, he’s hit a pretty disappointing229/.342/.323 with only three homers.

You gotta wonder how many people are upset Justin Upton is likely going to be an All-Star this season because of one good month.