Card Player Poker Tour Spotlight: Vince Burgio

Vince BurgioVince Burgio has been a part of the poker scene for over 25 years and has seen many changes during his two and half decades at the felt. He is the owner of a World Series of Poker bracelet from the 1994 $1,500 Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo and has published two books, including his autobiography Pizza, Pasta and Poker. His poker resume includes upwards of $2.1 million in live career earnings and a fourth place WSOP Main Event finish in 1994.

Card Player sat down with Burgio before the start of CPPT Atlantis Event 14: $230 No-Limit Hold’em Mega Stack Survivor.

Name: Vince Burgio

Resides: West Hills, California

Lifetime winnings: $2,111,467

Largest Live Cash: $168,000 – 4th, 1994 World Series of Poker Main Event

Tell me about the name of your autobiography. What does it mean?

Well, I’m Italian and my wife and I struggled with what the name of the book should be, so I tried to intertwine some of my heritage in the book. It came out in the very beginning of 2006. In fact, it was named Best New Poker Book in 2006 by Ashley Adams, who writes for Poker Player Magazine.

What about the other book, Inside Poker: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly?

I used to write a column for Card Player and I had about 60 of the columns published. Then after each column I put an afterthought, because some of them were four or five years old and I thought ‘I was stupid to think that’ or ‘I was very prophetic because I saw this coming.’

Would you say you foresaw the current state of poker? Did you see the downfall of online poker coming?

Yeah, kind of. You just kind of new that either they (the government) were going to tax it or they were going to shut it down. One of the two. And I think it’s still the same now. At some point they are going to let it go and tax it.

What other things did you foresee?

Well, when they said you couldn’t smoke in the poker rooms people said ‘Oh God this is going to kill poker.’ I said ‘No, this is not going to kill poker. People are still going to play poker.’

What about things you didn’t see coming?

I certainly didn’t see the big boom that we had when Chris Moneymaker won the tournament (2003 WSOP Main Event). I think there were three things that contributed to that. Internet poker was just starting and television was different before that. I came in fourth in the Main Event in 1994 and they didn’t show the hands then. So when you watched those broadcasts, they were pretty boring. When they started showing the hands and now everybody could see what people had, that helped.

How long have you been around poker? When did you get your start?

I started in 1987. I had a construction company in L.A. and I played a few local tournaments down there and did well and then my wife said ‘Well lets go to Vegas, they have a tournament at the Hilton.’ It was a $200 or $300 buy-in and I came in third and got about $10,000 or $12,000 or $15,000, whatever it was. Then two weeks later they had one at the Riviera and I won $54,000. So I said you know what, maybe I’ll just try this for a while. I can always start my business back up. But I never have. It’s been good the whole time.

Today it’s a little more common to hear someone say they player poker professionaly, but back in 1987, how did people react after asking what you did for a living?

It’s funny that you say that because in one of my first columns I talked about how people treat somebody that plays poker for a living. Their jaw drops because they’ve never heard of it. ‘Oh wow, you actually do that?’ Then they ask where do you go and how do you do it?

One of my better columns was about how I went to have a root canal and the guy has both hands in my mouths and says ‘What do you do?’ I said ‘I’m a poker player,’ and he happened to be one too, and my whole column was about how he had both hands in my mouth and was asking me all these questions. I decided from now on I’m going to say I’m a crossing guard.

My mother, God rest her soul, she said ‘What will people think?’ And then of course in 1994 I won a bracelet and I also came in fourth in the Main Event. Then I won a $5,000 tournament for about a half a million dollars and I got a little bit of publicity. Before that, in 1992 I won the best all-around player at The Queens and I got my photo on the front page of Card Player. At that point they began to say ‘You know what, maybe it’s a viable thing.’

Of course now, you watch some of those broadcasts and seven of the nine guys are professional poker players. Now I don’t know if they are, in my definition it’s somebody who has been making a living at it for more than one year. I’ve been doing this for a lot of years.

Let’s talk a little about Atlantis, do you play here often.

Not really. In LA where I live I’m about 40 miles from the casino and I used to play everyday, because I played high but the games that I played, believe it or not, they discontinued them. But the travel time back and forth is like three hours and I just hate to put that kind of time in to go down and play.

I like to come up here because you get a room, you get on the elevator and you go down and play. So I played up here and when Mike Gainey (Poker Room Manager) took over the Atlantis, he kind of takes care of me and he is just the nicest, sweetest guy in the world, so whatever he does I will support. And at the Atlantis you’ve got no complaints about the hotel and the property.

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Fox Sports Warren Barton Talks Champions League, Vince McMahon and Why He Thinks Gus Johnson Will Be One of the Best Soccer Announcers in the World

warrenbartonWarren Barton, an Englishman, has been part of the American soccer panorama the previous couple of years working as an analyst for Fox Soccer Channel and now Fox Sports 1. If you happen to’re a fan of the game within the States, you’ll little doubt acknowledge the previous England international and are nicely aware of his tendency to mix it up with former U.S. Nationwide Workforce striker Eric Wynalda on air.

Though FOX misplaced the rights to the Premier League, it nonetheless airs the Champions League and FA Cup. Right now we’re smack dab in the middle of peak soccer with European competitions, the start of MLS this weekend and the World Cup looming less than one hundred days away. Over the weekend FOX aired the quarterfinals of the FA Cup, together with Wigan Athletic shock 2-1 win over Manchester City. The second leg of the Round of sixteen Champions League video games resume on Tuesday with Bayern Munich/Arsenal and Atletico Madrid/AC Milan.

The Large Lead spoke with Barton by cellphone final week on a lot of soccer matters including what makes the FA Cup particular as an Englishman, why English fans are not often real looking about their nationwide group and what it’s like working with Gus Johnson.

TBL: Clearly Americans are wrapped up in English soccer, with the Premier League primarily. The FA Cup … typically it feels like the appeal is misplaced in translation. As an Englishman, describe what makes the FA Cup so particular?

WB: As a British one who thinks of the FA Cup, it’s the romance. We love the opportunity an amateur athlete pitting his wits against the Premier All-Stars. It’s like a high school group taking part in against the Steelers or the Cowboys in the Tremendous Bowl. It begins with a policeman, a builder, they could possibly be doing effectively and playing against mighty Manchester City or Arsenal. There’s the history. It’s the oldest home membership competitors in the world. That’s how I generalize it. The romance, the historical past. The beauty, as I mentioned, an newbie athlete playing towards one of many heroes of the Premier League.

TBL: What matchup would make for the most effective closing for the Champions League this season?

WB: Bayern Munich, they're the benchmark. Actual Madrid, at the moment, with the best participant on this planet (Cristiano Ronaldo), the most costly player on this planet (Gareth Bale) and possibly essentially the most underrated coach in the world, as properly with (Carlo) Ancelotti. Clearly ex-pats wish to see Chelsea or Manchester City. In case you’re a purist, trying on the game, taking a look at (Bayern and Actual) they’re thrilling, they rating objectives and so they play to win. They've the opposite group apprehensive about them, somewhat than being cautious. Take Manchester City, they have been very respectful of Barcelona and when you speak about Bayern or Real Madrid they exit to win regardless of who they’re enjoying against.

TBL: You’ve been in America for some time, what do you make of the viewers who watches English video games or soccer on the whole, who do you think that audience is?

WB: I can go simply by Twitter. They’re very educated. They’re very passionate. They are often very essential as well. Now with the sport being proven on so many channels, the Internet, folks’s knowledge is getting higher and other people’s opinions are getting stronger.

The expansion I’ve seen in six years, you may simply go by our viewing figures. Every year it gets larger. The data is spreading. … What’s thrilling is the game within the U.S. hasn’t even reached it’s potential but and it’s already breaking data week-in, week-out. That’s exciting as an analyst, as an ex-player, as a coach going ahead. I do know that’s how Eric (Wynalda) and Brian (McBride) really feel. We love it.

TBL: What’s probably the most noticeable change in soccer because you’ve been over here in America?

WB: Have a look at the shirts. You’re speaking about each now and again you might see a West Ham shirt or an Everton shirt. Earlier than it was once simply Barcelona or Actual Madrid, Manchester United. Clearly there’s ardour.

It’s also individuals recognizing you. You go to Phoenix, you go to Miami, Los Angeles, folks at all times ask me, ‘What’s Eric like, what’s Brian like?’ That shows you that the audience is getting bigger. Sure people are carrying not solely prime Premiership shirts, but perhaps a Stoke shirt will likely be worn. You’ll obviously see numerous MLS shirts. The game is growing. It’s the identical because the NFL in the UK. I communicate to my mates there. Earlier than you would possibly see a Cowboys and a 49ers shirt. Now you get a Chargers, Tennessee. It’s crossing over.

TBL: I’m positive you saw the rumors final month about Vince McMahon’s interest in shopping for Newcastle United, one among your former clubs. What did you make of that? Would he be a great addition to English soccer?

WB: You can’t assist however have a smile on your face, because of the ties to the WWE and what he’s completed. Something is feasible. That’s the fantastic thing about what’s happening.

Am I towards it? No. Wouldn't it surprise me? Sure.

You have a look at Roman Abramovich, a Russian billionaire coming to Chelsea. You have a look at what the Qataris have done at PSG and obviously these type of golf equipment. They’ve taken these mediocre teams from a decade in the past and turned them into global giants. It’s intriguing. As I said to Rob Stone, it could intrigue me. It will bring humor back into the sport and that’s what it’s about. (McMahon) positively knows business, look what he’s accomplished to that enterprise. He’s additionally obtained a strong opinion which is sweet.

Newcastle Fan

TBL: Newcastle has an enormous, passionate fanbase, an enormous stadium … why has it been so exhausting for them to get over that hump and compete for trophies constantly? What is it about that membership that all the time holds them back?

WB: It’s the turnover of coaches. You take a look at Chelsea and the turnover. To bridge that hole, you must sign high-quality gamers. We completed second twice (Barton played for Newcastle United from 1995-2002), played in Cup finals, played within the Champions League. You have to discover the suitable coach. There are only so many Sir Bobby Robsons which are round. It is advisable to have an owner that understands the chance you’ve given a certain coach. It’s an amalgamation of turnover of coaches, turnover of players and it’s like everybody – there’s solely so many winners. Sadly Newcastle are one of the teams like an Everton, like a Liverpool in the meanwhile who are trying to interrupt into the Prime 4. You possibly can throw Tottenham into that equation as well and so they’ve spent over $100 million. Cash doesn’t all the time purchase success, nevertheless it actually helps.

TBL: What’s it been like working with Gus Johnson, such as you did last spring with the Champions League?

WB: There’s little question. I’ve worked with Martin Tyler, with Rob Hawthorne on Sky and Gus is simply as passionate as them.

We’re in America and I think we should have an American voice. It sounds strange coming from a Brit, however that’s me personally. We've an American audience and to bridge that hole to get the American individuals to understand you want an American voice. Which will get myself out of a job however that’s how I feel. I’ve lived right here and respect the country and respect what the game is. I think Gus Johnson is pretty much as good as anybody on this planet. Yes Martin Tyler is the benchmark however you’ve received Gus Johnson 15-20 years in the sport and he’s right behind him. I’m an enormous fan, not just because he’s with us, however for what he does with the game, how strong he is to place his status on the line, to try this. That takes not solely guts, but it takes confidence to do this and he’s received all our confidence and the network behind him.

TBL: Will you be working more Champions League video games this spring with Gus?

WB: Our boss, obviously, has already spoken to myself and Eric about that on the timescale. It obviously needs to be a recreation that appeals to folks. From that standpoint I feel it will be accomplished. Will probably be a sport that’s worthy like Manchester United/Real Madrid. We don’t need to shortchange the viewers. Gus is very dedicated in addition to everybody on the soccer aspect. [Ed. word: Johnson will possible be again calling Champions League games this spring, but FOX hasn't confirmed recreation or date yet.]

TBL: Getting again to the Champions League, a number of years ago we had three of the 4 semifinalists coming from England. We’re at all times told the EPL is one of the best league on the planet, but now the continental European teams are faring much better against them in the Champions League. Is it cyclical or is there a cause why?

WB: The Premier League is the most exciting league. I feel Tim Howard mentioned that. Brian McBride stated that. You possibly can take a team like Fulham and may go and beat a Manchester United, a Chelsea. If you’re speaking other leagues, Real Madrid normally win their games, it’s impossible they’ll lose. The Premier League is aggressive and thrilling due to the fashion of football. It’s very much a mixture of continental and the British physicality. Now it’s a shift. Whether it’s La Liga, the Bundesliga or Ligue 1, you’re seeing that due to the money. PSG have performed effectively with the players they have. I still just like the EPL is essentially the most thrilling or aggressive.

The Champions League is the most exciting when it comes to the technical high quality of the coaches. If you talk about the information of the sport, there’s where the Champions League for me is so intriguing. The standard of gamers, the quality of coaches. The Premier League nonetheless has to bridge that gap. If you’re talking about data and techniques, it’s the Champions League. For those who’re talking pleasure it’s the Premier League, no doubt because of the bodily side of what you've got. If it’s the throughout bundle it’s Champions League for me.

TBL: As an Englishman what’s a sensible expectation for England on the World Cup this 12 months?

WB: To win it! (laughes) No, if we can get to the quarterfinals that may be an awesome achievement. As you realize in England we all get so excited that we’re going to win it, that that is the year. Once you discuss South America you talk about Brazil, Argentina and in Europe you look at the Germans and the Spanish.

All your wives and girlfriends are getting buggered right now.

TBL: English fans are bizarre with the World Cup. Half of them think it’s their birthright to win it, the opposite half think they have no likelihood. What’s it actually like?

WB: Two weeks earlier than everyone says we’re going to win it. The Queen will likely be on TELEVISION. We’ll have Prince Charles, Prince William, it’ll be our time. As soon as we kickoff, it’ll be, no we’re going to lose and go out of it. There are so many combined emotions. You have all the flags out, we’ll be able to go. Possibly this yr we’re being pessimistic, however real looking. That is the first time I’ve spoken to individuals and they’re like “we ain’t going to win it.” We’ve all the time stated before “we’ve obtained Rooney, we’ve got Peter Crouch, we’ve bought Steven Gerrard.” This time it’s extra like, if we get out of our group we’ve completed effectively. A bit of reality has kicked in.

TBL: I’m not sure how intently you monitor the U.S. crew, but we’re three months away from the World Cup. What do you think the U.S. expectation needs to be?

WB: Final week, when I watched them practice – Jurgen invited us down with Rob Stone – it was a privilege to speak to Landon (Donovan). The European gamers weren’t there. I just thought it’s very unfortunate with the group. Jurgen can flip it around and say to do effectively we’ve received to play in opposition to the best, however I think there’s such robust momentum from what he’s achieved within the last 18 months. The Donovan state of affairs has modified, the place you must earn the suitable to play for the U.S. which is implausible. There’s competition for places. The perfect players have stepped up. (Chris) Wondolowski, Eddie (Johnson) guys like that have stepped up. If they get out of that group I feel they’ve done very effectively. Anybody, even when it was England, even when it was France in that group. Looking at that group is very troublesome.

TBL: You’ve worked with Eric Wynalda for a pair years now. What’s the most heated argument you’ve had collectively?

WB: Obvious: The Premier League and the Bundesliga. He is in awe of the Bundesliga. He loves it. It’s his largest ardour and rightly so.

We argue about three issues: Premier League vs. Bundesliga, the U.S. vs. England … and who’s going to buy lunch. Each time I’ve gained and I’ve bought lunch each single time for the last three and half years with him. He’s a fantastic guy. We have now a lot of enjoyable on TELEVISION. People ask if we get on. I feel yeah we do, but now we have opinions and that’s what it’s all about.

He’s not bought me one beer or one sandwich in 4 years, and you may quote me on that.

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Pressure on Crows’ Vince pick

New Demons recruit Bernie Vince, left, with coach Paul Roos. Picture: Quinn Rooney.

New Demons recruit Bernie Vince, left, with coach Paul Roos. Image: Quinn Rooney. Supply: Getty Pictures

ADELAIDE’S courageous determination to trade followers favourite Bernie Vince for a draft decide might take years to be vindicated.

However one thing is definite – the participant the Crows choose with the Vince pick (No. 23) at Thursday evening’s national draft will carry excessive expectations from the start.


Adelaide checklist supervisor David Noble is aware of his club is underneath extreme stress to get the decide proper, having traded away a membership champion midfielder to secure the second-spherical draft selection.

“We did not commerce Bernie away calmly,” Noble said as he finalised his draft order with recruiting manager Hamish Ogilvie.

“We just felt we had to get our tooth back into the draft and we had been assured by our recruiting guys that we might get a very good player at No. 23.

“We have scouted all of the players and consider decide 23 holds real value. We wouldn’t have traded Bernie without that assurance.

“It might take that player some time to develop but we’re confident that he’ll be capable to play quite a lot of good soccer for us.”


Stripped of its first two draft choices last year and this 12 months for the Kurt Tippett wage cap scandal, the Crows sacrificed Vince for a player it believes generally is a difference-maker.

Noble mentioned Adelaide wouldn’t be in search of a youthful version of the 28-year-outdated Vince, who was shipped to Melbourne.

He mentioned the Crows would merely take the very best talent available, though it is understood a class midfielder is on the prime of the wishlist.

Adelaide has just two “stay” picks at the draft – 23 and 46. Its ultimate two choices at seventy six and 86 might be used to advertise spectacular rookies Rory Laird and Kyle Hartigan to the senior list.

Ogilvie stated the Crows had a list of “four or 5” gamers it’s keen on who it believes can be obtainable at No. 23.


Adelaide has been linked with SA midfielders Luke Dunstan, Trent Dumont, George Hewett and Malcolm Karpany, Victorian onballer Matt Crouch – the youthful brother of Crow Brad Crouch – ruckman/ahead Michael Apeness and tall half-again Tom Cutler.

“We have completed plenty of work on all the blokes that could be there so we’re prepared for no matter scenario presents itself,” Ogilvie stated.

“It is not the draft to try to be too tough in, it is unpredictable, so we’ll maintain it easy.

“We’ve finished the work and the analysis, so we’ll order the players up in a listing and take the perfect ones available at our picks.”

Adelaide is also confident of getting a “reasonable” participant at forty six in what is taken into account an excellent draft after the first 20 alternatives.

Port Adelaide has 4 picks – 21, forty five, fifty two and sixty eight – with coach Ken Hinkley additionally taking a “best participant obtainable” philosophy, although the robust-marking Apeness might be arduous to move on if he’s nonetheless there at 21.

“We would like a tall ahead at some stage but there’s not quite a lot of good talls in this draft so we’ll just see what eventuates there,” Hinkley mentioned.

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Green Bay Packers will work out free agent quarterback Vince Young

(USA Right now Sports activities Photos)

As you watch preseason games, you will notice that Vince Young is best than many quarterbacks presently on NFL rosters. However he has been unable to get a job.

Young will get a shot to impress the Green Bay Packers on Monday, and possibly get another job at age 30. The Inexperienced Bay Press-Gazette reported that the Packers will work out Younger.

Young’s NFL career definitely had its dangerous moments, such as the acrimonious break up with the Tennessee Titans, but he has plenty of uncooked talent.

Young has an important mixture of size, velocity and arm energy, even when he never developed as a NFL passer. He has 46 touchdowns, 51 interceptions and a 57.9 completion share in his profession.

But the thought of him getting an opportunity with the Packers (who may use a diversion given the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel report that left deal with Bryan Bulaga may need a serious knee injury) is fascinating. Being with an offensive-minded coach like Mike McCarthy could help Young. So might having Green Bay’s deep receiving corps to throw to. The Packers have Graham Harrell and B.J. Coleman backing up Aaron Rodgers, so it is not like they could not use an improve.

Perhaps that is just the widespread observe of NFL groups bringing in numerous players for workouts, in order that they have a well timed report on obtainable free brokers ought to an emergency come up. A workout definitely does not imply the Packers are concerned with signing Younger proper now, even when he seems to be good. However hopefully the Packers take the plunge with Young, as a result of it would make the preseason much more fascinating.