Why You Shouldn’t Have a Problem with the Tanking Philadelphia 76ers

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The Philadelphia 76ers will more than likely set an NBA report for futility Saturday night when they lose to the Detroit Pistons. It’ll be Philly’s 27th loss in a row, eclipsing Cleveland’s file of 26 set just a few years in the past. From coast-to-coast, the 76ers are being hammered for tanking this season. I’m a hundred% on board with the tank job, and it makes complete sense. Let’s count the methods:

1) Anytime a new leader takes cost at a corporation, change happens. Sometimes, it's gradual change, so as to not upset too many of us. Many individuals are deathly afraid of sudden change. Different occasions, as has happened in Philadelphia, the teardown is swift, and the gutting fairly brutal. The 76ers ripped off the band-assist as a substitute of slowly taking it off. In sports activities, this makes full sense. Still, teams are terrified they’ll “lose” the fanbase. That’s criminally dumb. Build a winner. Fans will come.

2) This is the way you go from the dreaded middle of the NBA (or below common), to the basement, shortly: Since losing recreation seven to Boston in the 2012 Eastern Convention semifinals, Philadelphia has traded its greatest participant (Andre Igoudala) for a participant who didn’t play one minute (Andrew Bynum), fired a coach (Doug Collins), hired a new GM (Sam Hinkie), traded its 2nd finest player (Jrue Vacation) for a draft choose who was injured and sat out the entire year (Nerlens Noel), and traded away its former No. 2 general pick (Evan Turner) for essentially nothing.

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3) No group goes into the 2014 NBA draft – a really, very good draft, not simply at the top, but into the 2nd spherical – in better position than Philadelphia. As of at this time, it seems to be like they’ll have two lottery picks (absolute best-case: 1 and 6) and 4 or 5 2nd round picks. Before you scoff at 2nd spherical picks, enjoy watching these current 2nd spherical picks play a job within the upcoming NBA playoffs: Chandler Parsons (Houston), Draymond Green (Golden State), Patrick Beverley (Houston), Danny Green (San Antonio) and Lance Stephenson (Indiana). Oh, and you’re not locked into utilizing all of them – you now have flexibility to make a trade. Flexibility, cap room, high draft picks … these are good things.

4) After Cleveland misplaced 26 games in a row, guess what the outcome was? It acquired Kyrie Irving, a very talented point guard who they thought they may build round (still can, in case you ask me). Why is Cleveland nonetheless a mess? As a result of it didn’t follow up that draft decide with any good moves. Drafting Dion Waiters 4th (over Harrison Barnes or Andre Drummond) and then Anthony Bennett 1st (over Victor Oladipo) is what set the Cavaliers again.

5) You already know what’s worse than tanking? The Knicks being stuck in cap hell, not having any draft picks, and being just bad enough to miss the playoffs. When the 76ers land Andrew Wiggins and Aaron Gordon within the draft, after which choose up Russ Smith, DeAndre Kane and Nick Johnson in the second spherical, let me know if tanking was a foul concept.



Fisher: Winston status shouldn’t sway voters

Tough Decision For Heisman Voters


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher said Jameis Winston’s nebulous legal status should not factor into voters’ evaluation of the Seminoles, who are ranked atop the BCS standings for the first time in 14 years.

While the debate about which teams should travel to Pasadena for the BCS national championship reached a fever pitch in the wake of Auburn’s stunning upset of Alabama this past weekend, the Seminoles’ perch at No. 1 may be precarious because of Winston’s ongoing legal situation.

“We’ve went undefeated,” Fisher said. “It’s up (to) them what they do, but I don’t think that should be in consideration.”

The investigation into Winston’s role in an alleged sexual assault is in its third week, and a resolution on whether the star quarterback will be charged with a crime may not be made until the final round of BCS standings are released, state attorney Willie Meggs said last week.

Florida State rules require any student-athlete charged with a felony are ineligible for competition, except in “extraordinary” circumstances, meaning voters may need to cast ballots without knowing whether Winston will be available for the national championship game.

Florida State is 12-0 and a four-touchdown favorite in this week’s ACC Championship Game against Duke. Fisher said that if the Seminoles finish undefeated, they deserve a chance to play for a national title – regardless of Winston’s status.

“It’s a team sport,” Fisher said. “We’re not a one-man team.”

Fisher stopped short of saying voters should reward any undefeated team with a trip to the BCS championship game, however.

Jameis Winston

Jameis Winston has passed for 3,490 yards and 35 touchdowns this season, making him a front-running contender for the Heisman Trophy.

Both Florida State and Ohio State are 12-0, but No. 3 Auburn and No. 5 Missouri – both with one loss – could end the season with a more impressive slate of wins. Measuring an undefeated team with a weaker schedule against a one-loss team with a cache of impressive wins is up to each voter, Fisher said.

“If I was undefeated, it would upset me very much if someone jumped me,” he said. “But at the same time, if I felt our one-loss team was better – I understand both sides of that. But that’s not for me to decide.”

But Fisher will have a chance to decide on his own ballot in the USA Today Coaches’ poll, which makes up one-third of the BCS formula. He stopped short of saying he wouldn’t put a one-loss team ahead of an undefeated team on his final ballot.

“It has nothing to do with one loss,” Fisher said. “I rate who I think is the best team, who I think is No. 2, No. 3 and No. 4. Who they played on the field and how they did it – that’s how I rank them. That’s my criteria.”

Whether Winston’s legal status factors into the criteria of other voters remains to be seen, and the same is true of the redshirt freshman’s place in the Heisman Trophy race. Voters must submit their final ballots for that award by 5 p.m. on Dec. 9.

“I think Jameis is one of the most outstanding players in the country,” Fisher said. “Other people have outstanding players, and that’s not for me to judge. But I’ll say this: I’m glad he’s on my team.”


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Kidd: ‘Probably shouldn’t have’ spilled drink

HOUSTON – Jason Kidd said he was just “trying to win” when he intentionally spilled a drink on the court, a stunt that cost him $50,000.

The Brooklyn Nets coach was fined Thursday, with the NBA saying he intentionally spilled his drink as a stall tactic.

He tried to avoid talking about it Friday, but when pressed, he relented.

” Paul [Pierce] got a great look, but the league fined me for something that I probably shouldn’t have done,” he said. “We’ll move on.”

Kidd bumped into Brooklyn reserve Tyshawn Taylor with 8.3 seconds left Wednesday against the Los Angeles Lakers, causing his drink to spill. A video of the play showed Kidd seeming to ask Taylor to “hit me” as the guard walked toward the bench.

The Nets had time to draw up a play while the floor was being cleaned after the spill but still lost 99-94.

Kidd was asked whether he regretted the unusual move and why he decided to go with it.

“It’s about trying to win and those guys in that locker room, and I tried to put those guys in a position to get a basket, a good look and we did,” he said.

He also was questioned on where he came up with the ploy.

[+] EnlargeJason KiddAP Photo/John MinchilloNets coach Jason Kidd said he “probably shouldn’t have” spilled a drink on the court in the final seconds of Wednesday’s game against the Lakers.

“Um, just listening to other coaches or other owners talk about coaches and what they’ve done,” he said.

Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni got a little hot under the collar when asked Friday about the incident.

“I knew he was going to get caught,” D’Antoni said. “You can’t do that. That’s crazy. He can’t do that. It’s cute for a lot of people, but you can’t do that.”

D’Antoni said he did not notice how the spill happened, but his players picked up on it immediately. Both Steve Blake and Xavier Henry hovered around the Nets’ impromptu huddle to spy on the play being drawn up.

“I’m glad they did,” D’Antoni said of Blake and Henry’s bit of gamesmanship in response to Kidd’s move. “They should have.”

D’Antoni said “you can’t do that” or “he can’t do that” no less than seven times in the two minutes he discussed Kidd’s decision, adding that it was “nuts” to try such a stunt.

“That’s against the rules,” D’Antoni said. “I don’t think that’s very savvy or cool. I love Jason to death, he’s going to be a great coach, but no, you don’t do that.”

D’Antoni, the NBA’s coach of the year in 2004-05 with the Phoenix Suns, admitted there are tricks a coach can use to try to affect the outcome of a game outside of simply drawing up plays, making substitutions, working the referees and calling timeouts, but he said Kidd crossed the boundary of fair game.

“You can catch somebody’s eye on the baseline on foul shots and stuff, as long as you stay off the court and in the rules,” D’Antoni said. “You can do those things, but you shouldn’t get on the court. You shouldn’t run into people on the court. You shouldn’t drop things on the court, especially when they’re not warranted [from an accident]. You can’t do that.”

Houston Rockets coach Kevin McHale offered a one word answer when he was asked for his opinion on the move before Friday night’s game against the Nets.

“Expensive,” he said with a smile.

When Kidd was told of the comment, he, too, smiled.

“Yes, it was,” he said and shook his head.

Kidd, who is in his first year as a coach, was suspended for the first two games of the season after pleading guilty in a drunken driving case.

The Nets are off to a 4-11 start entering Friday’s game.

ESPNLosAngeles.com’s Dave McMenamin and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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