Kevin Ollie Gave a UConn Player a Celebratory Face Slap

Kevin Ollie slapped Terrence SamuelAfter UConn beat Iowa State tonight, head coach Kevin Ollie exited his sideline interview with recent TBL profile topic Allie LaForce and gave freshman guard Terrence Samuel a celebratory slap to the face. After which the other Huskies huddled around were like OH NO HE DIDN’T, and everybody appeared to stay happily ever after.


Card Player Poker Tour Atlantis Results: Events 14, 16, 17 & 19

Tom McEvoyThe fourth stop of Season II of the Card Player Poker Tour kicked off at Atlantis Casino Resort Spa March 21 and will host a series of 31 tournaments through March 30 culminating with a $1,100 no-limit hold’em $125,000 guarantee main event March 28-30.

Here is a look at the latest results:

Event No. 14: No-Limit Hold’em Mega Stack Survior
Buy In: $230
Entrants: 34
Prize Pool: $6,596

1 Jason Dufton $1,649
1 Mike Vonada $1,649
1 Danon Shelen $1,649
1 Mary Swafford $1,649

Event No. 16: No-Limit Hold’em Survivor
Buy In: $120
Entrants: 36
Prize Pool: $3,492

1 Hein Cao $650
1 Darrell Duffey $650
1 Adam Stemple $548
1 Dennis Grabowski $548
1 Rodney Veach $548
1 Michael Edwards $548

Event No. 17: No-Limit Hold’em Mega Stack Survivor
Buy In: $230
Entrants: 36
Prize Pool: $6,984

1 Trish Potter $837
1 Michael Carey $837
1 Mitchell Cogert $837
1 Justin Gold $837
1 Vince Burgio $837
1 Tom McEvoy $837
1 Eric Stovall $837
1 Michael Vonada $837

Event No. 19: No-Limit Hold’em Survivor
Buy In: $120
Entrants: 25
Prize Pool: $2,425

1 Daniel Frank $1,000
1 Joseph Pugno $1,000
1 John Miner $425

Atlantis Casino Resort Spa is a luxurious AAA Four Diamond resort with unparalleled amenities, award-winning dining, a world-class spa and action-packed gaming. The poker room offers the region’s best games, tournaments and promotions with table side dining, a self-service soup and beverage bar, and flat screen televisions visible from every table.

For a complete schedule of events, click here.

CPPT Atlantis counts satellites as numbered events, however results for satellites will not be posted on, making for a gap in tournament results numbers.

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Card Player Poker Tour Spotlight: Vince Burgio

Vince BurgioVince Burgio has been a part of the poker scene for over 25 years and has seen many changes during his two and half decades at the felt. He is the owner of a World Series of Poker bracelet from the 1994 $1,500 Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo and has published two books, including his autobiography Pizza, Pasta and Poker. His poker resume includes upwards of $2.1 million in live career earnings and a fourth place WSOP Main Event finish in 1994.

Card Player sat down with Burgio before the start of CPPT Atlantis Event 14: $230 No-Limit Hold’em Mega Stack Survivor.

Name: Vince Burgio

Resides: West Hills, California

Lifetime winnings: $2,111,467

Largest Live Cash: $168,000 – 4th, 1994 World Series of Poker Main Event

Tell me about the name of your autobiography. What does it mean?

Well, I’m Italian and my wife and I struggled with what the name of the book should be, so I tried to intertwine some of my heritage in the book. It came out in the very beginning of 2006. In fact, it was named Best New Poker Book in 2006 by Ashley Adams, who writes for Poker Player Magazine.

What about the other book, Inside Poker: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly?

I used to write a column for Card Player and I had about 60 of the columns published. Then after each column I put an afterthought, because some of them were four or five years old and I thought ‘I was stupid to think that’ or ‘I was very prophetic because I saw this coming.’

Would you say you foresaw the current state of poker? Did you see the downfall of online poker coming?

Yeah, kind of. You just kind of new that either they (the government) were going to tax it or they were going to shut it down. One of the two. And I think it’s still the same now. At some point they are going to let it go and tax it.

What other things did you foresee?

Well, when they said you couldn’t smoke in the poker rooms people said ‘Oh God this is going to kill poker.’ I said ‘No, this is not going to kill poker. People are still going to play poker.’

What about things you didn’t see coming?

I certainly didn’t see the big boom that we had when Chris Moneymaker won the tournament (2003 WSOP Main Event). I think there were three things that contributed to that. Internet poker was just starting and television was different before that. I came in fourth in the Main Event in 1994 and they didn’t show the hands then. So when you watched those broadcasts, they were pretty boring. When they started showing the hands and now everybody could see what people had, that helped.

How long have you been around poker? When did you get your start?

I started in 1987. I had a construction company in L.A. and I played a few local tournaments down there and did well and then my wife said ‘Well lets go to Vegas, they have a tournament at the Hilton.’ It was a $200 or $300 buy-in and I came in third and got about $10,000 or $12,000 or $15,000, whatever it was. Then two weeks later they had one at the Riviera and I won $54,000. So I said you know what, maybe I’ll just try this for a while. I can always start my business back up. But I never have. It’s been good the whole time.

Today it’s a little more common to hear someone say they player poker professionaly, but back in 1987, how did people react after asking what you did for a living?

It’s funny that you say that because in one of my first columns I talked about how people treat somebody that plays poker for a living. Their jaw drops because they’ve never heard of it. ‘Oh wow, you actually do that?’ Then they ask where do you go and how do you do it?

One of my better columns was about how I went to have a root canal and the guy has both hands in my mouths and says ‘What do you do?’ I said ‘I’m a poker player,’ and he happened to be one too, and my whole column was about how he had both hands in my mouth and was asking me all these questions. I decided from now on I’m going to say I’m a crossing guard.

My mother, God rest her soul, she said ‘What will people think?’ And then of course in 1994 I won a bracelet and I also came in fourth in the Main Event. Then I won a $5,000 tournament for about a half a million dollars and I got a little bit of publicity. Before that, in 1992 I won the best all-around player at The Queens and I got my photo on the front page of Card Player. At that point they began to say ‘You know what, maybe it’s a viable thing.’

Of course now, you watch some of those broadcasts and seven of the nine guys are professional poker players. Now I don’t know if they are, in my definition it’s somebody who has been making a living at it for more than one year. I’ve been doing this for a lot of years.

Let’s talk a little about Atlantis, do you play here often.

Not really. In LA where I live I’m about 40 miles from the casino and I used to play everyday, because I played high but the games that I played, believe it or not, they discontinued them. But the travel time back and forth is like three hours and I just hate to put that kind of time in to go down and play.

I like to come up here because you get a room, you get on the elevator and you go down and play. So I played up here and when Mike Gainey (Poker Room Manager) took over the Atlantis, he kind of takes care of me and he is just the nicest, sweetest guy in the world, so whatever he does I will support. And at the Atlantis you’ve got no complaints about the hotel and the property.

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Card Player Poker Tour: Thirty Three Years of Irish Poker – Part VI

Joe BeeversThe Paddy Power Poker Irish Open is now part of the Card Player Poker Tour. With a colorful history spanning more than three decades, the Irish Open is sure to add additional buzz and excitement to the CPPT .

The longest running tournament in Europe and the second longest running tournament in the world, behind only the World Series of Poker, the Irish Open will crown its newest champion April 18-21 in Dublin, Ireland.

There are two years unaccounted for in our look back at history, 1995 and 1997, and it’s possible there was no tournament during those years. Rogers passed away in 1999 and there is a chance, due to age and illness, the tournament did not happen – at least not in a formal sense – during those two years. Paddy Power Poker and Card Player were unable to find records of the Irish Open during that time.


Jenny Hegarty, a 72-year old grandmother, became the third woman to win the Irish Open. To date only three women hold that distinction –Irene Tier, Colette Doherty and Hegarty.


Nick Bernie’s name was added to the list of champions.


British pro and Hendon Mob original Joe Beevers won the Irish Open for just under $55,000. To date, Beevers holds nine career titles and 59 cashes and has more than $2.2 million in live tournament earnings. At the time, his Irish Open win was his second largest career cash.


Popular Northern Ireland pro Ivan Donaghy won the title.


John Falconer turned a short stack into a title when he won the 2005 Irish open, besting 2000 Irish Open champion Alan Betson heads-up. Falconer outlasted a field of 170 players for the win.


Vincent Melinn’s one and only recorded career cash came in big fashion when he won the 2006 Irish open for $423,647.


Belfast native Marty Smyth picked one of his seven career titles when he won the 2007 Irish Open for $867,456, which was his largest cash at the time. Currently, Smyth has more than $3.7 million in live career earnings and holds one seven-figure cash – a first place finish in the 2008 Ladbrokes Poker Million VII for a cool $1,000,000.

For more information about the CPPT and the Irish Open, click here.

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2014 Card Player Poker Tour Foxwoods Main Event Beats Guarantee By Nearly $200,000

The champion will take home $113,435 and this trophyA total of 340 entries were made in the inaugural Card Player Poker Tour Foxwoods $1,650 no-limit hold’em main event, building a total prize pool of $494,700.

That means the event’s $300,000 guarantee was surpassed by just under $200,000! The top 36 finishers will make the money, with a min-cash being worth $3,858 while the eventual champion will take home $113,435 for the win.

Despite relatively heavy snowfall throughout Saturday the turnout for day 1B was impressive. There were 261 total entries today, with that number being comprised of 197 unique players and 64 re-entries. There were plenty of players firing multiple bullets in this event including 2012 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure champion John Dibella (3), Vinny Pahuja (3), Roland Israelashvili (4), Michael Dentale (4) and Tom Dobrilovic (4).

Brad St. VincentAt the end of the day only 84 players remained the chip leader was Brad St. Vincent with 268,000. Other notables who finished the day with big stacks include Vinny Pahuja (146,800), former card Player tournament reporter and current poker pro Jameson Singer (119,600), Chris Tryba (114,500), 2012 WSOP main event finalist Michael Esposito (98,000) and Ryan Eriquezzo (78,200).

Some big names that turned out but didn’t survive the day include John Dibella and two-time Oscar nominee James Woods.

Day 1B survivors will combine with the 22 who made it through day 1A to make a field of 106 returning on Sunday at 11:00 AM local time for day 2. Make sure to check back here for more live coverage as we try to play down to a final table.

Here is a look at the chip counts of the survivors of day 1B:

Rank Player Chip Count
1 Brad St. Vincent 268,000
2 Bob Skinner 220,000
3 Gennadiy Kostrov 194,700
4 Mathew Silberzwieg 187,000
5 Nick Cyr 185,100
6 David Kluchman 181,800
7 Ben Bianco 171,200
8 Jason Calnan 165,000
9 Tom Thomas 154,400
10 Vinny Pahuja 146,800
11 Daniel Pignataro 142,200
12 Patrick Kelly 135,000
13 Jordan Ludwick 129,800
14 Ryan Mostafa 126,000
15 Jameson Singer 119,600
16 Chris Tryba 114,500
17 Greg Konrad 112,000
18 Chris Schonbach 110,900
19 David Espinola 109,500
20 Bob Ricciuti 100,000
21 Nick Bennett 100,000
22 Micheal Esposito 98,000
23 Mark Beamly 94,000
24 Jeff Einsidier 93,300
25 John Andrews 92,700
26 Lucian Cazzello 92,500
27 Ryan Methia 89,200
28 Mike Vely 88,700
29 Bryan Leskowitz 87,300
30 Bill Cunningham 87,000
31 Jessica Wuerz 86,800
32 Rohan Long 84,300
33 Spyros Malkotsis 83,600
34 Omar Saaed 82,600
35 Ryan Eriquezzo 78,200
36 Adam Bitker 76,800
37 Roger Palombizio 72,000
38 Stephen Jurket 71,800
39 Frank Flowers 70,900
40 Derek Chin 70,500
41 Roland Israelashvili 69,300
42 Mike Jarvela 69,200
43 Matthew Zola 67,700
44 Tom Dobrilovic 66,500
45 Kevin Boesel 62,000
46 Michael Dentale 61,100
47 James Campell 58,700
48 Robert Allain 57,800
49 Kim Schinco 51,600
50 Anthony Zinno 51,300
51 Craig Sklar 50,900
52 Aaron Smith 50,100
53 Hilary Dombrowski 49,000
54 Jim Clark 47,400
55 Christopher Papa 46,300
56 Arthur Ohannessian 44,200
57 Keith Herskowitz 43,800
58 Paul Francis 43,100
59 Ramy Ibrahim 43,000
60 Richard Jordan 42,800
61 Philip Knezevich 42,700
62 Philippe Casciola 42,100
63 Gordon Eng 41,800
64 Rory Anderson 40,800
65 Alex Ortiz 40,000
66 Guisseppe Rubio 38,800
67 Ken Silberstein 37,600
68 William Wachter 36,800
69 Khoskou Gholamreza 36,300
70 Sean Cleary 35,400
71 Jon Iacovelli 28,700
72 Mark Awatt 28,500
73 Kamar Russell 26,000
74 Corwyn Canedy 25,200
75 William Lewis 22,500
76 Terry Grimes 21,600
77 Robert Gilber 21,200
78 Maurice Paradis 20,100
79 Frank Schino 19,900
80 Giuseppe Pizzolato 18,500
81 Jonathan Sorsohen 17,100
82 Jim Miron 14,700
83 Jamie Flynn 14,000
84 Ben Rosado 12,700

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Ronnie Pease Leads Final 13 Players in the Card Player Poker Tour Foxwoods Main Event

Ronnie PeaseA six-figure pay day of $113,435 is up for grabs as the Card Player Poker Tour Foxwoods $1,650 No-Limit Hold’em $300,000 Guarantee Main Event heads into its final day.

After 11 levels of play the final 13 players bagged up their chips for the night and Ronnie Pease was in the lead with 1.56 million. The chiplead position is nothing new to Pease – he also finished Day 1A with a massive chiplead over the 22 players who advanced.

Day 1B chipleader Brad St. Vincent is still alive and well, finishing the day third in chips with 979,000. Perhaps the most recognizable name still in the field, 2012 World Series of Poker bracelet winner Chris Tryba, bagged up 438,000 at the end of the night.

Day 2 began with 106 runners and action moved along quickly, seeing more than half the field eliminated in the first four levels of play. Once the money bubble approached, play slowed down considerably and saw only a few eliminations for two levels.

The money bubble was burst just before dinner when Mike Vela ran his JDiamond Suit10Diamond Suit into the AClub SuitQDiamond Suit of Mike Jarvela on a ASpade Suit5Spade Suit4Diamond Suit3Club SuitJDiamond Suit board.

Joe Starratt was the first player to take home a piece of the nearly half a million dollar prize pool, being eliminated 36th for $3,858. Soon after Starratt, World Poker Tour champion Anthony Zinno was eliminated. Zinno began Day 2 as one of the shortest stacks in play but managed to hang on long enough to finish in 33rd, adding an additional $3,858 to more than $1 million in live career winnings.

Anthony ZinnoOther notables who made their exits prior to the money included 2012 WSOP National Championship winner Ryan Eriquezzo, Vinny Pahuja, Mike Dentale, 2012 WSOP Main Event seventh place finisher Michael Esposito and Tom Dobrilovic.

Chris Leong, who cashed his way into the CPPT leaderboard by winning Event 1: $600 No-Limit Hold’em $100,000 Guarantee for $42,149, cashing out for 52nd and $602 in Event 4: $300 No-Limit Hold’em $75,000 Guarantee and taking third in Event 7: $400 No-Limit Hold’em $75,000 Guarantee for $11,763, also made his exit before the money but seemed not to be too upset by it.

Leong Tweeted “Busted…. guess it was ridic to think I could cash in first 4 tourneys of the year lol.”

Leong currently sits in fourth on the CPPT leaderboard for money won on the season with $54,514. As of now he also holds the record for most money won on the season without cashing in a main event.

Play will resume Monday at 12pm EST with full live updates on Once a final table is reached the live stream and commentary will begin.

Day 3 Chip Counts

Ronnie Pease 1,566,000
Anthony Ruberto 1,247,000
Brad St. Vincent 979,000
Mark Lieberman 925,000
Josh Albin 808,000
Justin Adams 531,000
Tom Thomas 463,000
Frank Paul 453,000
Chris Tryba 438,000
Ben Bianco 380,000
Chris Schonbach 246,000
Patrick Kelly 202,000
Mike Jarvela 132,000

In the Money Finishes

TBA $113,435
TBA $69,258
TBA $45,760
TBA $36,360
TBA $26,714
TBA $21,767
TBA $17,809
TBA $14,099
TBA $10,898
TBA $7,915
TBA $7,915
TBA $7,915
TBA $6,678
Rob Holtz $6,678
James Rubin $6,678
Mark Brambley $5,936
PhillipKnezevich $5,936
Adam Bikter $5,936
Jason Calnan $5,194
David Stefanski $5,194
Steven Juricek $5,194
Lucian Cappello $4,669
William Cunningham $4,669
Samuel Taylor $4,669
Peter Everett $4,669
Ken Silberstein $4,669
Daniel Pignataro $4,669
Matthew Silberzweig $3,858
Robert Gilbert $3,858
Jordan Ludwick $3,858
Nicholas Cry $3,858
Ryan Methia $3,858
Anthony Zinno $3,858
Kurt Lichtman $3,858
Christopher Papa $3,858
Joe Starratt $3,858

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Penn State player sitting to donate bone marrow

Penn State forward David Glen is making a big difference in someone's life. (Mark Selders, Penn State Athletics)
Penn State forward David Glen is making a giant distinction in someone’s life. (Mark Selders, PSU Athletics)

More NHL: Scores | Standings | League Leaders | Odds | Injuries | Energy Rankings

Hockey players are often lauded for his or her selflessness and team-first mentality. Penn State sophomore forward David Glen is taking it to an entire new stage, though. His crew-first mentality goes past the walls of Pegula Ice Area and the hockey crew’s roster.

Glen, the crew’s main purpose scorer final year, is going to miss the Nittany Lions’ next three games beginning with Saturday’s contest in opposition to No. 2 Boston Faculty. It’s all part of a sacrifice he is making for a teammate he’s never met and should never know.

The Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, native can be present process a procedure to donate bone marrow after discovering he was a match by way of the national bone marrow donation program Be The Match. Glen participated in a Be The Match drive that was a part of a drive with a view to help a Penn State lacrosse participant’s mom in November of 2012.

“Last year, Drew Roper’s mom was on the lookout for a bone marrow match, so our complete staff went and received swabbed,” Glen advised “Sadly none of us were a match, however they preserve you in their database. I acquired a call last spring telling me that I is perhaps a match for another person.”

“He requested to speak with me and I had no thought what it was about,” stated Penn State head coach Man Gadowsky. “He came in and told me that he was a [bone marrow] match for someone and, if he went by way of with it [donating], he can be lacking a number of video games…He didn’t think twice about it and neither did I. We are very pleased with the way in which he has handled the scenario.”

Here’s extra from Penn State:

Glen will start the peripheral blood stem cell (PBSC) donation process Friday, Jan. 24 when he travels to Geisinger-Bloomsburg (Pa.) Hospital. Glen does not know the identification of who will obtain the donation.

According to Be The Match, the five-day PBSC donation is a non-surgical process and is one in every of two methods of accumulating blood-forming cells for bone marrow transplants. A 7-10 day timetable is typical for restoration for many PBSC donors and gentle bone ache can result due to the extreme stem cell crowding within the bone marrow.

The Penn State hockey workforce is in the midst of a historic season. In simply the second yr since varsity hockey returned to campus, the group opened its new multi-million-dollar facility named for benefactor and Buffalo Sabres proprietor Terry Pegula. The staff also opened play in the inaugural season of the Large Ten’s hockey convention.

The 22-year-previous alternate captain will miss the Boston College recreation Saturday and is predicted to be out for next weekend’s conference series towards Ohio State.

Regardless of all that excitement and the truth that there are essential games forward for the four-14-1 Nittany Lions, one of the workforce’s veterans is showing just how much of a leader he really is.

“You never know when you will get the chance to help some like this and you by no means know if it’ll occur once more,” Glen stated in his interview with “This is a uncommon alternative that I am grateful and fortunate to have been chosen for.”

Glen has two goals and three assists this season after a sixteen-objective, 25-level efficiency final year as a freshman.

Coincidentally, the St. Louis Blues will beat Yale University for the women’s hockey sport at Ingalls Rink tonight. The team is there in support of Blues forward Jaden Schwartz , whose sister Mandi, a former Yale hockey player, misplaced her battle to cancer in April 2011.

Tonight’s recreation in opposition to Brown College would be the fourth annual “White Out for Mandi” game, which doubles as a fundraiser and likelihood to raise awareness for the need of bone marrow donors, particularly by Be The Match.

The Blues may even maintain an open practice this afternoon at Yale and then be on hand for the sport to signal autographs and take pictures with fans.

In response to the Washington Post, three,852 donors have been added to the nationwide registry thanks to efforts pushed within the memory of Mandi Schwartz with 21 matches discovered.

So not solely does Be The Match get an amazing event at Yale with the Blues, they can level to individuals like David Glen to show just how important it can be to get examined and give somebody a chance at beating cancer.

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Chapman: Nuggets player ‘stoned’ at ’10 practice


Rex Chapman detected a Nuggets player who may have been ahead of his time. (USATSI)
Rex Chapman detected a Nuggets participant who might have been ahead of his time. (USATSI)


The Denver Put up shares this anecdote from a Denver Nuggets apply in 2010, courtesy of fomer executive Rex Chapman:

It was the morning of a 2010 playoff sport, and one of the Nuggets had just smoked some nuggets. As the workforce practiced, the player was so high that Rex Chapman, a group govt at the time, mentioned he needed to pull the player apart to get him to focus.

"Throughout all walks of life and in every occupation, folks smoke (marijuana). This is no secret, and professional sports aren't exempt," mentioned Chapman, who played 12 years in the NBA. "But employers deserve and pay for A-plus staff. There's a time and place for all the pieces. As a member of a crew, guys owe it to their teammates to place their greatest foot ahead."

by way of Athletes and Pot: Legalized marijuana in a league of its own – The Denver Put up.

The story comes as part of a large-ranging and fascinating story on the status of marijuana because the substance prepares to grow to be legal for retail sale in Colorado after a ballot initiative passed last yr. Skilled sports leagues have made no indication they intend to change their stances on it being a banned substance they check for.

Here is the roster for the 2010 Nuggets if you would like to take a guess at who the power offender was.

The NBA did not start officially testing for marijuana till 1999.

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Player can keep $20K from half-court shot

OKLAHOMA CITY – A university basketball player who won 20 dollars, 000 by hitting a half-court shot in a promotion at an Thunder Thunder game can keep the money to be used as a scholarship, the National Organization of Intercollegiate Athletics announced Wednesday.

Cameron Rodriguez nailed the shot Nov. eighteen during the Thunder's game against the Colorado Nuggets. The jubilation was unsuccsefflull after the NAIA informed Rodriguez that when he kept the money, he would reduce his amateur status at Southwestern College in Winfield, Kan.

The college appealed, as well as the NAIA said Tuesday that Rodriguez could use the half-court winnings since scholarship money.

"We're pleased with the decision from the account and specifically the [national eligibility committee] that allows Cameron to keep their winnings to use toward his training, " said Jim Carr, NAIA president and CEO.

The NAIA said your decision to use the prize as scholarship or grant money was a joint recommendation simply by Rodriguez and the Southwestern College fitness department, which was supported by the Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference.

Rodriguez, a sophomore, should maintain his amateur status through the remainder of his eligibility. Your dog is said that he'd have forfeited the cash before giving up his college eligibility.

Eight participants have hit the half-court photo, sponsored by a local bank, within 231 home games since the advertising started, according to the Thunder.

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Peyton can play in the cold or warmth

Peyton Defends Cold-Weather Perform


ENGLEWOOD, Colo. – Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning insisted Wednesday he is not a different player in freezing weather despite a track record that will seems to show otherwise.

Asked whether he believes he's a different player in cold temperature, Manning simply said, "I avoid. "

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning wears a fitted glove in the throwing hand in the rain or even cold and snow. Against the Patriots this season, he wore gloves to both hands.

Asked why he believed he wasn't a different quarterback within cold weather, he added only, "That's not how I feel, so.. do I miss the question? "

Manning is 3-7 in the regular season and postseason combined when the game-time temperature will be 32 degrees or colder, based on ESPN Stats & Information.

He's thrown intended for 11 touchdown passes and twelve interceptions in those games great completion percentage is 59. four percent, well below his profession average of 65. 4. Their 214. 1 passing yards for each game in those 10 excursions are also well below his profession average of 269. 5.

Coach John Sibel also doesn't buy the notion that will Manning is a different player within the cold, saying that 10 games is not really a sufficient sample size for a gamer in his 16th season.

Manning has made one noticeable concession to cold or severe weather with the Broncos since returning through multiple neck surgeries. He today wears a fitted glove in the throwing hand in rain or cool and snow. He wore hand protection on both hands in New Britain when he threw for a hundred and fifty yards, and a glove on his tossing hand this past weekend in Kansas City when he finished along with 403 yards and five touchdowns.

"It's simply part of the adjustment I've kind of needed to make, " Manning said. "I've said that I've had to make a large amount of changes at this point in my career. I am kind of coming off an injury and various team. It's just been portion of the adjustment.. and still working through this kind of each time that I wear it. inch

Manning tried gloves previously in his career, which includes during his time with Indiana, but said he "never simply quite found a pair that I loved. "

With all the Broncos, Manning's overall sample dimensions are 28 regular-season games and a postseason loss to Baltimore. He is 23-6 as a starter in those video games with 80 touchdown passes and it has averaged more than 300 yards for each game.

Nevertheless , the Broncos' loss at home within last season's playoffs and final month's collapse in frigid Foxborough, Mass., when the Broncos led 24-0 at halftime but ended up dropping in overtime, were confirmation for a few that the phrase "cold shoulder" indicates something else entirely for Manning.

But Fox stated in those instances that a protective breakdown late in regulation contrary to the Ravens and a bouncing punt contrary to the Patriots were at the root of the particular losses.

"I don't think where you're located which you ever really get used to really cold temperature, " Fox said. "I don't believe you grow thicker skin since you live in it. I don't think may physiological thing. I think a lot of it really is mental, just dealing with the elements. That might be a torrential downpour, it could be the snowstorm… And if we won all those games, we wouldn't be referring to the weather right now. "


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Portugal´s football star Decos submits appeal against ban

Deco: Contesting drug ban

Deco: Contesting drug ban

Former Portugal star Deco has appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport over his one-year ban for a failed drugs test.

The 36-year-old, whom has today retired, was tested following Fluminense's 2-0 win over Boavista about March 20 and his sample contained traces of furosemide – a diuretic that is utilized to mask other substances.

The previous Porto, Barcelona plus Chelsea player has protested his innocence, declaring the positive test is the outcome of a contaminated vitamin supplement, plus has today submitted an appeal to the CAS.

A statement found on the CAS website read: "The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has registered an appeal filed by the Portuguese football player Anderson Luis de Souza, known popularly because 'Deco', against a decision taken by the Brazilian 'Superior Tribunal de Justica Desportiva do Futebol' (STJD), according to that he was found to have committed an anti-doping direction infraction and suspended for one year.

"The player requests the annulment of the STJD choice and that he be cleared of any anti-doping tip violation.

"The CAS usually set the procedural calendar inside the next days."

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Oklahoma State cheerleader tries to trip Oklahoma player after touchdown

Via Deadspin

Through Deadspin

Now that is the signal of an actual rivalry! As Oklahoma’s Erik Striker returned a fumble for a touchdown to finish the Huge 12 title sport and spoil the Cowboys’ BCS hopes, an Oklahoma State cheerleader slid his foot out to try to journey Striker. The cheerleader was unsuccessful.

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NAIA player may cede Thunder’s $20K prize

NAIA Participant May Have To Forfeit Money

OKLAHOMA CITY – A school basketball participant who received $20,000 for hitting a half-court docket shot at an Oklahoma City Thunder game could need to either forfeit the cash or his eligibility to play college sports.

Cameron Rodriguez, a 23-yr-old sophomore forward for Winfield, Kan.-primarily based Southwestern Faculty, sank the promotional shot on Nov. 8 in the course of the Thunder’s dwelling game against the Denver Nuggets.

Southwestern athletic director Dave Denly says the school’s governing body for athletics, the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics, knowledgeable Rodriguez that if he kept the money he would lose his newbie standing. The college has appealed, asking if the money may be accepted within the form of a scholarship.

NAIA spokesman Chad Waller confirmed the group is looking into the matter and said a ruling may take two weeks.

Eight lucky followers have hit the half-courtroom shot, sponsored by a neighborhood bank, in 231 dwelling games since the promotion began, stated Thunder spokesman Dan Mahoney.

“We’ve been in communication with Cameron,” Mahoney mentioned. “He is an incredible kid, and we hope it really works out finest for him.”

For his part, Rodriguez, of Elk City, Okla., said he never considered taking the money and forfeiting his college athletic career.

“In my eyes, it is simply cash,” mentioned Rodriguez, who receives a partial scholarship that offsets among the value of his tuition. “I do know I’m a college kid who can use some help, but my love for basketball and my passion for the sport – it is price more to me than $20,000.”

If he is unable to simply accept the money in the type of a scholarship, Rodriguez mentioned he hopes the proceeds will be donated to a charity or nonprofit.

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Zahir Belounis: French Soccer Player Trapped in Qatar Finally Given Exit Visa


Zahir Belounis will finally be allowed to leave Qatar. A number of weeks in the past we posted a story about the plight of the French soccer participant, who wasn’t allowed to go away the tiny Gulf State following a dispute over pay with his club crew. Qatar has a coverage where “exit visas” are required to go away the nation and Belounis was denied one for almost two years. It left Belounis near destitute and considering suicide.

Wednesday Belounis’ brother Mahdi tweeted out information that Zahir was given a visa and will arrive in Paris on Friday.

That is finally some optimistic information from Qatar, which has triggered all kinds of controversy since it received the correct to host the 2022 World Cup back in 2009. The problems of human rights violators and trendy-day slave labor used to construct the billion dollars price of stadiums and infrastructure in the the country stay unresolved. Anticipate the  scrutiny from Western  journalists – these not handed out free journeys, anyway — to increase as we slowly inch closer to 2022.

Related: ESPNFC’s Phil Ball Accepted Free Journey to Qatar, Wrote Puff Piece, Irritated American Journalists
Associated: Qatar’s World Cup Stadiums Resemble A part of the Female Anatomy, and Are Being Constructed by Modern-Day Slaves

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Card Player TV Video Spotlight — Phil Galfond On Polarized Ranges

Phil GalfondPhil Galfond is likely one of the most successful excessive stakes cash game players of the modern poker era, significantly excelling in online nosebleed-stakes money video games. Galfond has received more than $8.5 million on-line according to monitoring websites, with one other $1.8 million in dwell tournament wins and a World Series of Poker gold brace also below his belt. Clearly, Galfond knows what he’s talking about when it comes to poker technique.

Card Player TELEVISION caught up with the 28-yr-old professional through the 2012 WSOP primary event to debate the poker strategy matter of “polarized ranges”. In considerably oversimplified phrases, a participant’s range is polarize when they solely guess or increase with their very strongest and really weakest holdings in a given scenario, opting to examine or call their medium-strength hands in an effort to management the size of the pot.

“Those that play unpolarized are tougher to play against, however I don’t suppose that essentially makes it a better technique, especially in a area [just like the WSOP fundamental event].” said Galfond referring to the main occasion’s newbie-filled area. “In a tough tournament discipline you need to unpolarize your ranges because you’ll need to be three-betting, you’re going to be double and triple barreling. You just don’t have enough monster palms to have the ability to be doing that enough, in any other case you are simply going to be bluffing nearly every time.”

To learn more about Galfond’s ideas on enjoying with a polarized range, and why one may divert from this strategy to value bet more thinly, try the video below:

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Ex-Rutgers player claims he was bullied by coach


Rutgers DC Dave Cohen allegedly bullied a former player) Rutgers DC Dave Cohen allegedly bullied a former player. (USATSI)


Former Rutgers defensive back Jevon Tyree claims that Rutgers defensive coordinator Dave Cohen bullied and verbally abused him.

In keeping with Tyree, Cohen obtained in his face during a study session in April, calling him a “pussy” and a “bitch” and also threatening to move butt him. Tyree claims the incident occurred in front of ten teammates and an instructional advisor, and that it affected his standing with the team.

Tyree claims he misplaced reps in apply, had no shot at taking part in time and was even excluded from team conferences. He stop the team when coaches determined to play a wide receiver on defense as an alternative of him despite a spate of injuries within the Rutgers secondary.

“I really think disciplinary action should occur, virtually to the purpose the place (Cohen) ought to get fired. I actually do,” said Jevon Tyree’s father, Mark Tyree. “That is how dangerous it is, particularly for the injury he’s accomplished to Jevon.”

Rutgers launched an announcement on Friday evening saying that Cohen apologized “the following day for his participation in the escalation of the banter.” The assertion additionally stated that Cohen was reprimanded by Rutgers coach Kyle Flood and that “at no time was there any threat of bodily violence, which was verified by an instructional counselor, who was present in the room.”

All of this comes after Rutgers fired basketball coach Mike Rice for bullying his gamers.

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High school football player dies from brain injury

Excessive School Concussion Study Released

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. – A high school football player in Arizona died from an injury suffered during the fourth quarter of a blowout playoff loss, serving as one more reminder of the hazards of head trauma in youth sports activities.

Hopi High School senior Charles Youvella died of a traumatic mind harm Monday at a hospital, the Arizona Interscholastic Affiliation mentioned. He was damage Saturday in Hopi’s 60-6 loss to Arizona Lutheran in a primary-spherical playoff game. Youvella scored Hopi’s landing.

The dying attracted nationwide consideration after Arizona Cardinals large receiver Larry Fitzgerald tweeted an image of Youvella and asked people to hope for the teenager’s household, buddies and teammates. The AIA mentioned Youvella died together with his household by his facet.

A neighborhood memorial is planned for Wednesday night at the high school auditorium.

Youvella’s father, Wallace Youvella Jr., is the college’s athletic director.

“We’ll all have to maneuver ahead and at the very least help each other and assist our younger children,” Hopi chairman LeRoy Shingoitewa mentioned.

The dying comes at a time when head injuries in football are attracting attention at all ranges of the sport.

The Institute of Medication and Nationwide Research Council two weeks in the past referred to as for a nationwide system to track sports-related concussions and reply questions on concussions in youth and faculty sports activities, notably football. The report revealed that the reported concussion charge for the common highschool football participant is almost twice that of a faculty participant, and far outpaces that of other highschool sports activities.

The report stated 250,000 people nationwide age 19 and youthful had been treated in emergency rooms for concussions and different sports activities- or recreation-associated mind injuries in 2009. That was a rise from one hundred fifty,000 in 2001.

The AIA says an account will be established to help defray prices for the Youvella family.

Hopi coach Steve Saban mentioned Youvella was amongst a group of youngsters who had been playing for him for years; Saban said these players had vowed to place within the work wanted to grow to be a standout crew in football, which isn’t the most popular sport on the school. The Bruins’ solely other loss this season was in additional time.

“We had just a lovely season, finest document in class historical past,” Saban mentioned. “Down there within the state playoffs, it was only a nice expertise for the youngsters. And then the horrible tragedy. It was just like a foul dream.”

Hopi High Faculty is in the community of Keams Canyon, on the Hopi reservation in northeastern Arizona.


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Keyshawn Johnson: Sapp was a bully too


Did Warren Sapp bully players in Tampa Bay? Keyshawn Johnson says he did. (USATSI) Did Warren Sapp bully gamers in Tampa Bay? Keyshawn Johnson says he did. (USATSI)


Former NFL large receiver Keyshawn Johnson has been preserving tabs on the situation in Miami involving Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito and he says the situation reminds him of one thing former teammate Warren Sapp used to do.

In a radio interview on Wednesday, Johnson mentioned Sapp used to bully Buccaneers defensive lineman Chidi Ahanotu. All three players have been teammates in Tampa Bay in 2000.

“Chidi Ahanotu played with me in Tampa Bay, and I used to observe Warren Sapp do some similar things to Chidi Ahanotu,” Johnson advised KGMZ-FM in San Francisco, by way of ProFootballTalk. “Now I am saying this on the record, and it may go all over the country after I say this. I used to look at him attempt to bully Chidi Ahanotu, OKAY? Because he felt he was more superior than Chidi. So someday, you realize what Ahanotu did? He bought up and he told him, ‘Get your you-know-what in the midst of the floor proper now. I am uninterested in it.”

Principally, Johnson is saying that Ahanotu ended the bullying by difficult Sapp to a fight.

“At that point, guess what Sapp did? He sat down. And then all people else within the locker room, me, the Derrick Brookses, the Brian Kellys, all of us mentioned, ‘Good for you, man,'” Johnson said. “[Sapp] did not want no part of it. Till you rise up for yourself and do not allow these chumps to try this type of stuff to you, they’ll hold doing it. That is the way bullies are.”

Ahanotu took to Facebook to expound on Johnson’s comments, here’s small sliver of what Ahanotu had to say, you’ll be able to learn the rest of his Facebook post right here.

Richie Incognito tormenting & bullying of his teammate reminds me of what our own beloved Warren Sapp did to his teammates & the staff at Buccaneers. Tyoka Jackson, Super Bowl MVP Dexter Jackson, Marcus Jones & Chidi Ahanotu all confronted Sapp & had bodily altercations of various degrees with Sapp. Just about Nothing was off limits to Sapp’s verbal attacks & belittling of his teammates & front workplace workers.

After listening to about Ahanotu’s accusations, Sapp responded later on Wednesday, “Test the source,” Sapp stated, by way of “I’ve been within the locker room with Chidi for many years. If you already know the character of the beast, do not be surprised by what it does. He had loads of time to say whatever he wished to say about Sapp up until this point.”

Sapp admitted he ‘tortured’ Ahanotu, but he said he did it for Ahanotu’s personal good.

“I feel I helped him receives a commission. And then when he obtained his 10 sacks, did not come to the offseason conditioning, yeah, I tortured his ass as a result of we needed him here in the offseason,” Sapp said. “If I used to be going to be here day-after-day, why wasn’t he? He obtained his $30 million deal, I received my $36 million deal and we had been out there in the identical dirt. But he still says I am his brother because he knows I was proper to get on his ass about not being right here.”

The bullying allegations against Sapp marked the second time he made headlines on Wednesday. Earlier in the day, Sapp talked about how Incognito as soon as used a racial slur in opposition to him during a sport.

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Cal player hospitalized after fight in locker room (Yahoo Sports)


BERKELEY, Calif. (AP) – Police are investigating an altercation in the California locker room that sent freshman running back Fabiano Hale to the hospital.

University police Lt. Marc DeCoulode said the incident occurred Friday afternoon. He declined to release the identity of the second player involved or any further details, citing the pending investigation.

The school released a statement Tuesday saying a player was taken to an urgent care facility on campus before being transferred to the hospital. A spokeswoman for Alta Bates Summit Medical Center said Hale was released on Saturday morning after receiving treatment for unspecified injuries.

Hale, a walk-on from Santa Cruz, has yet to play this season. He told the Santa Cruz Sentinel he suffered a concussion and had stitches around one of his ears.

”I have a headache still,” Hale told the newspaper.

Cal coach Sonny Dykes declined to comment when asked about the incident at his weekly news conference Tuesday. The Golden Bears host Southern California on Saturday.

The incident is the latest in a miserable debut season for Dykes.

The Bears are 1-8 this year. Cal’s only victory came against Portland State, which plays in the lower-tier Football Championship Subdivision.

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Cabrera voted top player by big leaguers (Yahoo Sports)


THE BIG APPLE (AP) – Detroit slugger Miguel Cabrera has won his second straight participant of the year award in voting by his fellow main leaguers.

Cabrera followed his Triple Crown season of 2012 with another impressive year. He led the American League with a348 common and had forty four homers and 137 RBIs, both second to Baltimore’s Chris Davis. Cabrera edged Davis and the Angels’ Mike Trout for the respect.

Retiring Yankees closer Mariano Rivera was voted Marvin Miller man of the yr for excellence on and off the field, and Rivera was additionally picked because the AL’s comeback participant of the year, notching 44 saves after missing most of 2012 with a knee damage. Pittsburgh’s Francisco Liriano was selected the NL’s comeback participant.

For the second consecutive 12 months, Pirates heart fielder Andrew McCutchen won NL excellent player. Cabrera was chosen AL outstanding participant.

Other awards Monday evening went to Detroit’s Max Scherzer (AL outstanding pitcher), the Dodgers’ Clayton Kershaw (NL outstanding pitcher), Rays outfielder Wil Myers (AL excellent rookie) and Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez (NL outstanding rookie).

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