NCAA College Basketball Prediction- #2 Wisconsin vs. #1 Arizona

NCAA Free Pick & Prediction Badgers vs. Wildcats

#2 Wisconsin Badgers (29-7) @ #1 Arizona Wildcats (33-4) 03/29- 8:49PM EST- Honda Center, Anaheim CA


Line: ARI -3.0

Over/Under- 131.0


With a spot for the Final Four up for grabs on Saturday night, No. 2 seed Wisconsin and No. 1 seed Arizona will take to the court at the Honda Center in Anaheim with the winner of the West Final punching their ticket to next weeks Final Four.


It’s hard to go to the Final Four,” said Arizona Wildcat coach Sean Miller, who began his coaching career as the Wisconsin Badgers assistant coach way back in 1992. “You can be really good and not make it, both as a coach, a team and a player.”


That will be the challenge for this Arizona team that is looking to advance out of the West Regional for the first time since 1998. The Wildcats (33-4) have failed the previous three times when playing in Anaheim, but this years team who was ranked No. 1 in the polls for eight weeks and went on a 21-game win streak have to be feeling good about their chances.


The Arizona program has gone the last five years going unnoticed, but now want to deliver for coach Miller who has restored this once proud basketball program back to prominence this season.


What we have done during the season has validated how good we are,” said 7-foot center Kaleb Tarczewski.


Tarczewski hopes to have a more productive game after struggling with foul trouble in Thursday’s night semifinal game in which they staged a comeback against the San Diego Aztecs.


For Wisconsin (29-7), they haven’t tasted the Final Four since 2000 and reached the regional final just once in 13 straight trips in the NCAA tournament under long-time coach Bo Ryan. Ryan turned 69 earlier this week and his team feels they need to finally deliver for their coach who became was an assistant for the Wisconsin program from 1976-85.


Badger guard Josh Gasser had this to say about his coach… “He deserves it. We all want it and we all want it for him.”


These two teams are similar in their defensive approach and go after it when it comes to rebounding.


We are tough, nasty and relentless,” said Arizona freshman Rondae Hollis-Jefferson.


Expect a good battle between both 7-foot centers, Arizona’s Tarczewski and Wisconsin’s Frank Kaminsky, who had 19 points and six blocks in helping to lead the Badgers to their semifinal win over the Baylor Bears.


We’re looking to draw fouls and throw them off-balance a little bit with early foul trouble,” said Wisconsin’s three-point specialist Ben Brust.


The Badgers are a slightly better team from beyond the arc shooting 38 percent to Arizona’s 36, so containing any damage done from 3point range will be a priority for both teams.


We have to close out the high ends and keep them off line,” said Hollis-Jefferson. “They’re going to play tough in guarding us too.”


One person the Badgers will need to guard closely will be Nick Johnson, the Pac-12 Player of the Year.


It still makes you say, ‘Wow,’ every time you see them,” says Badger’s Sam Dekker on Johnson and his high-flying teammates. “Dunks aside, they are a very solid team that can go out there and defend. They get after people and make you work.”


Both teams enter averaging 73 points per contest while limiting opponents to 42 percent shooting or less and with that, oddsmakers are expecting a tightly close played game making the Wildcats a slight (minus -3.0) point favorite with an O/U of just 131.0, so stay up to date on the latest spread up until tipoff right here at Wonder Punter.


I expect the same… a close game from beginning to end but will have to predict the slightly stronger Arizona Wildcats doing just enough to punch their ticket to the Final Four next weekend.


Prediction/Pick- Arizona



By Mario Martinez- Wonder Punter



Head Games: Dealing With Tilt And Poker’s Ups And Downs


The Pros: Jonathan Little, Tim West, and Noah Schwartz

Craig Tapscott: What are some good ways to deal with tilt at the poker table that have worked for you long-term?

Jonathan Little: I firmly believe that in order to control tilt, you have to figure out what tilts you and why. For example, some players get upset when they get unlucky, some get mad when the dealer makes an error, and others get angry when they make a mistake. The reasons for tilt are endless. I personally get somewhat tilted when I do something that is blatantly dumb, at least in my mind. In order to deal with this at the table, I write down the hand and make a point to forget about it until I review all of the hands from my session once I am done playing for the day. I then figure out why I went wrong and make a point to not let it happen again in the future.

It is mandatory to address the reasons you go on tilt in order to cure it. If you get mad when you get unlucky, you must accept that poker is a game where you will constantly get unlucky. I am shocked at the huge number of players who get angry when they get all-in with 70 percent equity and lose. It is as if they do not realize they are going to lose 30 percent of the time, and 30 percent of the time is a lot. Once you accept and embrace that this is an inherent part of the game, you will no longer tilt from it. If you get mad when the dealer makes a mistake, realize people make mistakes. Sometimes people have a bad day. Sometimes people are incompetent at their job. Everyone is not perfect. As for my tilt issue of getting mad at myself when I make an error, I had to accept that I am not perfect and that I will make mistakes. I make a point to better myself in every way possible and I work hard to think everything through such that my errors are kept to a minimum.

Another thing I do to alleviate tilt at the table is to listen to a short mp3 on my phone by hypnotist Elliot Roe that calms me down and gets my mind back in a serene state. It helps me relax and breathe, which are two things people fail to do when tilting.

Tim West: If I have adversity at the table I like to slow things down. I might do some push-ups or even grab a healthy drink. I think the best advice I can give for tilt at the table is to stay in the moment. Strategizing is one thing, but too much anticipation or dwelling on past hands or events can do nothing but negatively affect your mood and decision making.

Noah Schwartz: Discussing tilt and the various things that may cause it can be extremely tricky, because it can resemble a 24-hour stomach bug that just creeps up on you out of nowhere (laughs).

When playing cards, there are a lot of different instances that can cause a person to tilt, but usually the number one culprit is getting unlucky in a hand. But when you look at it closely, that is something that is completely inevitable.

In my opinion there are several positive ways to combat tilt. The first is to try your best at remaining cool, calm, and collected. Because upsetting yourself and going on further tilt is only going to lead to worse things. The mind is such a powerful tool. When you are tilting your mind isn’t processing information in a way in which you need it to for good decisions. If this approach is hard for you, another way is to simply take a break for a couple of minutes away from the table and just clear your head. This enables you to not make a bad situation even worse.

When players are in what I like to call tilt mode, they tend to make irrational decisions, which on the poker table will lead to one’s demise. My advice is to just take a few deep breaths, allow the oxygen to flow to the brain, and you’ll be on the right path to coping with full blown tilt.

Craig Tapscott: Poker can be a very brutal and disheartening game at times. How do you deal with the ups and downs of a poker life on a daily basis?

Jonathan Little: You must accept that sometimes you will win and sometimes you will lose when you play poker. Most people feel as if they are excellent at the game, whereas in reality most poker players are long term losers. They think they should win most of the time when they play because they think they are superior to their opponents. Of course, if you are a long term loser, you should expect to lose more often than not. If you do not keep records, play in games with a huge rake, and constantly have to reload, you are a long term loser. You can either accept this fact or work diligently at the game.

If you are a winner at the game, you must keep a huge bankroll and a huge nest egg on the side to pay your day-to-day expenses. One of the most useful things I did when coming up in the poker world was to keep my poker money and my life money totally separate. And I made a point to play only games I was properly bankrolled for. For live tournaments, you need at least 100 buy-ins in your bankroll. If you are playing $1,000 tournaments with $20,000 to your name, you must accept that you are degenerate gambling, even if you are confident you are a long term winner in the games. Once you know you are a long term winner who is constantly working to improve his game and you are also properly bankrolled, you will be well on your way to not caring at all about the standard swings that occur on a daily basis.

Tim West: I used to weigh about 280 pounds, and at that time I honestly didn’t care about health or prosperity in my life. All I cared about was having fun, playing poker tournaments, and eating room service. But at this point in my life’s journey I believe the best way to handle the stress and turmoil of poker is to prepare myself both physically and mentally. One way I do this is by making sure I exercise on a regular basis now. In addition, I pay attention to what I eat and consume nutrition that I take pride in and know is healthy for me. You can occasionally indulge yourself, but you must also find a balance.

Through my eight years playing poker seriously, both live and online, I have gained a lot of perspective in this world. When I hear people complaining about mundane things like congested traffic or a bad beat on the river, it reminds me that no matter what (barring a true life tragedy) we are extremely lucky to be breathing and taking a new step each and every day. In summary, nutrition, exercise, perspective, and family is what keeps a smile on my face every day no matter what I encounter. So you take a bad beat at the table. Get up, take a breath, and count your blessings.

Noah Schwartz: When talking about the high and lows in poker, it is analogous to a roller coaster, and being able to deal with that variance is something that takes time adjusting to and getting used to.

Let’s first discuss the lows and struggling for a given period of time, because I know it is something for the most part at one point or another is inescapable.

Take cash games as an example. One thing I have really enforced for myself when things are not going my way, no matter how hard I try, is to set a maximum loss or stopping point. In other words, I limit my exposure to a number I am completely comfortable with that won’t have an impact on me later that night or the next day or week. So this way when I am in a funk I make sure I don’t dig myself into a black hole. Another thing I do a lot to deal with the lows is go to a great spa to seek some type of mental and physical healing and mainly to get my mind off things and rest.

When we talk about the other end of the spectrum, I think Napoleon Bonaparte said it best, “the most dangerous moment comes with victory.” And it makes perfect sense when you think about it. I think what he meant by this was that the highs tend to cloud our judgment and provide our ego with this fuel that enables us to be more prideful and arrogant. So that when we come down off those highs it causes us to easily crash and burn. That is why when I am on a huge upswing in poker and things are amazing, I just take the time to bask in it. Why? Because I know around the next turn there is going to be a downswing or a low period. This is why it is so important to live in the now. That is what poker is all about in my opinion; being aware of the ebbs and flows of the game and learning to approach them more consciously. ♠






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Klitschko urges protest on as death toll rises

KIEV, Ukraine – With the boom associated with exploding stun grenades plus fireworks drowning out their words at times, Ukraine resistance leader and former heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko advised 20, 000 protesters wed to defend the camp that has been the heart of protests after a day of street fights left at least 25 individuals dead and hundreds hurt. among cries of "Glory in order to Ukraine! '' and with flaming tires lighting up the night atmosphere, thousands of riot police armed with stun grenades and drinking water cannons attacked the massive protest camp on self-reliance Square in the center of Kiev



Yury Kirnichny/AFP/Getty Images Ukraine opposition leader plus ex-heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko urged 20, 000 protesters to defend their camp after a day of street fights that left at least twenty five people dead and 100s injured.


"We will not go anywhere from here, '' Klitschko told the masses, speaking from a stage in the square as tents plus tires burned around your pet, releasing huge plumes associated with smoke. "This is a tropical isle of freedom and we will protect it, '' he stated.


numerous heeded his call. "This looks like a war against a person's own people, '' stated Dmytro Shulko, 35, who was heading toward the get away armed with a fire bomb. "But we will defend ourselves. ''


at the same time, in Sochi, Sergei Bubka, the pole vault excellent who heads the Ukrainian Olympic Committee, urged each sides in Ukraine's politics crisis to lay down their own weapons and halt the particular violence that is bringing the nation to "the brink associated with catastrophe. " The violence upon Tuesday was the deadliest within nearly three months of anti-government protests that have paralyzed Ukraine's capital in a struggle over the identity of a nation separated in loyalties between russian federation and the West, and the most severe in the country's post-Soviet background.



because police dismantled some of the barricades on the perimeter of the sq. and tried to push aside the protesters, they fought against back with rocks, bats and fire bombs. Against the backdrop of a soaring monument to Ukraine's independence, protesters fed the burning fire flames with tires, creating wall space of fire to prevent law enforcement from advancing. A large creating the protesters had utilized as a headquarters caught open fire and many struggled to get away. Many of Vitali Klitschkothe protesters were hemorrhaging.talking over loudspeakers, police advised women and children to keep the square because a good "anti-terrorist'' operation was underway. the particular protesters appeared to sense that will Ukraine's political standoff has been reaching a critical turning point. Waving Ukrainian and opposition celebration flags, they shouted "Glory to Ukraine! '' plus sang the Ukrainian nationwide anthem.


Shortly before midnight, Klitschko headed to President Viktor Yanukovych's office to try to resolve the particular crisis. He returned to the square early Wednesday without having reaching any agreement upon ending the violence.Klitschko informed reporters that he had requested the president to stop the police action to clear the sq. and prevent further deaths, yet Yanukovych's only proposal was that the demonstrators have to go home and stop the protests."I feel very unhappy because there has been no discussion, '' Klitschko said. "They don't want to listen. ''


Still, Klitschko advised the protesters and law enforcement to stop the escalation associated with violence. He said resistance leader Arseniy Yatsenyuk has been trying to arrange for more discussions with Yanukovych later wed.


Bubka, who is in Sochi as an executive board member of the particular International Olympic Committee plus president of Ukraine's nationwide Olympic body, appealed to all parties involved in the conflict in order to resume negotiations.


"I'm shocked by what is happening in my native nation – especially because the assault is taking place during the Olympic Games, the world's the majority of peaceful and democratic occasion, '' Bubka said in a statement. "I am once again recommending all parties to stop the particular violence which puts our own country on the brink associated with catastrophe. "There is no 'their' Ukraine, or 'your' Ukraine. It is our Ukraine. a few do everything possible to get back to negotiations and make the compromise… There is still a chance for a peaceful solution.


the  violence began Tuesday whenever protesters attacked police ranges and set fires outside parliament, accusing Yanukovych of once again ignoring their demands. Parliament, dominated by his followers, was stalling on taking up a constitutional reform in order to limit presidential powers.


Tensions experienced soared after Russia stated Monday that it was ready to curriculum vitae providing the loans that will Yanukovych's government needs to maintain Ukraine's ailing economy afloat. This raised fears among the opposition that Yanukovych experienced made a deal with Moscow to stand firm against the protesters and would choose a Russian-leaning loyalist to be their new prime minister. the particular protests began in late nov after Yanukovych turned away from a long-anticipated deal with the European Union in exchange for a $15 billion dollars bailout from Russia. the particular political maneuvering continued, however , with both Moscow and the western eager to gain influence more than this former Soviet republic. till Monday, the government and the resistance had appeared to be making a few progress toward resolving the particular political crisis peacefully.


"We see that this regimehas begun shooting people; they want to kitchen sink Ukraine in blood. We will not give in to a solitary provocation, '' Yatsenyuk informed the protesters. "We will not take one step back from this square. We have nowhere in order to retreat to. Ukraine will be behind us, Ukraine's long term is behind us. ''


Tuesday's clashes were the first to lead to deaths since Jan. twenty two, when two protesters had been hit with live ammo and a third died after a fall. As angry protesters outside parliament hurled gemstones at police and set vehicles blocking their way on fire, riot police retaliated along with stun grenades and terminated what appeared to be small metallic balls, as smoke through burning tires and automobiles billowed over Kiev. In wa, Vice President Joe Biden expressed his "grave concern'' in telephone call to Yanukovych, urging him to pull back again government forces and workout maximum restraint. The white-colored House said Biden also called on Ukraine's government to address the protesters' "legitimate grievances'' and put forward proposals with regard to political reform. Earlier, oughout. S. Secretary of condition John Kerry urged each sides to end the assault, halt their ultimatums plus hold high-level talks. oughout. S. Ambassador Geoffrey l. Payatt also threatened each sides with sanctions.


"We think Ukraine's crisis can still become solved via dialogue, yet those on both sides that fuel violence will open up themselves to sanctions, '' Payatt said on tweets.

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Wilshere focused on Bayern shutout

Arsenal vs. Bayern Munich

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Big win for Baylor


Oklahoma State is seeing its NCAA tournament hopes slip away without Marcus Smart. (USATSI)
Oklahoma State is seeing its NCAA match hopes slip away without Marcus Sensible. (USATSI)

With Sunday marking precisely one month remaining till Selection Sunday, we figured there was no better time to bring back the each day characteristic from the previous two seasons: "Poppin' Bubbles." When you're not familiar with it from past seasons, it's basically a bubble breakdown of the day's action, going by way of the winners and losers and what each bubble consequence means going ahead. Monday was the proper begin to the 2013-14 model.

For the latest Bracketology updates from, try Jerry Palm's newest projected bracket.


Baylor: Regardless of Baylor beginning out 2-eight in the Massive 12, the Bears have performed themselves right back into consideration for the NCAA tournament. They picked up a huge win on Monday in extra time over Oklahoma State, carry their successful streak to 3 video games. Furthermore, a sweep of the Cowboys could help come March with the pecking order of the Huge 12. Baylor remains to be only 5-eight within the league, nevertheless it now has 5 high-50 wins overall – together with non-league wins over Kentucky and Colorado. There is only one sub-one hundred loss on the resume, and the way Texas Tech is enjoying lately, that may not be a sub-one hundred loss by the tip of the season. Right now, the Bears are either "final four in" or "final 4 out" of most projected brackets, so a ending stretch that features three of five games on the highway will determine their destiny.


Oklahoma State: That's now seven losses in a row for the Cowboys, which went zero-3 whereas Marcus Smart was suspended. He returns for the Texas Tech recreation this weekend, however Oklahoma State is in an enormous hole. They're just 3-9 towards the top 50 after Monday's loss to Baylor, a sport that also dropped Oklahoma State to 2-6 on the road. How will the committee view these three games without Sensible, although? There will certainly be some consideration given to his absence, however Oklahoma State had lost 4 in a row with him before the suspension. The following two video games – Texas Tech, TCU – should be wins, which seemingly puts them squarely on the bubble heading into their final three games: Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State.

Florida State: The Seminoles are fading shortly. They weren't in most projected brackets heading into the day, and a loss to North Carolina was their sixth defeat in the past eight video games. Florida State is simply 2-7 against the top 50 of the RPI, with the wins coming in the non-conference portion of the season against Atlantic 10 foes VCU and Massachusetts. Leonard Hamilton's team wants to turn issues round beginning this weekend at Pittsburgh – and even which may not be enough. If Florida State wins the next three, it will have some momentum heading into the season finale towards Syracuse.







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NHL’s decision on 2018 may come in six months


Gary Bettman, Rene Fasel and Donald Fehr in Sochi. (Getty Images)
Donald Fehr, Rene Fasel and Gary Bettman in Sochi.

Whereas hockey followers enjoy every minute of this Olympic hockey match in Sochi, it's hard to ignore the distinct possibility that that is the final time we see NHL players in the Olympics.

The NHL's participation in the Olympics is all the time a hotly contested difficulty, especially when the Video games aren't in North America as would be the case once more in 2018 when the Olympics head to South Korea. Flyers owner Ed Snider made his place identified and it was hardly favorable towards the Olympic Video games; the league and its teams get very little benefit if any.

It's why Gary Bettman and the NHL have been talking about a return of the World Cup of Hockey, which at this point appears sure to happen. That was reaffirmed when Bettman, NHLPA head Donald Fehr and IIHF President Rene Fasel spoke in Sochi.

Different news: Fehr indicated official World Cup announcement is coming in the not-too-distant future…— Elliotte Friedman (@FriedgeHNIC) February 18, 2014

Most have assumed that this means the NHL would be achieved with the Olympics and the World Cup would be a replacement for a global best-on-finest match that right now solely the Olympics truly gives. Nevermind that it's nearly unimaginable to exchange the Olympics, it would be something that the NHL would have more say in and simply as importantly, it wouldn't overlap with the NHL season.

However one may not preclude the other. No choice has been made but on 2018 even when the World Cup is all however a go at this level, the Olympics aren't out of the question but. It does not seem seemingly but the sport isn't over.

Bettman mentioned a decision may very well come within the next half 12 months relating to 2018 but it surely won't be coming now. It hasn't been a dialog in Sochi. He also explained the continued considering.

"I do not need to get into what the professionals and cons are for participating," Bettman said. Everyone is aware of them, and so they've been debated ad nauseam. We are here because we predict it is great to be here at present at this event. What comes next we'll all have to figure out, as we've executed each of the other instances that the NHL players have participated."

Practically everyone who is not involved in workforce administration loves the NHL in the olympics. Heck, even Red Wings GM Ken Holland continues to be in favor of the NHL being in the Video games. And we all know how the gamers feel about it.

With the NHL in the Olympics, hockey has really turn out to be the game of the Winter Games. The question is that if that would be the case again in Pyongyang four years from now. We'll find out






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US women rout Sweden to earn gold medal game


The U.S. Women have look to keep their gold medal game streak alive. (USATSI)
Team USA breezed previous Sweden to advance to the gold-medal sport in women's hockey. (USATSI)

After dominating Sweden to the tune of a 6-1 ultimate, the U.S. Olympic Women's Hockey Group is on its way to the gold-medal recreation at the 2014 Olympic Winter Games. It is going to be the fourth trip to the ultimate within the 5 Olympics girls's hockey has been part of.

Workforce USA out-shot Sweden 70-9 within the recreation and was near perfect from begin to finish. Six totally different players scored targets for the U.S. as the offense was unfold out. Defenseman Megan Bozek and ahead Brianna Decker every had three factors to tempo the American attack.

Jessie Vetter didn't get much work between the pipes for Staff USA, making eight saves on 9 shots. Sweden's starter Valentina Wallner did all she might to maintain issues shut as she made 42 saves on forty seven photographs before being yanked in favor of Kim Martin-Hasson.

It was a dominant effort all through for Group USA, which had 4 days off since its disappointing preliminary-spherical loss to Canada. That should help increase confidence heading right into a extremely-anticipated gold-medal sport.

The U.S. will now await the winner of the semifinal between Canada and Switzerland. In all probability, we'll be wanting at the fourth USA-Canada remaining since ladies's hockey came to the Olympics in 1998.


USA 6, Sweden 1 – ULTIMATE

9:45 a.m. – SPORT OVER Team USA earns a 6-1 win over Sweden and will advance to the gold-medal sport for the fourth time within the final five Olympics. They're going to await the winner of Canada-Switzerland semifinal. Gold-medal game is set for Thursday.

9:41 a.m. – OBJECTIVE USA – Brianna Decker's initial shot rocketed off the crossbar, but it surely goes off a Swedish defender's skate and into the net. So Staff USA's first purpose of the third period is an awfully wacky one.

9:39 a.m. – A little bit of scrum develops in entrance of the Sweden net. Not a lot comes of it as time is winding down. Under 4 minutes now.

9:37 a.m. – PENALTY SHOT STOPPED Jocelyne Lamoureux attempts the spin-o-rama on the penalty shot, but Kim Martin-Hasson makes an enormous pad save. Still 5-1.

9:36 a.m. – Penalty shot arising for Team USA as Jocelyne Lamoureux was hauled down from behind on a breakaway.

9:32 a.m. – AIM SWEDEN Some extent shot from Emma Eliasson might have taken a deflection off Anna Borgqvist and the Swedes are on the board for the first time. Sweden buzzing a bit more in the third period.

9:31 a.m. – Jessie Vetter has her toughest take a look at yet as Erica Uden-Johansson's wraparound try sqeezed through. Vetter was in a position to get her glove behind her and sweep the puck off the road. So shut, but no aim.

9:29 a.m. – USA not fairly simply going by way of the motions, but they don't seem to be pushing as onerous for offense in this period. Photographs are not coming as fast and furious, although they maintain a 7-1 advantage over the Swedes thus far this era.

9:25 a.m. – Sweden showing no stop on the market. They're still making an attempt to generate chances, but struggling to get by way of to the U.S. night time. Just one shot on goal this era, but they keep pushing the tempo and are making the U.S. work defensively.

9:19 a.m. – U.S. doing an excellent job of working the offensive zone with a variety of crisp passing and searching for good shots. They're still very much in control and never showing any indicators of letting up despite the score.

9:15 a.m. – Third period underway.

9:09 a.m. – Now can be a very good time to refresh that cup of coffee. USA-Sweden will hit the ice once more shortly for the third interval. Group USA 20 minutes from one other trip to the gold-medal sport.

9:03 a.m. – Second Period Recap:

It was a lot of the identical within the second period because the U.S. continued its dominance of Sweden. Targets from Monique Lamoureux and Megan Bozek have the lead at 5-0. Now the U.S. ladies must focus getting out of the third interval wholesome and not growing any unhealthy habits With the probably state of affairs of enjoying Canada for gold on Thursday, it is important to give attention to taking part in the way they have all along. Unfortunately, that means not letting up in a recreation that's already out of hand.

9 a.m. – Second interval ends with the U.S. up 5-zero. Shots are fifty one-6.

8:54 a.m. – The U.S. has reached 50 pictures within the recreation with 3:59 to play in the second interval. Fifty.

8:fifty one a.m. – All the credit to Wallner, who now sits on the bench. She made forty two saves and really was by no means given a lot of a chance. It could be lots worse if she didn't make some incredible stops throughout her time in net.

8:49 a.m. – Veteran Kim Martin-Hasson will come out to interchange Valentina Wallner. She was the goaltender that helped Sweden upset the U.S. within the 2006 semis. Doesn't appear like history may have a chance to repeat itself, although.

AIM USA – Megan Bozek's blast from the top of the purpose finds its way past Wallner to make it 5-zero. That puck had some serious zip on it.

eight:46 a.m. – Staff USA successfully kills the penalty to Coyne. They allowed only one shot on Sweden's power play. Shot counter now reads forty five-three.

8:43 a.m. – Crew USA killing a penalty as Kendall Coyne sits in the box for hooking.

eight:41 a.m. – Doc Emrick noting the retirement of Noora Raty, the spectacular Finland goalie. She was a part of that Minnesota girls's team last yr that went wire-to-wire undefeated and won back-to-back national titles. Still in her prime, but it may be tough for girls's hockey players to have the time to work full-time and practice. She actually is likely one of the finest on the earth and it is sad to see her profession come to an finish.

USA OBJECTIVE – Monique Lamoureux scores on the facility play for the United States after the Swedish goalie got here up with several impressive saves however could not cease Lamoureux's shot from the slot. Pictures are 42-2.

8:33 a.m. – Kendall Coyne was just thrown to the ice and hit her head arduous. USA will return on the facility play. Positive feels like the United States is about to attain once more. They haven't let up off the gasoline pedal.

8:31 a.m. -Sweden goalie Valentina Lizana-Wallner simply made the save of the women's event stretching out together with her glove hand to rob the United States of its fourth objective. Pictures are 31-1 four minutes into the second interval.

United States fully dominates the primary period and takes a 3-0 result in the locker room. Workforce appears quite a bit higher than it did in its loss to Canada. United States goalie Jessie Vetter with a big interval stopping the only Sweden shot.

Pictures finish 29-1 within the first.

eight:10 a.m. – United States picks up one other penalty Let's see if Sweden can get greater than a shot on this power play. Shots are 28-1 now.

eight:06 a.m. – Document for most shots in a period is 34 set by the United States in Nagano in the course of the first women's hockey olympic match. United States has 27 pictures with four:20 left within the first.

8:03 a.m. – THEY DID IT! Sweden bought a shot on objective.

8:01 a.m. – Sweden comes dangerously close to getting a shot on web, however it was blocked in entrance. So shut.

eight:00 a.m. – Sweden will get its first power play of the game as Michelle Picard will get whistled for hooking. Photographs currently 26-zero U.S., so Sweden has to find a method to take advantage on a uncommon opportunity on the advantage.

7:fifty seven a.m. - OBJECTIVE USA Amanda Kessel chips a loose puck up and over Wallner to make it three-0. It got here on the tail end of back-to-again energy performs. Sweden still has yet to have a shot. This one's getting out of hand.

7:fifty one a.m. – USA back to the ability play as Hilary Knight bought tripped up. Pictures now 13-0 within the game.

7:49 a.m. – PURPOSE USA Some nice pressure in the zone leads to a blast from Kacey Bellamy. It found a method by way of Wallner and gives the U.S. a 2-0 lead.

7:48 a.m. – U.S. firmly controlling the game. Lead photographs 9-0 thus far in the sport. Their velocity and skill actually giving Sweden fits.

7:46 a.m. – PURPOSE USA Alex Carpenter fires one home from the slot after an incredible pass by Kelli Stack for an influence-play purpose.

7:forty three a.m. – A superb shot from Anne Schleper from the purpose is kicked apart by Wallner. USA shifting the puck aroud very properly in the offensive zone.

7:39 a.m. – Alex Carpenter will get a fantastic chance when the puck takes a bizarre hop off the boards, but Wallner recovered nicely and stacked the pads. Hilary Knight practically slipped one in on the wraparound shortly after.

7:37 a.m. – Kendall Coyne and Brianna Decker get an opportunity in near the web, but could not squeeze the puck past Valentina Wallner.

7:35 a.m. – We're underway. USA trying to take management early with their velocity.

7:30 a.m. – Puck about to drop in Sochi. The U.S. girls's workforce has Jessie Vetter in net. She has a 1-1 file, 2.04 objectives-against common and a913 save proportion. She was additionally the group's major starter on the 2010 Olympics.

7:17 a.m. – Here's Crew USA's lineup for today's semifinal:

Hilary Knight – Kelli Stack – Alex Carpenter Kendall Coyne – Brianna Decker – Amanda Kessel Meghan Duggan – Jocelyne Lamoureux – Monique Lamoureux Extras: Lyndsey Fry, Julie Chu

Anne Schleper – Megan Bozek Kacey Bellamy – Gigi Marvin Michelle Picard – Josephine Pucci Lee Stecklein

Jessie Vetter Molly Schaus

Who: United States vs. Sweden

What: First women's hockey semifinal

When: 7:30 a.m. eastern Monday on NBC Sports activities Community

Where: Shayba Area, Sochi, Russia

The United States girls discover themselves in an analogous scenario because the one they skilled in 2010. Final time around, Group USA met Sweden and trounced them 9-1 within the semifinal to achieve the gold-medal sport, however this matchup has one moment historical past the People will hope to keep away from repeating.

At the 2006 Olympic Winter Games in Torino, the American ladies were in an analogous state of affairs to the one they're in now. Taking over Sweden within the semifinal, the U.S. was surprised in a shootout. It stays the largest upset within the historical past of girls's hockey at the Olympics. Team USA had to accept a shocking bronze.

Anything can happen when it is single elimination, but Sweden will be a huge underdog to the Individuals. The Swedes completed second in Group B but pulled off a shock win on Saturday knocking off rival Finland four-2 within the quarterfinals.

The United States has been led in scoring by Hilary Knight, who has tallied five factors. Amanda Kessel has four points and is a +6.

Sweden is led offensively Pemilla Winberg who also has five factors in the match.

If Sweden stands any probability, it is going to need a huge efficiency from goalie Valentina Wallner who has a 93.8 save share in the tournament. She took the reins from veteran Kim Martin, who was the goaltender who stood on her head in that 2006 shootout win over the U.S.

It should at the very least be an interesting tilt, but most anticipate a USA-Canada rematch for gold on Thursday.


















































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Online Gambling Expert: California Has Best Odds To Legalize Web Poker In 2014

Despite it being an election year in the Golden State, online gambling expert Chris Krafcik thinks it has the best chance, among other U.S. states, of getting something done in 2014 with regards to web poker. Krafcik is the Research Director (North America) for GamblingCompliance and for years has been monitoring developments there.

Right now, just Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware have legal — and operational — online wagering. Others are considering it this year, but in many spots the chances appear low.

California is home to the nation’s top tribal casino industry, and Krafcik said that if they can figure out the nuts and bolts of how online poker would work for the industry there at large, something could advance rather rapidly, as opposed to bills stalling in the legislature, like they have in years past. Momentum does seem to be building.

Card Player had the chance to speak with Krafcik about California’s chances this year, as well as a handful of other topics related to online gaming in the United States.

Brian Pempus: First off, what impact do you think Sheldon Adelson’s anti-web gaming efforts could have on the state level?

Chris Krafcik: Las Vegas Sands is majority-owned by one of the world’s wealthiest men, which means that it can well afford to spend aggressively at the state level to advance its policy agenda. I think the company is likely to have the most success in the two states in which it operates casinos: Nevada and Pennsylvania. Lawmakers and regulators in those states will be inclined to consider the company’s position on Internet gambling because it has skin in the game. By “skin in the game,” I mean the company’s casinos and the jobs and tax revenue they generate. But in other states — say, California or Illinois — the company is less likely to have success chiefly because it does not have skin in the game. So, while the company is positioned to slow or stall the progression of Internet gambling legislation in Pennsylvania or the expansion of Internet gambling in Nevada, it will likely find that task more challenging in other states where it has no casino presence to leverage.

By way of background, Nevada legalized Internet gambling — or “interactive gaming” — in June 2001. The law authorized the Nevada Gaming Commission, with the advice and assistance of the Nevada Gaming Control Board, to adopt regulations governing the licensing and operation of interactive gaming, including the types of interactive games operators may offer. NRS 463.750(1). Currently, operators may not accept or facilitate a wager on “any game other than the game of poker and its derivatives.” Regulation 5A.140(1)(a). This year, however, the Commission and the Board will likely consider whether to expand the types of interactive games operators may offer to include slot games and table games. All this to say that I expect Las Vegas Sands to lobby against any such expansion.

BP: Which state do you think is most likely to legalize online gaming this year and why?

CK: California. If the state’s fractious but politically powerful Native American gaming industry can agree to a consensus Internet poker bill, tribal lobbyists expect that it will move quickly. The bill-passage deadline there is August 31.

BP: Do you think Rod Wright’s conviction will have an impact on California online poker efforts?

CK: In some ways, yes. In others, no. In Sacramento, Senator Wright was considered the most educated lawmaker on Internet poker issues. Some in the Legislature feel that without a politico as knowledgeable as Wright advocating on behalf of the state, whatever Internet poker bill eventually passes could lean too heavily in favor of its Native American gaming industry. Consideration of Internet poker legislation is set to continue without Wright at the helm. Ahead of the February 21 bill-introduction deadline, two lawmakers, Assemblyman Jones-Sawyer and Senator Correa, have signaled their intent to introduce legislation.

BP: Do you think the initial NJ revenue figures will in some way help other states in their respective deliberations on the online gaming issue?

CK: Because the New Jersey market is less than three months old, I think lawmakers in other states will be paying closer attention to the efficacy of geo-location and consumer-protection technology than to how quickly or slowly the market is growing on a monthly-sequential basis.

BP: When do you see a compact of some kind being formed between Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware, or any combination of the two?

CK: That is very difficult question to answer, but my best guess is not for a while. For now, regulators in Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey are focused on proving out their intrastate Internet gambling rules and systems. Even after those rules and systems are proven out, though, there is still the very tricky matter of reconciling one state’s with another’s. To put a number on it: years, not months.

BP: What do you make of Steve Wynn sort of backtracking on his online gaming plans?

CK: Given Wynn Resorts’ exposure to explosive growth in Macau, and with its second casino set to open there in 2016, the company is not nearly as reliant on the U.S. Internet gambling opportunity as some of its rivals are. In light of that, Mr. Wynn can well afford to take his time.

BP: Do you think New Jersey will become the online gaming hub that Ray Lesniak envisions?

CK: Senator Lesniak is among the most forward-thinking lawmakers in the country on Internet gambling issues. He is also a very tenacious fellow. If he wants New Jersey to become a national regulatory hub for Internet gambling, there is certainly reason to think it could happen. At this stage, though, his bill, S980, which would authorize so-called “interstate and foreign Internet wagering,” has not attracted much interest from the Atlantic City casino industry.















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Former Congresswoman To Fight Against Potential Federal Ban Of Online Poker

There likely won’t be any passage of legislation that would legalize nationwide — or ban nationwide — forms of Internet gambling. For one, a few states are already realizing those revenues and Congress would surely not put an end to those revenue streams. Since the states are already venturing out on their own, there is less of an impetus to push through a bill to make it legal nationwide. Not to mention, the issue is pretty controversial and there have always been more pressing matters for Congress to look at.

Despite all of this, one group led by Sheldon Adelson is pushing a federal ban on the web games. Those efforts reportedly have prompoted a former Congresswoman to join a group that will oppose the opposition to online gaming. Mary Bono, who represented Californians, is teaming up with Mike Oxley, a former Congressman from Ohio, to lead the “Coalition for Consumer and Online Protection”, which will try to protect online poker from said ban.

These developments are according to The Desert Sun.

The battle is expected to be costly for both sides, with Adelson saying he would spend whatever it takes to thwart, or at least delay, online gambling in the U.S.

Bono’s group, known as C4COP, reportedly has said that “an online gaming ban simply would not work,” since it would limit states’ rights and would “stifle innovation and growth.”

“Congress can neither legislate the Internet away, nor consumer demand for online products. We need to do all we can to make sure that the Internet is a safe place for businesses, consumers, families and children,” Bono said in a statement.

“I am proud to be a part of the Coalition for Consumer and Online Protection to make sure that people know the risks behind implementing such a ban.”

As a lawmaker, Bono was also involved with past online poker discussions on Capitol Hill.

C4COP is backed by MGM Resorts International, among others, according to Politico.




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Former Steeler Settles Case Against Casino

Michael Merriweather, a former linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers, has settled his federal lawsuit against The Meadows Racetrack and Casino in Pennsylvania, according to the Associated Press.

Terms of the settlement were not disclosed.

The case stemmed from allegations Merriweather leveled against the casino he was once an employee at. According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Merriweather claimed, while he worked at the property for nine months as the director of sports marketing, he was subjected to terrible — and unlawful — behavior by superiors because of his race.

Merriweather is black.

He also claimed he was stiffed on money. His lawsuit said he was supposed to be paid salary plus commission, but a white superior screwed him out of money repeatedly.

The suit alleged that when he complained about the issue, management gave him the run-around. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that “[e]ventually, a group of white managers stopped responding to the former linebacker’s emails, inviting him to meetings and even greeting him in the hallways, the lawsuit alleged…A superior eliminated Merriweather’s office and told him to work in a common area, the lawsuit indicated.”

Merriweather was fired in January 2012.

He was originally seeking payment of lost wages, punitive damages and attorney fees.

The Meadows is owned by Cannery Casino Resorts and The Washington Trotting Association.





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CC Sabathia Looks Really Skinny Now. Did He Lose 50 Pounds?

ccskinny2cc sabathia fat in septemberCC Sabathia, based mostly solely off photographs posted to the Internet this winter, is not fats. At the very least when he arrives at Yankees camp in Tampa we’ll see a slightly more svelte model of the previously hefty southpaw. Take a look at this photo of Sabathia on the mound in September.



Sabathia posted one other skinny-looking photo Wednesday night time, this time at a Madison Square Backyard luxury field alongside actor Amuary Nolasco, who was one of many roughly seven hundred individuals killed on Justified this season.



Officially Sabathia clocked in at 290 kilos in 2013. He’s still an enormous man — standing 6-foot-7 — but certaintly doesn’t seem like anyplace near 300 kilos anymore. Losing some weight probably will assist Sabathia since he’s coming off his worst season in 13-year career when he completed with a four.seventy eight PERIOD.



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Simeone questions Real Ronaldo appeal


Beckham asks PSG for MLS funding – report

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Preds GM Poile taken to hospital after hit by puck


Poile has been the GM of the Predators since the team's inception. (Getty Images)
Poile has been the GM of the Predators because the staff’s inception.Nashville Predators and Crew USA normal supervisor David Poile was taken to a Minnesota hospital on Thursday after he was hit with a puck on the crew’s morning skate.

Minnesota wild beatwriter Michael Russo of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune was on the scene.

Paramedics in #preds locker room; David Poile hit by puck at skate. He walked and sat self on stretcher; black eye, bloody nostril, groggy— Michael Russo (@Russostrib) February 6, 2014

Poile being taken to native hospital #preds— Michael Russo (@Russostrib) February 6, 2014

Poile was in hallway not even on bench. Players have been passing boards to boards and a Weber move ricocheted off blade into David’s face #preds— Michael Russo (@Russostrib) February 6, 2014

Yikes, that sounds scary, and awfully unlucky. That puck should have had eyes to search out Poile in a spot like that.

It does not sound like he escaped some tough treatment, both. Based on Pioneer Press writer Chad Graff, Poile was having a number of work achieved, none of which sounds very nice.

Nashville and Team USA GM David Poile nonetheless in surgical procedure as of 20 minutes in the past. He’ll need 30-forty stitches. It’s an eye socket fracture.— Chad Graff (@ChadGraff) February 6, 2014

In addition to that, Graff said there may be some concern that Poile will miss the flight to Sochi with the remainder of the American workers. So go forward, Individuals, blame Canadian defenseman Shea Weber for taking the opening shot in the USA-Canada hockey rivalry for the Olympics.








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Gaborik not cleared, out for Slovakia in Olympics


Gaborik has represented Slovakia in the past two Olympic tournaments. (Getty Images)
Gaborik has represented Slovakia prior to now two Olympic tournaments.Slovakia might be with out considered one of their top scoring threats when the Olympics get underneath manner next week; the Columbus Blue Jackets announced on Thursday that Marian Gaborik will not be able to play in Sochi.

Gaborik was named to the Slovakian roster regardless that he had a damaged collarbone, which he suffered on Dec. 21, and on Thursday the organization said that doctors nonetheless have not cleared Gaborik to play.

“I am extraordinarily disenchanted that I will not be capable to play for Slovakia at the Olympic Video games however understand the decision is the fitting one for my restoration and for the nationwide team,” said Gaborik. “I’ve been fortunate and proud to symbolize my country at two Olympic Games and different worldwide tournaments and sit up for doing so once more in the future.”

Clearly it’s a robust break for Gaborik, particularly considering he appears to be very near being able to play. Blue Jackets GM Jarmo Kekalainen says the group is hopeful he’ll be able to go very soon.

“Marian has worked extremely hard and completed all the pieces potential to rehabilitate his injury and return to the ice with the hope of representing his nation in Sochi,” Kekalainen mentioned. “We share his deep disappointment that he will not be able to do so, but are optimistic that he can be fully recovered very quickly.”

Gaborik had 5 targets and 7 assists this season for the Blue Jackets in just 18 video games. He is a free agent after this season and has been talked about in attainable commerce hypothesis, so he’ll have extra to consider whereas persevering with to rehab than just missing the Games.






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Alves questions ‘stay-away’ Barca fans

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Beckham backs Moyes “100 percent”

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Hurricane´s Brad Kaaya’s Mom Played “Felisha” in movie Friday

brad-kaaya-mom-angela-means-felishaBrad Kaaya, a 6’four″ quarterback out of West Hills Chaminade in California, has signed to play for the Miami Hurricanes this season. Kaaya’s mom, Angela Means-Kaaya performed as Felisha* in the 1995 classic Friday.

You would possibly bear in mind the story from earlier this year when Uncle Luke acquired kicked off the Miami campus while he was trying to take a picture with a recruit and his mom on an official visit. That recruit was Kaaya and that mother was the woman who performed Felisha. Means additionally appeared in   House Party three and In Living Color.

*IMDB has the name spelled “Felisha,” however there are principally references to “Felicia” online.




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Keith Allen, GM of Flyers’ title teams, dies at 90


Allen coached the Flyers to first in their division in their first season. (
Allen coached the Flyers to first in their division of their first season. ( NHL: Scores | Standings | League Leaders | Odds | Injuries | Power Rankings

The Philadelphia Flyers lost a franchise icon on Tuesday when the franchise’s first head coach and former basic supervisor Keith Allen died. He was 90 years previous.

Allen truly joined the Flyers the year before they performed their first sport and served as their head coach from Day 1. In that first season the Flyers won the West Division. Allen remained behind the bench till 1970.

He additionally took over the role of normal supervisor beginning in 1969 and held that title for the subsequent 14 years. He was instrumental in building the roster that won a pair of Stanley Cups for the Flyers in 1974 and 1975, the only two titles in Flyers history.

“Keith was the primary coach in the history of the Philadelphia Flyers and a person for whom I have large respect,” Philadelphia Flyers Chairman Ed Snider said in a release. “In my mind, he was and always shall be one of many best General Managers in the historical past of hockey. He was referred to as ‘Keith the Thief,’ I never knew of a bad deal he made. This workforce would never have reached the extent of success we have had over the previous 48 years if it were not for Keith.

“Through the years he became certainly one of my closest confidants and considered one of my greatest pals. I will never forget all of the many reminiscences we shared together.” added Snider. “I want to prolong my condolences to Keith’s household, his spouse Joyce, their sons, Brad and Blake, and their daughter, Traci, and their 4 grandchildren, Chelsea, Shay, Jillian, and Chase. He will sorely be missed by all of us.”

You won’t discover many individuals in hockey who didn’t have the utmost respect for Allen. That features Jody Clarke, the daughter of Flyers great Bobby Clarke.

Keith Allen took a chance on my dad when nobody else would. A hockey icon and superb human being. RIP Mr Allen. #philadelphiaflyers #thief— Jody Clarke (@jodylclarke) February 4, 2014

Commissioner Gary Bettman also launched a statement on behalf of the league.

“Keith Allen all the time found a solution to deliver distinctive talent to Broad Road and weave it into the fabric of a workforce that would succeed and endure on the highest level, as a result of in Philadelphia, for his Flyers and their followers, no different stage was acceptable.

“The Nationwide Hockey League sends heartfelt condolences to Keith’s household, to his friends and to the Flyers organization, which has lost one in all its patriarchs.”

Allen was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1992 as part of the Builders category.

As a participant, Allen solely appeared in 28 career NHL games, with the Red Wings in 1953-54 and fifty four-fifty five. He did not rating a aim however did have 4 assists as a defenseman.






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Atletico board defiant despite ruling

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