Chris ‘Birdman’ Andersen will not be charged in connection to 2012 investigation, was victim of impersonation

Chris Andersen celebrates the Heat’s championship in June (Jesse D. Garrabrant/ Getty).

In the thick of the 2012 NBA Playoffs, veteran center Chris “Birdman” Andersen, then a member of the Denver Nuggets and now a key player for the world champion Miami Warmth, grabbed headlines for what seemed to be all of the incorrect causes. Several hours before Game 6 of the Nuggets’ first-round series in opposition to the Los Angeles Lakers, a Colorado Web Crimes Against Children unit searched his residence in relation to an ongoing investigation related to youngster pornography. Andersen was not arrested or charged with any crimes, but he did not play in both of the final two games of the series (additionally the Nuggets’ final two video games of the season.

A subsequent announcement from certainly one of Andersen’s lawyers cast him as a victim of extortion, but an absence of particulars did little to clarify the weird situation. When Birdman returned to the courtroom this season for the Miami Heat, it appeared as if the problem had blown over, or at the very least not turn into an overbearing presence in his life.

On Wednesday, Andersen obtained official affirmation that he wouldn’t be charged in relation to the search. In reality, he appears to have been a wronged get together. From John Ingold and Benjamin Hochman for The Denver Submit:

Former Denver Nuggets star Chris Andersen was the sufferer of a large-ranging and sophisticated Internet impersonation scheme when authorities searched his dwelling last yr, an lawyer for Andersen stated Wednesday.

The Douglas County District Legal professional’s office on Wednesday confirmed that it’s going to not file costs in opposition to Andersen in connection with the search.

Mark Bryant, the legal professional, mentioned Andersen was being impersonated on-line by a girl in Canada. The woman, posing as Andersen, sought relationships and presents but in addition threatened at the very least one individual, Bryant said. The girl in Canada was additionally posing on-line as other individuals to Andersen, Bryant stated. […]

“It is my understanding that this case involves quite a few victims,” Bryant said. “… Chris was a victim on this case.” […]

Shelly Lynn Chartier, 29, has been charged with crimes of possession and transmitting of child pornography, personation, extortion and making threats, RCMP Sgt. Line Karpish said. Karpish mentioned Chartier lives in Easterville, Manitoba, a town of fewer than a hundred residents on the shores of Cedar Lake practically 300 miles north of Winnipeg. Chartier was charged in January and is scheduled to make a courtroom look in October, Karpish said. […]

I “simply needed to thank everybody that supported me and knew this was a lie from the start,” Andersen mentioned in a press release offered to The Denver Submit earlier this 12 months. “They understand how I like folks, they know how I love youngsters and so they know where my coronary heart has been in this community.”

This is clearly welcome news for Andersen, who has been a well-liked function player at a number of stops in his eleven-season NBA career. He is additionally no stranger to controversy and disciplinary points. In January 2006, Andersen was disqualified from the NBA for violating the league’s “medicine of abuse” coverage and was not reinstated till March 2008. Since then, he’s established himself as a dependable rim protector and athletic finisher at the offensive end. It is fairly attainable that the Warmth would not have received the title this spring without his companies.

The problems with this case go well beyond basketball, although, to the purpose where this information issues just because it’ll allow Andersen to extra comfortably perform the everyday actions of life. The authorized process is much from completed, and it’s fairly possible that Andersen will have to contain himself in the prosecution of Chartier sooner or later. But we can progress with little doubt as to his function in this ordeal. Hopefully the other victims receive the identical peace of mind soon.


Andre Iguodala was apparently an hour away from becoming a member of the Dallas Mavericks

Dirk Nowitzki gives Andre Iguodala the Ol’ Mountain Man (Getty Images)

When their season ended in the second round of the 2013 NBA Playoffs, few thought that the Golden State Warriors would have the necessities needed to become major players in the 2013 offseason. The team was already capped-out, with cornerstones Stephen Curry and Andrew Bogut on their second contracts, and rookie deals for various helpers set to be extended into big boy deals in the coming years. It’s true that the team had a series of expiring contracts that could be used as trade bait, but over the last few years most NBA teams have stopped biting on the allure of the expiring deal.

Then Utah stepped up, and was able to pull a batch of draft picks merely for rising up to the NBA’s minimum salary and taking on Golden State’s crew of Richard Jefferson, Andris Biedrins, and Brandon Rush in return. In a clever move for both sides, the Warriors were now devoid of draft help, but rife with cap space – and a shot at do-it-all swingman Andre Iguodala.

And the Dallas Mavericks? Bridesmaids, once again. It appears as if Dre was just an hour away from signing with the Mavericks before the Warriors swooped in, all full of space to sign Iguodala to a four-year, $48 million contract. Rusty Simmons at the San Francisco Chronicle recently detailed Warrior general manager Bob Myers’ frantic attempts to both clear space, and pounce on his new centerpiece:

Myers told Iguodala’s agent, Rob Pelinka, “Don’t tease me with a player like Andre Iguodala.” Myers said he repeatedly walked into his house after 15- or 16-hour days and told his wife that a deal wasn’t going to happen.

“There were 25 moments of panic,” said Myers, who was still unshaved and admittedly exhausted. “… This thing was on life support 15 times.

“It was a very unlikely scenario that actually played out for us.”


Finally, an hour before Iguodala was to sign with the Mavericks, the Warriors made two concessions in the deal with Utah and were able to send Jefferson, Biedrins and Brandon Rush – along with two first-round picks and two seconds.

A day later, Denver wanted to be part of the deal, and the Warriors gave up a third second-round pick to the Nuggets in order to make it a sign-and-trade deal that afforded them use of the full mid-level and bi-annual exceptions and granted traded-player exceptions for $11 million and $4 million.

The Warriors used the mid-level and bi-annual exceptions to sign three free agents – forward Marreese Speights, center Jermaine O’Neal and guard Toney Douglas. Myers said the team hopes to use the traded-player exceptions to recoup a draft pick and add a player closer to the trade deadline.

That last part, like the Utah trade, involves an instance of each team getting its particular back scratched. Because of various machinations that teams engage in to work around salary cap laws, the Warriors were able to have the best of both worlds – grabbing a high end free agent with cap space, while working with the sort of exceptions that are meant to be utilized by teams that are over the cap. All while rebuilding teams like Utah and Denver get picks and flexibility to work with on their end of things.

And in the end of things, the only team to come away with nothing was the Dallas Mavericks. And this time it was for Andre Iguodala – a damn good player, but certainly not the one to guarantee the sort of rebirth that would be topped off next year with the Mavs signing yet another max-salaried stud.

That this is how bad it is. A 29-year old swingman making eight figures a year, coming off of his worst season in years and probably not a perfect fit nor someone to guarantee a return to the playoffs for Dallas, still couldn’t be lassoed into becoming a Maverick. Even ‘Plan B’ is falling short.

Again, as we’ve stated throughout this rebuilding process for Dallas, the Mavericks haven’t had great timing or luck on their side; though we do understand the front office’s approach. The most oft-heard complaint regarding the team is its refusal to compete with New York’s free agent offer for Tyson Chandler in December of 2011, but while we respect Tyson as a player and person to no end, he’s battled injuries for most of his career, he was clearly hampered by several maladies during the 2013 playoffs, and he still has nearly $28.7 million left on his contract with the Knicks.

Another complaint points to Mark Cuban passing on a face to face meeting with Deron Williams one year ago in the attempt to bring the point guard to Dallas, but was Williams going to leave more money on the table in Brooklyn (especially after the team swung a deal for Joe Johnson, a player other NBA players inexplicably swoon over) to come to Dallas just because Cuban pressed the flesh?

There is, of course, time. Because the Mavericks have so much flexibility under the cap, the team can still either act as a go-between in a three-team deal (picking up more space and/or picks, along with contributors), or it can still swing a massive deal to bring in the hoped-for second head on the three-tiered monster the team hoped to finish off in 2014. The chaos of the initial first few days of the 2013 offseason delude us into thinking that these trading periods die out by the third week of July, and that’s just not the case.

Teams can get desperate, and they can talk themselves into things – like a straight salary dump with Dallas. And then there are the various training camp scenarios that will pop up in the fall, when teams attempt to extend their youngsters on rookie contracts, and sometimes fall short and freak out – as the Oklahoma City Thunder did last year with James Harden.

That’s Dallas’ hope, at least. We’ll be watching.


Dwyane Wade’s scoring impact is historically crucial to this year’s Miami Heat team

We’ve been down this path earlier than. Dwyane Wade’s All-Star-stage play is crucially vital to the Miami Heat. When he cuts and slashes with ease like he did in Thursday’s 32-point outing in Recreation four, scoring within the lane and disrupting the passing lanes on protection, Miami is nearly unbeatable. When he misses on runners, bricks his jumpers, and appears a step-slow on the other end of the court docket? The Heat are fairly vulnerable. This has been apparent to any set of eyes over the last two postseasons.

Thanks to Chris Herring of the Wall St. Journal, though, we now have a qualification of how a lot Dwyane’s common season-typical 20 points per recreation assist the Heat out. Wade, who became “Flash” in Thursday’s Sport four regardless of a nagging knee harm, may just be the largest X-think about NBA playoffs historical past.

From Herring:

The Warmth have received forty two of the forty six games this season wherein Wade scored 20 factors or more.

According to Stats LLC, solely 4 players in the past 25 seasons have logged higher successful percentages in such scenarios: Chicago’s Scottie Pippen (1996), Detroit’s Joe Dumars (1989 and 1990), San Antonio’s Tony Parker (2003) and Boston’s Robert Parish (1986). Every of these males won NBA titles in those years.

Context is crucial, and telling in this occasion.

Pippen battled a heel and back harm all through 1995-ninety six, and whereas he remained maybe the league’s finest defender, his scoring acumen (particularly in the playoffs) suffered. Joe Dumars was an All-Star guard throughout Detroit’s two title runs, but the 1989 NBA Finals MVP was working on a workforce thick with contributors who needed the ball. Tony Parker, in his second season during 2002-03, was a wildly inconsistent performer with a lot to learn, and Robert Parish’s offensive contributions in 1985-86 have been out and out gravy for the most effective Boston Celtic staff of the Larry Fowl period.

The most direct comparison might be made to Pippen. Wade and Scottie serve two completely totally different roles defensively (Pippen was not a roamer by behavior, and also you’d never catch his head turned on that finish), but they both worked as clear Number Twos to the perfect participant of that exact era. They were also the second scoring possibility on high-heavy groups filled with role players, as a result of whereas the 1995-ninety six Chicago Bulls won an NBA file seventy two video games throughout that season, the team really solely had three gamers (Pippen, Michael Jordan, and Toni Kukoc) that would create their own pictures.

This year’s Warmth also ran down a significant milestone, winning a remarkable 27 video games in a row in the course of the regular season, and they’re not to be dismissed simply because they’ve split the primary 4 with a championship-caliber San Antonio Spurs crew throughout this yr’s Finals. They nonetheless are just as top-heavy as these Bulls, and a significant chunk of that high has fallen off fairly a bit because the postseason started. In his piece, Herring details just how far Wade has dropped since the playoff decals hit the ground:

Wade entered Recreation four averaging simply 14 factors per game, a seven-level drop from his regular-season average. That wasn’t just a small concern, it was a historic one: If it held by the end of the playoffs, and the Warmth win anyway, it could mark the steepest fall for a second-main scorer on a title-winning workforce in NBA history.

The Heat should “win anyway.” The Spurs are a implausible staff with a superb coaching employees leading the way, and the chances are pointing toward San Antonio taking Recreation 5 in their ultimate home efficiency in a exceptional season. This is nonetheless a greatest-of three sequence with two to be probably played in Miami, although, and the Heat earned that benefit with a marvelous regular season. And in what has been somewhat under-reported, the defending champs have labored by a remarkably unusual postseason – going through a sub-mediocre Milwaukee Bucks squad earlier than taking on an odd, form-shifting Chicago Bulls team simply before hitting up a batch of Indiana Pacers that also have quite a bit to figure out.

Then there’s the Spurs, who appear to change rotations and outlooks day by day, a team that started Sport four by guarding Wade with Tiago Splitter, the last word diss sent the way of a player that had been the go-to first quarter offensive focus for Miami for the previous few games.

It wasn’t simply Wade that reacted to that batch of disrespect with improved shooting and elevated efficiency. San Antonio could have put all-world defender Kawhi Leonard on Dwyane to start, and it may not have mattered – Miami’s game plan was simply as huge a think about Wade’s Game four revival as the rest. The Heat put their capturing guard in elements of the court that acted as his consolation zone, because the runners that rimmed out in the earlier recreation had been now being launched from acquainted components of the paint. It’s true that Wade had attractiveness in Recreation three, but they weren’t seems to be he was used to. The Warmth went out of their solution to change that in Recreation 4.

San Antonio was aware of this by the time rubbish time hit in Game four, and you understand they’ve had a counter in place since their heads hit the pillows within the wee hours on Friday morning. Wade and the Heat are little question aware of the San Antonio response, they usually’ve had a counter to that counter in thoughts since around the identical time.

So what makes the larger dent? The good and exact unstoppable power or the clever and anticipatory immovable object? Well, that’s what makes these NBA Finals so rattling interesting.

One thing we do know? Dude’s gotta score 20 factors. Dwyane Wade has to find a method to get his, once once more.