Hubertus von Hohenlohe: Mexico’s One-Man Winter Olympic Team or Wes Anderson Movie Character?

Pop quiz: how many athletes will Mexico send to the Winter Olympics in Sochi?
Yep, you guessed it … one.

And that one man is the fantastically named Prince Hubertus of Hohenlohe-Langenburg or simply Hubertus von Hohenlohe, if you happen to’re into the entire brevity thing. If the Internet is to be believed, he also data music beneath the name Andy Himalaya.

We’re lower than two weeks from the Opening Ceremonies. Virtually all of the headlines leading up to the Sochi Games have been damaging comparable to Russia’s anti-gay insurance policies, the corruption in constructing the venues and (most regarding) the persistent worries about terrorism. If we’re in search of someone to rally round, why not a 54-yr-outdated renaissance man who founded the Mexican Ski Federation in the early 1980s and can compete in his sixth Olympiad?

Check out this crooning music video he launched in 2013 titled “Higher than Mars.” Even David Hasselhoff may need a hard time getting through it with a straight face.

The fast biography: Prince Hubertus’ dad and mom – Prince Alfonso Hohenlohe and Princess Ira Fürstenberg — are German royalty (no matter that entails) however he was born in Mexico in 1959 while his father was in charge of a Volkswagen plant. He later moved to Spain when he was a toddler and spent most of his life in Austria where he learned to ski. Although he hasn’t spent much of his jet-setting life in Mexico, he can nonetheless symbolize the nation of his beginning on the Olympics, although it opted in opposition to sending him to Turin in 2006.

Over the years, Prince Hubertus has been a musician, photographer and all-around bon vivant. Naturally he spent the 1970s hanging out at Studio fifty four with Andy Warhol … as rich heirs to the Fiat fortune are wont to do. Reading his biography might be how Wes Anderson came up with the plot for the upcoming The Grand Budapest Resort.

In any case, we must always all be so lucky to start a one-man Olympic group on a whim, proper? At Sochi he’ll develop into the second-oldest Olympian in historical past.

Hubertus admittedly doesn’t spend very much time in Mexico — solely a couple weeks right here or there at a family home in Cabo San Lucas — but in an interview with Time in 2010 he mentioned he's proud to symbolize the nation of his beginning.

“In life you've gotten a few alternatives and openings,” the prince argues. “And one in every of them was that I used to be born in Mexico. Positive, I used it to my favor. However not in an abusive manner. You try to discover that little thing that makes a difference, and take advantage of them. I took benefit of it.”

Don’t worry, within the Prince’s thoughts his Olympic accomplishments — he positioned 38th within the downhill in 1984 — are helpful to Mexico, too.

“I’ve also created a variety of publicity in European nations for Mexico,” he says. “When persons are sitting of their houses in Sweden, thinking how chilly it's, they suppose, ‘Wow, this guy is from Mexico. Possibly I ought to go to Cancun or Acapulco to go to it.’ I’ve executed so much for the country too. It’s give and take.”

See, he’s actually a person of the individuals.

Life, it would seem, is all one private joke for Prince Hubertus, although it’s exhausting to tell if we’re alleged to be laughing with him or at him.

Oh right, what concerning the racing outfit he wore on the 2010 Vancouver Olympics that featured bandoliers and pistols on it? Here’s what he mentioned about it: “The main factor was looking good. I gained. On artistic impression. Isn’t this the coolest go well with ever made? The design was my concept—I did it with an Italian designer in Turin. I call it Mexican Desperado.”

Shine on you loopy diamond.


LeBron, and Hart to do movie together

Heat-Bulls Preview


LeBron James has been chasing his very first feature film almost as long as he or she chased his first championship. Attached with a new co-star, comedian Kevin Übertrieben kritisch, James is giving a humor about an adult fantasy basketball camping another chance.

Hart, who has become close to Adam and several other members of the Arkansas Heat over the past few years, will compose a movie called "Ballers" that will show him as the lesser-known brother of the NBA star (James) who attends the fantasy camp. The movie is usually tentatively scheduled to be shot following summer in Miami.

Hollywood media outlets already are comparing the pairing to the film "Twins, " when Danny DeVito played opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger quarter of a century ago. Hart is 5-foot-3, Adam is 6-8.

Hart is involved in numerous tasks at the moment, and so is James, who else in addition to his play with the Heat is usually developing a basketball sitcom for the Starz channel that he's currently not really planning to star in.

The movie idea first obtained off the ground in 2008, when Wayne played for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Simply by 2009, well-known producer Brian Grazer and his production company, Imagine Enjoyment, were attached, and a script known as "Fantasy Basketball Camp" was created.

Eventually, Common Pictures signed on, and all events and James picked director Malcolm Lee, who directed the current strike "The Best Man Holiday. inch They were chasing actors like Craig Robinson to star next to Adam in the movie that had been rebranded "Ballers. "

That will movie was scheduled to capture in the summer of 2010 in Vegas but was ultimately put on hold. Even though it was widely assumed the studio room pulled the plug in the wake up of the negative publicity that adopted James after his "Decision" transmitted, the movie was actually scrapped prior to James announced he was putting your signature on with the Heat. It has been in various levels of development ever since, with Adam and his business partner, Maverick Billings, as executive producers.

Ironically, Dwyane Wade hosts their own adult fantasy basketball camp each year in Miami. But Wade, who may be also friends with Hart, is not really a part of this project. Wade will be working on his own sitcom for Sibel called "Three the Hard Way, inch about an NBA star who may be a single father.

James does have a movie on his rundown. In 2009, a documentary about James' high school years called "More Than the usual Game" was released in theaters countrywide. It made about $1 million on the box office and was selected for an Independent Spirit Award for optimum documentary.


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Screenwriters: ‘Runner, Runner’ Centers Around Online Poker, But Isn’t A Poker Movie

The film “Runner, Runner” is set to hit theaters nationwide on Friday and is taken into account by many to be the long-anticipated subsequent poker movie from the writers of the cult-classic “Rounders.” However, the writers don’t see it fairly like that.

Screenwriters David Levien and Brian Koppelman informed Bleacher Report:

“We don’t really take into account Runner, Runner a poker movie. It’s a thriller set towards online playing. The movie starts out centered around poker because a character is cheated by a web-based poker web site, but it’s extra concerning the enterprise of on-line poker, the same approach a film like ‘The Agency’ is about round a legislation agency and the Mafia.”

One could probably apply that logic to Rounders and make a case it isn’t even a “poker movie,” however that’s probably a debate not price having.

Regardless, the American Gaming Affiliation, the industrial casino business’s high lobbying group on Capitol Hill, plans to use the portrayal of offshore online poker shadiness to make the case that Congress should legalize the activity.

There’s one caveat: the AGA doesn’t truly see a lot hope of a federal invoice.

So, the hassle might be made to turn a movie that supposedly isn’t truly about the game right into a catalyst for a federal web poker bill that even its strongest supporters think is drawing slim.

If this all appears terribly complicated, don’t worry. Go take a look at the film. In many ways, the ninety one-minute film appears to be a quite straight-ahead crime thriller.

Nevertheless, its critiques have been abysmal thus far. A movie critic for the Guardian stated that it’s “a lazy, trashy movie that hardly goes through the motions.”

A movie critic for the The Dissolve wrote, “The very best parts of Runner, Runner feel like a Rounders facsimile — proper all the way down to the metaphor-heavy narration — and the worst seem like a case of mission drift, as if the filmmakers got down to make a behind-the-curtain thriller about on-line playing, but obtained hung up in paying off the plot.”

Poker fans nonetheless might be waiting for Levien and Koppelman to make a Rounders sequel.

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‘Mr. Go’: Baseball-playing gorilla hits 3-D movie screens in China, Korea

There’s only one clarification for “Mr. Go,” a new 3D movie about a Chinese language gorilla that (who?) plays professional baseball in Korea: One, they clearly saw the film “Ed” over in Asia. Two, the filmmaking neighborhood there wished revenge on North America as a result of Spike Lee is remaking “Outdated Boy.”

Mr. Go seems to be bigger, broader and sassier than “Ed,” the Matt LeBlanc automobile from 1996 in which a chimpanzee plays ball for a minor league team. This time, it’s a gorilla named Lingling, renamed Mr. Go for marketing purposes, who is forced, by way of various contrivances, to depart the circus in China and play ball in Korea. In fact he’s! There is a cute little woman, too. Of course there may be!

A fascinating review in Selection says the computer graphics are OKAY — and that’s backed up within the trailer, I believe — but the movie lacks different assets:

Curiously absent are episodes displaying how Lingling learns to bat, actually the yarn’s most fascinating point.

Why, via the Charlie Lau faculty, unquestionably! The “Walk of Life” music by Dire Straits is a nice contact within the trailer, though. I ponder if that’s licensed. Anyway.

Here’s the issue with “Mr. Go.” One of many issues. Regardless of how ridiculous it appears, in case you are a baseball fan who also watches films about baseball, you not less than should try to see it.

It’s form of an unwritten rule about baseball motion pictures: To be able to gauge how significantly better “Area of Goals” or “Main League” or “The Sandlot” is from dangerous baseball movies — say, “The Fan” — you must attempt to watch even the dangerous ones, or else there is not any level of reference.

Even if you happen to by no means see “Mr. Go” there’s a chance you’ll want the poster, as I do:


He sure seems to be joyful to be wearing that baseball helmet. Mr. Go would not seem to be an amazing name or a baseball player, either, however maybe that is explained higher in the movie. Do not you belief them to clarify it?!

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So far, it is only been launched in Asia (and it is doing quite properly in Chinese language theaters, for some reason). However it’s going to discover its way to North America at some point. A technique or one other, it will be obtainable. Possibly it already is on the black market. And you will notice it. You need to. All of us must.