2013 MLB postseason: Here’s the schedule

It’s already time to start planning your October. Spoiler alert: It may full of baseball.

The MLB postseason is closing in and on Tuesday the league officially introduced its postseason schedule. The primary recreation is on Oct. 1 and the last one (potentially) on Oct. 31. That’s one full month. Get your favourite chair prepared.

Things, after all, can change between now and these October dates, however here’s the schedule because it was launched by MLB.

Tuesday, Oct. 1: NL Wild Card Recreation (TBS)
Wednesday, Oct. 2: AL Wild Card Recreation (TBS)

Thursday, Oct. three: NLDS A, Game 1 (TBS)
Thursday, Oct. three: NLDS B, Game 1 (TBS)
Friday, Oct. 4: ALDS A, Recreation 1 (TBS or MLB Network)
Friday, Oct. four: ALDS B, Recreation 1 (TBS or MLB Network)
Friday, Oct. 4: NLDS A, Sport 2 (TBS or MLB Community)
Friday, Oct. 4: NLDS B, Sport 2 (TBS or MLB Community)
Saturday, Oct. 5: ALDS A, Sport 2 (TBS)
Saturday, Oct. 5: ALDS B, Recreation 2 (TBS)
Sunday, Oct. 6: NLDS A, Recreation 3 (TBS)
Sunday, Oct. 6: NLDS B, Game three (TBS)
Monday, Oct 7: ALDS A, Recreation 3 (TBS or MLB Community)
Monday, Oct 7: ALDS B, Recreation 3 (TBS or MLB Community)
Monday, Oct 7: NLDS A, Recreation 4 (TBS or MLB Network)
Monday, Oct 7: NLDS B, Sport four (TBS or MLB Network)
Tuesday, Oct. 8: ALDS A, Game four (TBS)
Tuesday, Oct. 8: ALDS B, Sport four (TBS)
Wednesday, Oct. 9: NLDS A, Recreation 5 (TBS)
Wednesday, Oct. 9: NLDS B, Recreation 5 (TBS)
Thursday, Oct. 10: ALDS A, Sport 5 (TBS)
Thursday, Oct. 10: ALDS B, Game 5 (TBS)

* A series entails wild-card groups. B collection does not.

Friday, Oct. eleven: NLCS Recreation 1 (TBS)
Saturday, Oct. 12: ALCS Recreation 1 (FOX)
Saturday, Oct. 12: NLCS Game 2 (TBS)
Sunday, Oct. 13: ALCS Game 2 (FOX)
Monday, Oct. 14: NLCS Game three (TBS)
Tuesday, Oct. 15: ALCS Game 3 (FOX)
Tuesday, Oct. 15: NLCS Sport four (TBS)
Wednesday, Oct. 16: ALCS Game four (FOX)
Wednesday, Oct. 16: NLCS Game 5 (TBS)
Thursday, Oct. 17: ALCS Sport 5 (FOX)
Friday, Oct. 18: NLCS Sport 6 (TBS)
Saturday, Oct. 19: ALCS Sport 6 (FOX)
Saturday, Oct. 19: NLCS Sport 7 (TBS)
Sunday, Oct. 20: ALCS Sport 7 (FOX)

Wednesday, Oct. 23: Recreation 1 in AL Metropolis (FOX)
Thursday, Oct. 24: Recreation 2 in AL Metropolis (FOX)
Saturday, Oct. 26: Sport three in NL City (FOX)
Sunday, Oct. 27: Game 4 in NL Metropolis (FOX)
Monday, Oct. 28: Sport 5 in NL Metropolis (FOX)
Wednesday, Oct. 30: Recreation 6 in AL City (FOX)
Thursday, Oct. 31: Recreation 7 in AL Metropolis (FOX)


Here’s a woman kissing a horse mask at the Spain-Italy match


If you’re wondering why Leonardo Bonucci was the only player to miss a penalty kick in the shootout that finally brought an end to Spain and Italy’s Confederations Cup semifinal, it might’ve been because he caught sight of this going on the stands. A Spain fan. Wearing a horse mask. And making out with the woman next to him.

That’s enough to make anyone miss. It’s also enough to intrigue Dimitar Berbatov, but that’s neither here nor there.