Players fight with fans who stormed court

Critics of court-storming have usually cited the inevitability that, some day, a shedding participant is going to be ticked off enough and be coerced into tossing a punch amid the mob scene.

That is exactly what appears to occur within the movies above, which comes from the ending of Thursday night time’s recreation between New Mexico State and Utah Valley. The teams entered the night tied atop the WAC, however after Utah Valley’s sixty six-sixty one additional time win, fans of the home team fled to the ground, and in the second video you’ll be able to see one participant in a maroon uniform toss a punch amid the scrum. That player is carrying the No. 25, which corresponds to Renaldo Dixon’s quantity.

In the top video, as you can see, the entire incident starts after a direct and arduous toss of the basketball by New Mexico State’s Okay.C. Ross-Miller toward Utah Valley’s Holton Hunsaker. That prompted an on-court skirmish between the groups that spilled over into the rumpus as fans took over a large portion of the court docket.

It’s unclear as of now whether or not/what number of punches landed, but you may clearly see arms flying in the videos above.

The screengrab under, provided through Deadspin’s Tim Burke, shows New Mexico State guard Daniel Mullings because the player in the middle of the scuffle. Mullings needed two older males to physically take away him from the court docket.

It’s unclear whether/how Utah Valley fans or New Mexico State gamers began what – it is only a mess, and an embarrassment, and that is the exact factor people have worried about for years. This very week our personal Gary Parrish introduced it up on a column on courtroom storming.

One other video was passed alongside from ground level, and you can hear the boos coming from the gang towards NMSU gamers because the fights shortly dissipated.

Utah Valley is now 17-10 and eleven-3 within the WAC. New Mexico State, which has represented the WAC in three of the previous four NCAA tournaments, is 10-4 in the league and 21-9 on the season.

High video by way of Jeff Eisenberg. Third video through Provo Day by day Herald sports editor Jared Lloyd. (H/T, NBC Sports activities)

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Former Congresswoman To Fight Against Potential Federal Ban Of Online Poker

There likely won’t be any passage of legislation that would legalize nationwide — or ban nationwide — forms of Internet gambling. For one, a few states are already realizing those revenues and Congress would surely not put an end to those revenue streams. Since the states are already venturing out on their own, there is less of an impetus to push through a bill to make it legal nationwide. Not to mention, the issue is pretty controversial and there have always been more pressing matters for Congress to look at.

Despite all of this, one group led by Sheldon Adelson is pushing a federal ban on the web games. Those efforts reportedly have prompoted a former Congresswoman to join a group that will oppose the opposition to online gaming. Mary Bono, who represented Californians, is teaming up with Mike Oxley, a former Congressman from Ohio, to lead the “Coalition for Consumer and Online Protection”, which will try to protect online poker from said ban.

These developments are according to The Desert Sun.

The battle is expected to be costly for both sides, with Adelson saying he would spend whatever it takes to thwart, or at least delay, online gambling in the U.S.

Bono’s group, known as C4COP, reportedly has said that “an online gaming ban simply would not work,” since it would limit states’ rights and would “stifle innovation and growth.”

“Congress can neither legislate the Internet away, nor consumer demand for online products. We need to do all we can to make sure that the Internet is a safe place for businesses, consumers, families and children,” Bono said in a statement.

“I am proud to be a part of the Coalition for Consumer and Online Protection to make sure that people know the risks behind implementing such a ban.”

As a lawmaker, Bono was also involved with past online poker discussions on Capitol Hill.

C4COP is backed by MGM Resorts International, among others, according to Politico.




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Yancy Medeiros Suspended 90 Days for Marijuana, UFC Fight Night 31 Win Overturned

Yancy Medeiros has one less win on his record immediately. | DaveMandel/

UFC light-weight YancyMedeiros

tested constructive for marijuana metabolites followinghis UFC Combat Evening 31

appearance opposite Yves Edwards

,the promotion Tuesday announced.

Because of this, Medeiros was suspended ninety days retroactive to the Nov.6 combat date, and his knockout win over Edwards was modified to ano-contest. Often known as “UFC Combat for the Troops 3,” the eventtook place at Fort Campbell in Hopkinsville, Ky., and was overseenby the Kentucky Boxing and Wrestling Authority.

“UFC light-weight Yancy Medeiros examined positive for marijuanametabolites following his bout against Yves Edwards at UFC Fightfor the Troops 3 in Fort Campbell, Ky., on Nov. 6, 2013,” the UFCstated in a release. “He was informed that his constructive testviolated the UFC Fighter Conduct Coverage and Promotional Agreementwith Zuffa, LLC. He agreed to and served a ninety-day suspensionretroactive to the event, and should go a drug check beforereceiving clearance to compete once more. The result of his boutagainst Edwards was changed to a no-contest.”

Together with his suspension now completed, Medeiros is still anticipated tocompete against JoeEllenberger this coming April at UFC 172. The 26-year-previous beganhis career in 2007 and posted nine straight victories beforesuffering his first setback in his Octagon debut, as a thumb injuryprematurely halted his UFC 159 conflict with RustamKhabilov.


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Ready to fight

Kain Colter (right) and Ramogi Huma say they are ready to battle the NCAA.

(USATSI)Kain Colter and Ramogi Huma say they are ready to battle the NCAA. (USATSI)
CHICAGO – Maybe this could have been peaceful. They didn't have to team a Big Ten quarterback with a steelworkers union to pump NCAA injustice from a clumsy, surreal press conference in the Hyatt Regency Chicago on Tuesday.

This wasn't Ramogi Huma's plan, at least not at first.


Turns out it was the only plan. For years, the NCAA wouldn't listen to Huma – a grassroots players advocate out of California who now heads the College Athletes Players Association that, with help from Northwestern quarterback Kain Colter, aims to unionize college athletics – when he requested civil conversations about player rights on medical care and player stipends. He wasn't requesting millions of dollars, he says, just constructive discussion.


N'western players want union


Lock the door long enough without food, those on the outside will pick the lock and come through the door blasting.


“They fought us tooth and nail on the most basic of protections, ” said Human about his efforts with the NCAA over the years. “It didn't matter how much money was coming in. ”


Outside the Lines


news story Tuesday morning just to know about it – formally announced the petition signed by an “overwhelming majority” of Northwestern players seeking unionization.


But they aren't asking for the money right now, even if they'd like you to know they feel they are worth more than a scholarship. This is about basic services for athletes working 40-plus hours a week on football. They want medical care and concussion reform to accommodate a violent sport. If someone two years removed from the college game needs to repair a knee injury sustained while playing for a school, CAPA wants that surgery covered. This request is not outrageous.


They want to have a say in driving legislation at the collegiate level. This request also is reasonable.


Would this have been so hard for the NCAA to engage five years ago, without forcing hands? Maybe, had the NCAA actually talked with these folks, it wouldn't get poured on like this at its most vulnerable state with college football power brokers openly questioning the organization's merits.

“With over $1 billion in new TV revenue, why is there no guarantee that current and former players' sports-related medical expenses are covered? ” Colter said.

To be sure, colleges often cover medical expenses for athletes. But Colter and Huma say the school can opt against coverage if it chooses.


The NCAA on Tuesday delivered the exact response CAPA expected, that ‘student-athletes' are not employees and it's confident the NLRB will vote in its favor.


Maybe the labor board will validate the NCAA's claims. After all, players signing a petition and holding a press conference won't exactly shake the NCAA at its core.


What the press conference stands for very well could – because of stories like this.


Get a major public university to file a petition at the state level, and the real threat begins. Players are listening at Georgia. How about at Texas A&M or Michigan or Florida? Better yet, get Johnny Football in a presser with Drake to back Colter.


Huma said he's spoken to thousands of football or basketball athletes over the last year and has come to one conclusion:


“I believe there's widespread interest, ” Huma said. “Nothing is unique to Northwestern. Guys in locker rooms across the country are going through the same thing. I've spoken with thousands and thousands of players over the last year that support this issue. ”


CAPA doesn't plan to go on strike or sit out games. As Huma points out, Grambling didn't need an union to not play. Players want to play because athletic careers have a short shelf life, especially in football.


This is about cultivating a voice, one that's valid and should have been heard a while ago.


Forget paying players. This is about grown men tired of sitting at the kids' table.


“This fight may take awhile, ” Colter said.

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Season 3 of ‘TUF: Brazil’ to Debut March 9 Exclusively on UFC Fight Pass

Can’t get enough Chael Sonnen? Higher pony up for UFC FightPass.


In case you don’t have a subscription to UFC Struggle Go, you will not beable to see the feud between rival coaches Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva

on Season three of “The Ulltimate Fighter: Brazil.”

The UFC announced on Monday that the truth present will air on thepromotion’s lately launched digital service starting on March 9.“TUF: Brazil three” will probably be available on demand for Struggle Passsubscribers each Sunday at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT. The free trialperiod for Fight Go ends on Feb. 28; subscriptions can bepurchased for $9.ninety nine per thirty days after that. Fight Move may also havea behind-the-scenes function that includes regular updates fromSonnen.

Filming is already in progress for “TUF: Brazil 3,” which featuresmiddleweights and heavyweights vying for a six-figure UFC contract.The principle attraction for many viewers, however, would be the growinganimosity between coaches Sonnen and Silva, who will battle at alater date.

Apparently issues are already escalating between the futurecombatants. UFC President Dana White recently revealed that afight broke out betweenSonnen and Silva in Brazil, with one in every of Silva’s coachespunching Sonnen in the course of the skirmish.

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After Difficult Training Camp, Josh Thomson Following GSP’s Advice for Fight Week


Josh Thomson isn’t hiding the fact that his coaching camp for hismatchup Saturday towards Benson  Henderson has been a troublesome one.

“This camp’s been real laborious on me,” he instructed the SherdogRadio Community’s “Beatdown” show. “It’s just been an extended camp.That’s actually what it’s been. I did the five weeks for [Anthony]Pettis and then I had per week off and then I discovered I wasfighting Benson after which it’s been like 10, 11 weeks or maybe evena little bit greater than that, in all probability eleven weeks for this combat. It’sjust been a very lengthy camp.”

Thomson had been set to challenge Pettis for the UFC lightweighttitle in December. After Pettis suffered an injury, although, Thomsonwas given a matchup with Henderson, which can headline Saturday’sUFC on Fox 10 card at the United Middle in Chicago.

“You hear fighters speak about it all the time. It’s simply that ifyou peak too soon, it sort of takes the luster out of the camp andout of the combat,” Thomson said. “… These last couple of weeks, Ifeel like I’ve peaked after which unpeaked and then I’ve been tryingto peak again and unpeak, that form of factor. You’re always up anddown, up and down, however then truthfully, like I stated, the final weekbefore the fight, you’re actually just making an attempt to get focused on thefight.”

To assist him focus, Thomson is definitely implementing some recommendation hepicked up from Georges St.Pierre.

“I’ve taken a number of recommendation from watching and listening to some ofGSP’s outdated interviews and stuff,” he said. “He just spends time thisweek focusing on the fight, mentally getting ready for it, and we’llsee how that goes.”

Regardless of the troublesome training camp, Thomson has made some changeshe believes has helped his endurance. The 35-12 months-old has a historyof overtraining, but he’s seen enchancment recently by using a saltloading approach and staying significantly better hydrated.

“A number of these issues needed to do with the way in which I was mentally,”Thomson mentioned of his overtraining. “I felt like I at all times needed to domore, had to do more, I might do extra. As time went on, I realizedI couldn’t.”

Thomson is older and wiser now, and whereas he stops short of sayingthis is his final run, he acknowledges that he received’t be fightingthat much longer. Regardless, he has positioned himself nicely inthe UFC lightweight division, with a shot Saturday at the formerchamp.

“I think that is just a kind of issues where I’m hanging onhere,” Thomson stated. “I’m doing the most effective I can to remain targeted onwhat my goal is, and the goal is simply to attempt to be champ.”

Hearken to the fullinterview (beginning at 34:01).

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Gaethje Not Worried About Opponent, Just Wants to Know if He’s Right- or Left-Handed


Justin Gaethje noticed numerous matchups fall through before finally being paired towards Richard Patishnock on Saturday atWorldSeries of Preventing eight

Forward of the combat, Gaethje joined the Sherdog Radio Community’s “Beatdown” show to debate Patishnock,what may very well be subsequent and more.

On his opponent altering: “This is something Istarted experiencing in direction of the tip of my novice profession. We’realways prepared to combat whoever. I are available in here each day to thegym and I work on the stuff that I must work on to get better.It doesn’t really matter who I’m combating. I prefer to see in the event that they’reright-handed or light-handed and I wish to see the tempo they set.That’s really all I really want to see from my opponent.”

On the opponents he’s had scheduled for Saturday:“They all need to get the combat to the ground. Me, training mytakedown protection, which is one thing I’ve been working on my entirelife – this is something I’ve been concentrating on this combat andit hasn’t really had to change from the primary fight to the secondfight to the third fight. I don’t see any form of complicationsfrom the opponent change. It’s one thing that I count on to happensometimes and you’ve simply bought to go along with it.”

On Patishnock: “I have watched one fight or so andI simply see he’s a guy that started in MMA – that’s his sport. He’sreally, actually good in every aspect that I’ve seen him. Hiswrestling, his placing, his takedown protection is all good. I can’tsay none of it’s great, but all of that's good. There’s not onepoint the place I’m going to be able to loosen up. He’s bought nice kicks.He’s bought an incredible right hand, an important left hook and some great kneesand some elbows – I’ve seen him throw some elbows. I have to beprepared for every part, identical to each fight.”

On World Sequence of Fighting: “I’m within the sameposition as they are in. We’re on this collectively. I’m making an attempt tobuild my name, construct my career, and so they’re trying to do the samething. They’re giving me 100% and I’m going to verify andgive them 100 percent each time I step in there and try to put ashow on and try to keep the ratings excessive and attempt to hold peoplecoming back to observe the World Series of Fighting.”

On whom he’d prefer to struggle subsequent: “I already beat[GesiasCavalcante]. I have nothing to show there. I really feel like somepeople might say it was a fluke, however there was a doctor’s stoppage.The minimize was there. I was landing my punches, my knees and myelbows. I felt very assured in that fight. If that’s somethingthat I've to do again, I have no problem doing that, but I wouldmuch relatively fight LewisGonzalez. I wish to get a special alternative to get in thereand fight someone else and get a new win on my document.”


Luke Rockhold Liver Kick Finishes Costas Philippou in UFC Fight Night 35 Main Event

LukeRockhold destroyed his challenger at UFC Combat Night 35. |


This was what LukeRockhold had in mind when he entered the Ultimate FightingChampionship.

The previous Strikeforce champion worn out CostasPhilippou with a brutal physique kick within the UFC Combat Night 35 headliner on Wednesday on the Arena atGwinnett Center in Duluth, Ga. Rockhold (eleven-2, 1-1 UFC) folded theCypriot 2:31 into round one, bouncing back nicely from his knockoutloss to VitorBelfort eight months in the past.

Rockhold rattled the onetime Ring of Combat titleholder with ashort proper hook after which uncorked his kicks. The first one backedup Philippou (12-four, 5-three UFC); the second put him away.

“I like that liver kick,” Rockhold mentioned. “It’s at all times there. You’vegot to set it up by going excessive and low. I have numerous energy in mykicks. So long as I don’t rush things, I’m lots better fighter.You noticed tonight, I was a lot more reserved. I waited for myopportunities, caught him with that hook after which finished him withthe kicks.”

Rockhold has won 10 of his previous eleven bouts and figures to stay afixture at or near the top of the middleweight division as long ashe stays healthy. Afterward, the American Kickboxing Academystandout turned his consideration in direction of greater-profile prey.

“I’m not right here to be good. I’m here to be great,” Rockhold said. “Iwant my rematch with Vitor, and I would really like it here in the[United] States. I’ll undergo anyone I've to [in order] toget that, especially MichaelBisping. That would be nice.”

Tavares Wins Fifth Straight

An active, multi-pronged standup assault paired with timelytakedowns carried “The Final Fighter” Season 11 semifinalist BradTavares to a unanimous decision overLorenzLarkin

within the co-principal occasion. Tavares (12-1, 7-1 UFC) swept thescorecards with 29-28 marks across the board.

Tavares put the Millennia MMA export on his heels and saved himthere for much of the 15-minute encounter. He labored successfully tothe body and head, answered Larkin at each flip and pummeled hislead leg with thudding kicks. In the second round, he prolonged hislead, scoring with a takedown and shifting to Larkin’s again.

Behind on the scorecards, Larkin (14-2, 1-2 UFC) made his move inround three. The 27-12 months-outdated threatened Tavares with a guillotinechoke and punished him with elbows to the facet of the top againstthe cage, making him pay for an tried double-leg takedown.Still, the hole was too deep for Larkin, because the surge failed toforge the finish he wanted.

Close to-Flawless Dillashaw Overwhelms Easton


Photo:Jeff Bottari//Zuffa LLC/Getty Photographs

Dillashaw was impressive in victory.

Group Alpha Male’s T.J.Dillashaw threw – and hit -Mike Easton with nearly every weapon in his arsenal, as he recorded a one-sidedunanimous determination in a bantamweight showcase. All three judgesscored it the same: 30-27 for Dillashaw (9-2, 5-2 UFC).

Easton (thirteen-four, three-three UFC) was by no means a factor within the struggle, although hisiron chin stored him upright when lesser males might have folded.Dillashaw blended takedowns and very good clinch work with thuddingkicks to the leg, physique and head, one among which sent spit flying inthe second round. Easton tried to reply when and the place he might,but Dillashaw’s wonderful movement kept him out of vary.

Dillashaw continued to pile up the points down the stretch,throwing in a pair of Superman punches in round three.

“I came in right here respecting the man,” Dillashaw said. “He’s top 10for a cause. I knew he was going to be a tricky battle, however I wasthe higher athlete tonight. He’s a sturdy man. I knew it was goingto be a 15-minute struggle, so I came in able to go the wholeway.”

Dillashaw has won five of his past six bouts, a controversialdecision loss to RaphaelAssuncao at UFC Combat Night 29 the lone hiccup.

“I am riding a six-struggle winning streak,” he mentioned. “I gained that lastfight. I’m looking to get that No. 1 contender’s spot. Whoever isin the way, I’m there.”

Late Surge Sends Palacio Previous Brunson

American High Staff’s YoelRomero Palacio stopped DerekBrunson with a sequence of left hooks and observe-up groundstrikes within the third round of their featured middleweight battle.Palacio (7-1, three-zero UFC) drew the curtain three:23 into round three, ashe repeatedly drove his elbow into Brunson’s body.

Brunson (11-three, 2-1 UFC) held off the imposing Cuban for the betterpart of two rounds, staggering him with a head kick and surprisingthe 2000 Olympic silver medalist with properly-timed takedowns. To hiscredit, Palacio saved letting the punches fly. Within the third spherical,he clipped Brunson with one left hook and dropped him to a kneewith one other. He then followed with punches and hammerfists,forcing the stoppage after a prolonged assault.

“I try to win the struggle,” Palacio mentioned. “I don’t attempt to put damageon my opponents, but if the referee doesn’t stop it, I've to keepgoing.”

Moraga Rebounds, Edges Ortiz

Arizona Fight Sports representative John Moraga gained for the eighth time in 9 appearances, as he eked out acontentious split decision over Roufusport’s DustinOrtiz

in a flyweight showcase. All three cageside judges scoredit 29-28, two of them siding with Moraga (14-2, three-1 UFC). Ortiz (12-3, 1-1 UFC) controlled nearly all the first spherical,as he struck for a takedown and fed the former title challenger asteady diet of elbows in punches. However, the momentum provedfleeting. Moraga wobbled the 25-year-previous with a left hook in thesecond, moved to his back during a scramble and nearly finished itwith a rear-bare choke.

Moraga – who submitted to a fifth-spherical armbar from flyweightchampion DemetriousJohnson in July – introduced his jab into play within the third roundand landed with extra authority, counteracting a pair of takedownsfrom Ortiz.

Miller Choke Submits Sicilia

American Prime Crew’s Cole Miller submitted Sam Sicilia with a second-round rear-naked choke in a featured scrap at 145pounds. A bloody Sicilia (12-four, 2-three UFC) tapped out 1:fifty four into roundtwo, as he misplaced for third time in 4 outings.

Miller (21-eight, 10-6 UFC) steered clear of Sicilia’s potent righthand and beat up the Sikjitsu representative from the perimeter,placing a stout jab and front kicks to efficient use. The29-12 months-old Augusta, Ga., native dropped Sicilia with a two-punchcombination – a straight proper did the harm – before settlingin side management and transitioning to the again. The rear-bare chokecame next, followed by the tapout.

“I know I’ve been a bit of inconsistent, however this has been a littlebreakthrough for me on this last 12 months,” Miller mentioned. “I promise tobe more constant in my future.”


UFC Fight Night 35 Bonuses: Rockhold, Miller, Romero, Brunson Earn $50K Awards

ColeMiller nabbed his fourth “Submission of the Evening” bonus Wednesdaynight. | Dave Mandel/


Four rivals exited UFC Fight Night time 35 a bit of richer, as LukeRockhold, Cole Miller, YoelRomero and DerekBrunson each received $50,000 in submit-struggle bonus money.Rockhold picked up “Knockout of the Evening” for his dominant victoryover CostasPhilippou

in the night’s primary occasion, which aired on FoxSports 1 from The Enviornment at Gwinnett Middle in Duluth, Ga. The cardalso noticed Miller earn “Submission of the Night time” honors after tappingout SamSicilia, whereas Romero and Brunson shared “Fight of the Night”for their laborious-fought middleweight affair.

The previous Strikeforce middleweight king managed his briefouting with Philippou from start to end, using his reachadvantage to maintain the onerous-hitting New Yorker at bay beforecracking him with a gorgeous counter right hook and then finishinghim with an correct collection of physique kicks midway through theopening interval.

Miller also loved a sizeable size advantage over Sicilia intheir lightweight contest and used it aptly, dropping the “TUF 15”alum with a pointy proper hand in round two before cinching afight-ending rear-bare choke.

Brunson took charge of his 185-pound showdown with Romero in theearly going, catching the Olympic silver medalist with clean shotsand scoring takedown by way of the bout’s first 10 minutes. Roundthree belonged to “The Soldier of God,” nevertheless, as Romero blasteda fatigued Brunson with a series of crisp punches earlier than finishinghim on the bottom with a nasty flurry of elbows to the ribs.


Luke Rockhold Calls Out Michael Bisping After ‘Patient’ Win at UFC Fight Night 35

There’s no query of who Luke Rockholds desires to battle next.



desires a rematch with


, however he'll settle for a meeting with



Rockhold made his want identified following his one-sided win overCostasPhilippou at UFC Combat Evening 35 at The Enviornment at Gwinnett Heart in Duluth,Ga., calling out the Brit as his next goal in gentle of Belfort’supcoming title shot towards reigning UFC middleweight championChrisWeidman.

“I’m taking a look at anyone within the middleweight division to get myselfback right into a [good] place,” Rockhold said at the post-battle pressconference. “I let it's recognized that Bisping is on the market. Rather a lot ofpeople are calling him out, however Bisping went on national TELEVISION andtold everybody that he was the unofficial Strikeforce champion. Hecalls it a joke, however I say he’s got bad style, and he needs to payfor it.”

The comment in query was made by Bisping during a 2012appearance on Spike TELEVISION’s short-lived “MMA Uncensored” program afterrecently sparring with the then-Strikeforce king. Though the remarkappeared to have been made in jest, Rockhold would neverthelesslike a chance to settle the score.

“I’d wish to get that match. He’s a top-5 middleweight outthere,” said Rockhold. “There aren’t many guys freed up right now,however I’m all for getting in there as soon as attainable andhaving a good 2014.”

Whereas it's unknown when Bisping will return to the cage aftersuffering a indifferent retina final year, such a pairing would appearto make sense for the UFC’s aggressive middleweight division.Rockhold’s victory over Philippou was one of his most impressiveoutings thus far, as the lanky southpaw surprised the hard-punchingNew Yorker with a crisp counter right hook before ending his nightwith a pair of brutal physique kicks.

“I like my kicks – my liver kick and my head kick. I was going tobait him in and then tag him and attempt to knock him out. If I didn’t,then I was going to take him down, but I simply felt comfortable inthe standup,” stated Rockhold. “I was affected person. I discovered my timing, andI think that’s the key to being the best I can be. Sometimes, Irush things and look sloppy, but tonight, I was composed and had myhead collectively.”


After ‘Sub of the Night’ at UFC Fight Night 35, Cole Miller Eyeing Cerrone Fight

ColeMiller iced his damaged left hand on the UFC Battle Night time 35 presser.|



has not been shy about his intentions over the lastseveral months.

Following his October win over Andy Ogle atUFC Combat Evening 30, “Magrinho” called out Europe in general, andConorMcGregor particularly. The lanky featherweight then turned hisattention to a protracted-standing issue with former WEC lightweightcontender DonaldCerrone on Wednesday night after ending Sam Siciliaat UFC Combat Evening 35.

“This is not one thing new. This rivalry started in 2007. We’ve hada couple of out-of-the-cage altercations over the previous few years,”Miller said of his relationship with Cerrone during Wednesday’spost-struggle press conference at The Arena at Gwinnett Middle inDuluth, Ga. “When he first came into the UFC, he called me out onTV, and I wanted to return the favor. He’s been speaking aboutcoming down to a hundred forty five pounds. Talking about it is one factor. If heneeded some motivation to come on down, then I gave it to him.”

Miller demolished Sicilia to open the night’s main card, keepingthe powerful brawler on the end of his lengthy vary and punishing himwith punches on the way in which in. In the second round, the American TopTeam product cracked Sicilia with a pointy left hook and floored the“TUF 15” vet with a hard right throughout a sequence that resulted inMiller breaking his left hand.

Even so, Miller didn't waste the chance, grabbing a topsideguillotine choke earlier than transitioning to Sicilia’s again andcinching the battle-ending rear-bare choke. Although Miller does notyet know if his hand would require surgical procedure, he nevertheless feelsconfident that when he does return to the cage that he willmaintain the positive momentum gained from a 3-1 run in his lastfour outings.

“Training at American High Crew and working on my power andconditioning and getting snug with the weight cut has mademe deliver my skill set together,” said Miller. “There have been nopsychological breakthroughs or something like that. It was simply alot of laborious work and onerous coaching. I believe if you happen to go back and lookat my 2013, you may see that I’ve been working hard. I’m developinga real comfort with my distance and coping with brief and stockyguys. That was at all times one thing that gave me bother up to now. Icould have chosen to maneuver up – I've the body to be a much bigger man- or I could try to get past what was giving me issues and learnto take my attributes and [overcome] what was my Kryptonite at thetime.”

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Roland Delorme, Davey Grant Paired for March 8 UFC Fight Night in London

Roland Delorme is headed to enemy soil for his subsequent bout. |





Davey Grant

will square off March eight at O2 Arena in London.

The matchup, introduced Monday by the UFC by way of Twitter, will serve aspart of UFC Fight Night 37 “Gustafsson vs. Manuwa,” which will see toplight heavyweights AlexanderGustafsson and Jimi Manuwatangle in the principle occasion.

Delorme, 30, formally holds a three-1 mark in his Octagon career,with a June 2013 loss to FranciscoRivera having been modified to a no-contest. The Canadianbounced again from that knockout by topping EdwinFigueroa but suffered a cut up-decision loss in his final outingagainst “The Ultimate Fighter” contestant AlexCaceres.

One other reality show alum, Grant succumbed to a second-roundrear-naked choke from ChrisHoldsworth within the November last of “TUF 18.” The loss snappedan eight-fight successful streak for the 28-12 months-old Englishman, whohad not tasted defeat since July 2009.

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Broncos Fan Picks Fight With Chargers Fans, Gets Beat Down in San Diego

broncos-fan-arrestedBroncos fans have been jubilant after surviving the San Diego Chargers in the AFC Divisional spherical on Sunday. Chargers fans were less happy. So when a lone, Peyton Manning jersey-wearing Broncos fan bought a bit too wild in entrance of opposing followers, he found some folks more than keen to interact in a avenue fight. In accordance with the video uploader of this video, this Broncos fan “decided to run by the charger followers in San Diego nationwide city like a dumbass.” Enter street justice. The Chargers fans got the Broncos fan to the bottom and kicked and punched him until police jumped in. In keeping with FOX 5 San Diego everyone was arrested, together with the Broncos fan.



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Louis Gaudinot-Phil Harris Flyweight Showdown Added to UFC Fight Night in London

Louis Gaudinot has misplaced two of his last three fights. |


The Final Preventing Championship’s next trip to London will nowfeature a flyweight bout between





UFC officials introduced the booking Friday. The Las Vegas-basedpromotion’s upcoming U.Ok. visit takes place March eight at the O2 Arenaand is anticipated to function UFCFight Night 37. The occasion is headlined by a lightweight heavyweightclash between AlexanderGustafsson and Jimi Manuwaand will additionally see RossPearson collide with MelvinGuillard in a lightweight co-primary event.

Gaudinot, 29, has come up brief in two of his three Octagon outingssince introducing himself to UFC fans as a forged member of “TheUltimate Fighter 14.” The New Yorker most just lately competed thispast August, falling via unanimous decision to Tim Elliottat UFC 164.

Like his opponent, Harris, 30, has additionally stumbled in two of histhree UFC appearances, sandwiching a victory over UlyssesGomez between stoppage losses to DarrenUyenoyama and JohnLineker. A 34-combat pro, “Billy” has earned thirteen of his 22 careerwins by way of submission over a 10 years of competitors.

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Quinn Mulhern Retires From MMA Following Loss at UFC Fight Night 34



After a 22-combat professional career,


is retiring from combined martial arts on the age of29.

The Jackson’s MMA product not too long ago introduced his resolution viaFacebook. Mulhern lost a unanimous determination to KatsunoriKikuno at UFC Combat Evening 34 in Singapore on Saturday. It was his firstappearance at a hundred and fifty five kilos after competing at welterweight for themajority of his career.

The mud hasn't settled exactly so I wouldn't usually do thisnow…but it surely feels prefer it's the fitting time: I'm retiring fromMMA,” Mulhern wrote. “This camp was as excellent as they arrive.Every little thing fell into place, mentally, physically…my weight cutwas a hit. I got to a place of mental focus where I've neverbeen earlier than. However when I got within the cage I simply did not have it. Itwasn't nerves, I didn't freeze…I simply didn't have the physicalgifts or ability the win. Backside line is that I might put in years ofcontinued work but I won't be aggressive at this stage. PerhapsI'd get quite a bit better, but I believe if somewhat spend that timeon something new. I feel this in my bones.”

Mulhern began his professional career in 2007, successful 15 of hisfirst 16 bouts en path to capturing the King of the Cagewelterweight crown. The Santa Fe, N.M., native debuted withStrikeforce in June 2011, when he dropped a unanimous resolution toJasonHigh at Strikeforce Challengers sixteen. He would win his next threefights with the now-defunct promotion earlier than shifting on to the UFC,the place he misplaced to Rick Story atUFC 158 earlier than dropping to 155 kilos for his meeting withKikuno.

Regardless of having a big peak and attain benefit, Mulhernresorted to pulling guard for a lot of the encounter and was unableto mount any significant offense as Kikuno swept the scorecards byidentical 30-27 counts. Mulhern leaves the sport with an 18-4overall mark.

“So this isn't a tantrum of self-pity. Actually, I feel very clearand good about this resolution. I'm so grateful to have done whatI've performed. I've gotten to travel everywhere in the world and to fightprofessionally over twenty instances. However this is it,” he wrote.

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Source: Charlie Brenneman Replaces Jason High at UFC Fight Night 35 in Georgia


has been compelled out of a planned

UFC Combat Night 35

clash with


due to a ruptured appendix.

Excessive announced his ailment through Twitter on Thursday morning, postinga image of himself in a hospital restoration room. thenconfirmed with a source close to the bout that CharlieBrenneman will return to the UFC to switch Excessive on the Jan. 15event. first reported Brenneman’s UFC return, thoughpromotion officers haven’t but introduced the reserving. UFC FightNight 35 takes place at The Enviornment at Gwinnett Middle in Duluth,Ga., and is headlined by a middleweight showdown pitting formerStrikeforce champion LukeRockhold towards CostasPhilippou.

Brenneman has received four straight fights since receiving his UFCrelease final year on the heels of back-to-again defeats. “TheSpaniard” finished three of his four victims in that span, mostrecently tapping Bellator alum Kyle Bakerwith an arm-triangle choke this past October.

High, 32, posted again-to-back Octagon victories after stumbling inhis UFC debut, scoring a quick submission of James Headthis past August earlier than outpointing AnthonyLapsley on Nov. 16 at UFC 167. “The Kansas Metropolis Bandit” has wonnine of his final 10 bouts, 4 of which he ended inside thedistance.

AdlanAmagov was initially expected to face High on the occasion beforebeing changed by Dariush last week for undisclosed causes. The24-yr-outdated Dariush has been good to date in his pro profession andwill make his Octagon debut on the power of six consecutivevictories.

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Menez planning to fight for PSG future

By Ian Holyman, France Correspondent

Jeremy Menez has declared his willpower to combat for his place at Paris Saint-Germain regardless of being expected to depart in January.

Jeremy Menez

GettyImagesJeremy Menez has been linked with a move to Juventus.

Menez, 26, is out of contract at the Parc des Princes in June, and has been courted by Juventus specifically.

However, after a substitute appearance that bristled with enthusiasm and technical high quality in PSG’s pleasant defeat to Actual Madrid on Thursday, the France worldwide prompt he will not less than see out the season with the Ligue 1 champions.

“I really feel good. It’s nice to be able to play these sorts of games. Every time I have been given some enjoying time, I try to give my all,” Menez, who began simply five of PSG’s 19 Ligue 1 games before Christmas, is reported as saying in L’Equipe.

“I’ll try to win myself a spot in the crew, and work arduous to achieve that. There could have been some difficult moments, however I say to myself that they are going to pass. Personally, I’ve by no means mentioned that I want to depart.”

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UFC to promote Weidman-Belfort title fight

LAS VEGAS – The UFC is planning to promote a middleweight title fight between Chris Weidman and Vitor Belfort in Las Vegas.

UFC CEO and co-proprietor Lorenzo Fertitta confirmed the plans to through text message on Thursday. Weidman will probably be searching for the second defense of his 185-pound title.

Chris Weidman vs. Anderson Silva

The UFC is planning to advertise a battle between Vitor Belfort and Chris Weidman, who defeated Anderson Silva last weekend.

"Depending on Chris Weidman, I'd like to do Vegas [in] Could or July," Fertitta mentioned of a possible location and date for the matchup.

Belfort (24-10) has not fought in the U.S. since August 2011. He fought thrice in 2013, all in his native Brazil.

The 36-year-outdated has been authorized a therapeutic use exemption for testosterone substitute remedy in Brazil, but would have to apply earlier than the Nevada State Athletic Fee for the same privilege in Las Vegas.

Keith Kizer, government director of the NSAC, has expressed some doubt in Belfort's probabilities at receiving approval to make use of TRT, based mostly on a positive drug take a look at he submitted in Las Vegas in 2006.

Belfort has defended his use of TRT quite a few occasions in 2013. Instantly after watching Weidman's second-round TKO victory over Anderson Silva last weekend in Las Vegas, Belfort expressed confidence he may receive a TUE there if obligatory.

"I can battle anyplace," Belfort stated. "I have achieved all the things by the ebook. All people is aware of that individuals cheat, however I do not. I'm very open and very loyal to my ideas."

Ray Longo, Weidman's head coach, advised on Thursday he anticipated the struggle to take place within the United States and holds some reservation over the legitimacy of Belfort's earlier TRT use.

"I know Chris is thrashing the man but why give him a bonus?" Longo stated. "Why does he deserve that? All he did was abuse his physique with steroids in order that now he wants the exemption. It's bull-."

Belfort made his UFC debut as a heavyweight in February 1997. He received the UFC light heavyweight title against Randy Couture at UFC forty six seven years later. He fought Silva for the middleweight title in February 2011, suffering a primary-round knockout.

Weidman (11-zero) is the No. three pound-for-pound fighter on the earth, in accordance with He took the title from Silva in a second-spherical knockout in July, after which defended it towards the Brazilian at UFC 168 by way of second-round TKO.

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UFC Fight Night 34 Results: ‘Saffiedine vs. Lim’ Play-by-Play & Updates




will return to the Octagon briefly order for her nexttitle defense, as the UFC girls’s bantamweight queen is ready toheadline


opposite Olympic wrestling silver medalist



UFC President Dana White introduced the reserving Saturday nightfollowing Rousey’s UFC 168 victory over Miesha Tateat MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Prior to the announcement,injured No. 1 contender Cat Zinganowas expected to receive the subsequent shot at Rousey’s strap, but thatplan has now been modified given Rousey’s fast turnaround.

UFC a hundred and seventy takes place Feb. 22 at Mandalay Bay Occasions Heart in LasVegas and was initially topped by DanielCormier’s gentle heavyweight debut towards former championRashadEvans. That bout will now slide into the co-essential event slot tomake room for Rousey’s next title defense. Rousey was forced out ofthe first spherical for the first time in her profession on Saturday night,however the champion nonetheless walked away along with her eighthconsecutive submission win after catching Tate in a 3rd-roundarmbar. An Olympic bronze medalist in judo, Rousey has never tasteddefeat in MMA and kicked off 2013 by submitting LizCarmouche within the UFC 157 foremost occasion.

McMann, in the meantime, made her Octagon debut in April, pounding outGerman striker Sheila Gaffto choose up her seventh straight victory. The 33-12 months-old freestylewrestling ace began her career in 2011, preventing twice beneath theshort-lived ProElite banner before joining the Invicta FightingChampionships, the place she outpointed ShaynaBaszler in a unanimous verdict final year.

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Kidd: Message to Nets was ‘we have to fight’


That was the message Brooklyn Nets coach Jason Kidd mentioned he conveyed to his group after their second consecutive 17-point loss Wednesday afternoon to the Chicago Bulls.'s Ohm Youngmisuk reported Wednesday evening that Kidd, annoyed following the workforce's fourth consecutive loss, known as out his gamers within the locker room. Veteran Kevin Garnett stood up and vented his frustration as nicely, sources advised Youngmisuk.

"That we have gotta battle. It wasn't to call them out. It was just a conversation in the locker room that we have got to compete," Kidd stated Friday afternoon.

The Nets (9-19) host the Milwaukee Bucks (6-22), who have the NBA's worst record, Friday night at Barclays Middle.

"Irrespective of if we go down eight and there is 30 seconds on the clock or in the game, we have gotta consider that we are able to still find a method," Kidd mentioned. "And right now we go down and we kind of give in to that fight, so we have gotta continue to keep grinding, and if I have to maintain rotating guys until I discover those which might be gonna combat, then that is what I've gotta do."

Asked why his message wasn't getting via to the gamers, Kidd said, "New group. New voice. Once more, understanding that's it is not gonna be easy. We'll see if the message acquired across."

Level guard Deron Williams mentioned Kidd still had the support of the players.

"I feel so," Williams said. "I think if we're losing some close games and he was making some dangerous decisions, that'd be one factor, but that is not the case. We bought blown out. He can't make us outrebound teams. He cannot make us put that little bit we have to get over the hump. That is on us as gamers to come back out and play better."

Energy and energy, Williams stated, continue to be the crew's largest downside.

Williams said Kidd has been emotional all season, "however maybe a little bit more final recreation."

"On offense, if you're going to display, you gotta go down and do that hard," Williams stated. "When you're coming off a screen, you've gotta come off hard. It is simply effort. Defensively, we're enjoying solid defense, after which we do not get the defensive rebound [and] they get an additional possession. Those things, they add up."

"It's a normal reaction. That is the way it needs to be," forward Mirza Teletovic said. "Everybody must be mad. I'm mad too. Everybody's dissatisfied, and all people's making an attempt to figure out what we have to do to win more games."

The Nets have a particularly tough upcoming three-recreation road journey, which options video games against the Indiana Pacers (23-5), San Antonio Spurs (23-7) and Oklahoma City Thunder (23-5). And the Nets probably won't have forward Andrei Kirilenko along for the trip.

Kirilenko, who has not played since Nov. 8 and has missed 24 games general attributable to back spasms, will not play Friday night time. He hoped to return to the lineup for Saturday night's sport against the Pacers. Now, it appears, he'll miss a minimum of 4 more.

"As of right now, I do not suppose so," Kidd stated when asked if Kirilenko would journey with the workforce. "Except one thing modifications within the subsequent 24 hours, I don't think he goes."

Kidd said Kirilenko remains to be feeling some discomfort along with his again.

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