Pistorius trial: Expert describes cell usage

PRETORIA, South Africa – Reeva Steenkamp related to the Internet on her cellular phone hours before Oscar Pistorius killed her, and the connection was nonetheless working mechanically hours after her death, an skilled from the South African police testified Tuesday at the athlete’s murder trial.

Capt. Francois Moller, who downloaded information from the cell telephones of each Pistorius and his girlfriend, said Steenkamp made an Internet connection just before 9 p.m. on Feb. thirteen, 2013, and the connection lasted for more than eleven hours, presumably because social media applications have been nonetheless open. Pistorius fatally shot her about six hours later via a closed toilet door in his house.

“If an utility shouldn’t be closed, it can keep it up working,” Moller stated.

Protection lawyer Barry Roux also indicated that Steenkamp’s phone could not have been manually utilized by anybody for your entire interval cited by Moller, saying: “It does not mean that it’s human interplay.”

Pistorius fatally shot Steenkamp in his dwelling the early hours of Valentine’s Day, and Moller’s extraction of information also shed light on what appeared to be a frantic collection of phone calls created from considered one of Pistorius’ cellular telephones after the killing. They embrace a call to the administrator of the housing property the place Pistorius lived at 3:19 a.m. on Feb. 14, a call a minute later to an ambulance service and a name a minute after that to the housing property safety.

The telephone that was used for those and different calls was only handed over to police 11 days later, Moller stated.

Moller stated says he obtained more than 1,000 message exchanges between Pistorius and Steenkamp on their phones. Moller stated he acquired as evidence two BlackBerry telephones, two iPhones, two iPads and a Mac computer from Pistorius’ home the day after Steenkamp was shot to demise

Prosecutors allege Pistorius killed Steenkamp after an argument. Pistorius says he killed her by chance, mistaking her for an intruder in his home.

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Expert: Pistorius’ girlfriend standing when shot

PRETORIA, South Africa – Reeva Steenkamp was standing in a rest room cubicle and facing the closed door when she was hit in the appropriate hip by the primary of 4 hole level bullets fired at her by Oscar Pistorius, a police ballistics professional testified Wednesday on the double-amputee Olympic runner’s homicide trial.

Steenkamp then fell back onto a journal holder in the cubicle and was struck in the precise arm and head by the last two photographs fired by Pistorius along with his 9 mm pistol by the door. Pistorius’ girlfriend crossed her arms over her head to guard herself, Capt. Christiaan Mangena stated, when she was hit in the arm and head. He testified that he believed the second bullet shot missed Steenkamp and ricocheted off a wall inside the cubicle and broke into fragments, which prompted bruising on her again.

Mangena concluded by way of his analysis of the capturing scene and wounds on Steenkamp’s body from submit-mortem images that one of many final two bullets went by means of Steenkamp’s left hand before penetrating her skull as she held it over her head. The policeman stated he could not determine the order of the last two photographs.

Pistorius, 27, is charged with premeditated murder in Steenkamp’s capturing dying on Feb. 14 final year and faces 25 years to life in jail if convicted. He says he shot Steenkamp, 29, by mistake through a locked door in his toilet as a result of he thought she was a harmful nighttime intruder.

Pistorius says Steenkamp went to make use of the bathroom during the night with out him knowing, but prosecutors maintain he killed her after a loud argument that caused her to possibly flee and hide in the bathroom space.

As Mangena threw his hands as much as cover his head in court docket and replicate the “defensive position” he stated Steenkamp took because the final pictures had been fired, Pistorius put his fingers in his ears in an apparent try to block out the testimony.

June Steenkamp, Reeva’s mother, additionally was in the courtroom and occasionally glanced at photos of the bloody scene of her daughter’s shooting earlier than looking away.

Police ballistics skilled Mangena said the bullet that struck Steenkamp’s skull broke into two fragments, one among which exited her head and struck the wall behind her. The primary shot into the appropriate hip broke Steenkamp’s hip bone, Mangena mentioned.

“I am of the opinion that after this wound was inflicted, my woman, she dropped instantly,” Mangena mentioned, addressing the judge in court docket beneath questioning from prosecutor Gerrie Nel. Steenkamp slumped into a “seated or semi-seated position” on high of the magazine rack within the cubicle, the place she was hit one other two occasions, he stated.

“She ended up with her head on top of the toilet seat, and the decrease part of her physique on the rack, Mangena mentioned.

Pistorius fired from a distance of at the least 60 centimeters and no additional than a wall behind him, about 3 meters away, Mangena said. Mangena also described the impact of the type of bullets in Pistorius’ gun, which have been designed to cause maximum damage, he said.

“It hits the goal, it opens up, it creates six talons, and these talons are sharp,” Mangena said. “It cuts by means of the organs of a human being.”

He famous the Black Talon model of ammunition was usually used for self-defense as a result of while it induced important damage to a human goal, it was less likely to penetrate the first goal and hit other people.

Pistorius lawyer Barry Roux cross-examined Mangena and said the defense’s own forensic and ballistic experts would problem the policeman’s testimony concerning the sequence of the shots. Roux also stated defense specialists had recovered a bullet and fragments from the bathroom bowl that police missed. Mangena said he was aware of that.

Mangena testified he conducted capturing checks to attempt to pinpoint the situation from which the bullets had been fired by Pistorius within the bathroom, primarily based on where cartridge cases were found. Nevertheless, in his exams, he said, the circumstances fell at different angles. He additionally noted that the cartridge instances at the scene of Steenkamp’s capturing may have been “moved or kicked round” during the investigation.

He said Pistorius was in all probability on his stumps when he fired, supporting the athlete’s assertion that he was not carrying his prosthetic limbs when he opened hearth.

Prosecutor Nel additionally requested Mangena to comment on a 2012 incident by which Pistorius allegedly fired his gun out of the sunroof of a shifting automotive. The athlete faces a firearms cost in that case, as well as two different firearms-associated prices.

Mangena mentioned firing a shot in such circumstances was dangerous.

The bullet leaves the barrel at around 280 meters (900 ft) a second, and can journey upward, then stop and fall to the ground below the drive of gravity and wind deflection, he mentioned.

“The bullet can still kill an individual,” Mangena mentioned.

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Online Gambling Expert: California Has Best Odds To Legalize Web Poker In 2014

Despite it being an election year in the Golden State, online gambling expert Chris Krafcik thinks it has the best chance, among other U.S. states, of getting something done in 2014 with regards to web poker. Krafcik is the Research Director (North America) for GamblingCompliance and for years has been monitoring developments there.

Right now, just Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware have legal — and operational — online wagering. Others are considering it this year, but in many spots the chances appear low.

California is home to the nation’s top tribal casino industry, and Krafcik said that if they can figure out the nuts and bolts of how online poker would work for the industry there at large, something could advance rather rapidly, as opposed to bills stalling in the legislature, like they have in years past. Momentum does seem to be building.

Card Player had the chance to speak with Krafcik about California’s chances this year, as well as a handful of other topics related to online gaming in the United States.

Brian Pempus: First off, what impact do you think Sheldon Adelson’s anti-web gaming efforts could have on the state level?

Chris Krafcik: Las Vegas Sands is majority-owned by one of the world’s wealthiest men, which means that it can well afford to spend aggressively at the state level to advance its policy agenda. I think the company is likely to have the most success in the two states in which it operates casinos: Nevada and Pennsylvania. Lawmakers and regulators in those states will be inclined to consider the company’s position on Internet gambling because it has skin in the game. By “skin in the game,” I mean the company’s casinos and the jobs and tax revenue they generate. But in other states — say, California or Illinois — the company is less likely to have success chiefly because it does not have skin in the game. So, while the company is positioned to slow or stall the progression of Internet gambling legislation in Pennsylvania or the expansion of Internet gambling in Nevada, it will likely find that task more challenging in other states where it has no casino presence to leverage.

By way of background, Nevada legalized Internet gambling — or “interactive gaming” — in June 2001. The law authorized the Nevada Gaming Commission, with the advice and assistance of the Nevada Gaming Control Board, to adopt regulations governing the licensing and operation of interactive gaming, including the types of interactive games operators may offer. NRS 463.750(1). Currently, operators may not accept or facilitate a wager on “any game other than the game of poker and its derivatives.” Regulation 5A.140(1)(a). This year, however, the Commission and the Board will likely consider whether to expand the types of interactive games operators may offer to include slot games and table games. All this to say that I expect Las Vegas Sands to lobby against any such expansion.

BP: Which state do you think is most likely to legalize online gaming this year and why?

CK: California. If the state’s fractious but politically powerful Native American gaming industry can agree to a consensus Internet poker bill, tribal lobbyists expect that it will move quickly. The bill-passage deadline there is August 31.

BP: Do you think Rod Wright’s conviction will have an impact on California online poker efforts?

CK: In some ways, yes. In others, no. In Sacramento, Senator Wright was considered the most educated lawmaker on Internet poker issues. Some in the Legislature feel that without a politico as knowledgeable as Wright advocating on behalf of the state, whatever Internet poker bill eventually passes could lean too heavily in favor of its Native American gaming industry. Consideration of Internet poker legislation is set to continue without Wright at the helm. Ahead of the February 21 bill-introduction deadline, two lawmakers, Assemblyman Jones-Sawyer and Senator Correa, have signaled their intent to introduce legislation.

BP: Do you think the initial NJ revenue figures will in some way help other states in their respective deliberations on the online gaming issue?

CK: Because the New Jersey market is less than three months old, I think lawmakers in other states will be paying closer attention to the efficacy of geo-location and consumer-protection technology than to how quickly or slowly the market is growing on a monthly-sequential basis.

BP: When do you see a compact of some kind being formed between Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware, or any combination of the two?

CK: That is very difficult question to answer, but my best guess is not for a while. For now, regulators in Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey are focused on proving out their intrastate Internet gambling rules and systems. Even after those rules and systems are proven out, though, there is still the very tricky matter of reconciling one state’s with another’s. To put a number on it: years, not months.

BP: What do you make of Steve Wynn sort of backtracking on his online gaming plans?

CK: Given Wynn Resorts’ exposure to explosive growth in Macau, and with its second casino set to open there in 2016, the company is not nearly as reliant on the U.S. Internet gambling opportunity as some of its rivals are. In light of that, Mr. Wynn can well afford to take his time.

BP: Do you think New Jersey will become the online gaming hub that Ray Lesniak envisions?

CK: Senator Lesniak is among the most forward-thinking lawmakers in the country on Internet gambling issues. He is also a very tenacious fellow. If he wants New Jersey to become a national regulatory hub for Internet gambling, there is certainly reason to think it could happen. At this stage, though, his bill, S980, which would authorize so-called “interstate and foreign Internet wagering,” has not attracted much interest from the Atlantic City casino industry.















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Expert: California Online Poker In 2015

The state of California, which has a population higher than that of Canada, has been regarded, except for a federal invoice, as the top prize in the United States for the net playing trade at massive.

Efforts have taken place within the Golden State for years now with reference to authorizing online poker, however the highly effective tribal gaming teams can’t come to a consensus.

Tribal gambling was a $27.9 billion market in the U.S. in 2012, and California is the highest tribal gambling state ($6.78 billion). It has been immensely difficult to determine how industrial betting teams, whether offshore or home, could possibly be involved within the California market. Some seem to not want them in at all, while others would type partnerships.

There’s additionally the eternal debate as as to if on-line video games would hurt brick-and-mortar spending. It stays to be seen which facet is correct.

Esteemed California gaming legal professional I. Nelson Rose lately advised The San Francisco Chronicle that since 2014 is an election year (there will likely be a battle for the governor’s seat) on-line poker legalization possible gained’t occur within the subsequent 12 months. In different phrases, 2015 on the earliest. But Rose is optimistic something will occur that year.

Others have expressed comparable optimism that slowly however surely issues will be solved and on-line poker can be legal in California. It’s just too lucrative of a business to pass up on perpetually.

David Quintana, a gaming lobbyist for a number of California tribes, instructed Card Participant in Could of final yr that the percentages were about 50-50 of one thing passing in 2013. Quintana mentioned that in the past years he pegged the chances at zero for a bill being profitable.

Proper now, solely Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware have on-line poker.

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s expert analysis of the Champions League group stage draw


The old men struggled to unlock their balls for an hour and now there are Champions League groups that I will analyze. I am Zlatan. I am the Champions League Zlexpert.

“But Zlatan, you have never won the Champions League, so what do you know?” some idiot without a ponytail will probably ask. This is a stupid question. Just because I have never killed a man with a pencil doesn’t mean I am not supremely knowledgable in that area. Except I have killed a man with a pencil. But that is not the point (this is lethal pencil humor). Now let’s do this before the bald UEFA man starts saying more jokes that I don’t care about.

Group A

Manchester United
Shakhtar Donetsk
Bayer Leverkusen
Real Sociedad

Zlatan Zlays: This group has nothing to do with me, so as far as I am concerned, it does not exist (like MRI machines and peanut butter). Manchester United’s new manager has as much experience in Europe as an American tourist. Shakhtar Donetsk are Brazil’s D team and Bayer Leverkusen aren’t Bayern Munich or Borussia Dortmund. But Antoine Griezmann’s name is enjoyable to say when I know that my own will inspire too much terror in the people listening.

Verdict: Antoine Griezmann.

Group B

Real Madrid

Zlatan Zlays: The only footballers worth more than Zlatan are Zlatan, Lionel Messi, Zlatan, Cristiano Ronaldo and a younger Zlatan from another dimension who will soon dropkick his way into this plane of existence. Not Gareth Bale. Juventus will avenge this personal Zlinsult on my behalf. Didier Drogba will loudly note the level of sexual shame and Copenhagen will politely do nothing.

Verdict: Other dimension Zlatan will kick Gareth Bale in his overvalued head.

Group C


Zlatan Zlays: Hahahahahahaha.

Verdict: Domination.

Group D

Bayern Munich
CSKA Moscow
Manchester City
Viktoria Plzen

Zlatan Zlays: You’re finally back, Pep. You beat me in the group stage and the quarterfinals two years ago and then you left football to battle your nightmares of my unavoidable revenge and shop at that toy store with the piano dance mat from the 1988 cinematic masterpiece Big. But now you are back. And I am still Zlere. You knew I would be ready for you this time, so you had to come back with a new team. The best team. They will not save you, Pep. Sure, you will probably make it out of the group stage since Man City play like dyslexic newborn deer in this competition, but when you reach the knockout stages, I will be waiting. There will be no mercy. And for you, there will be no hair. Only knockouts.

Verdict: Your new lederhosen better be tear resistant.

Group E

Steaua Bucharest

Zlatan Zlays: Is this a Champions League group or are they letting Chelsea participate in a charity exhibition?

Verdict: Jose Mourinho will finally have time to read my book I am Zlatan. He said he’s been too busy to read it yet, but he obviously wants to. He wouldn’t lie about that. I’m sure he’ll read it now. If he doesn’t, it will be for a good reason. He’ll read it eventually.

Group F

Borussia Dortmund

Zlatan Zlays: This is such a group of death that goth kids are going to watch the matches and get scared into listening to Maroon 5 while wearing the color yellow.

Verdict: Arsene Wenger will become a goth kid.

Group G

Atletico Madrid
Austria Vienna

Zlatan Zlays: Atletico have nothing to do with Gareth Bale, so I Zlike them now. I Zlike them a lot.

Verdict: Group F might invade this group and make it build their pyramids.

Group H


Zlatan Zlays: Three of my former clubs together in one group can only mean this is UEFA’s way of paying tribute to me.

Verdict: This will be the season of Zlatan. Beware, Pep. You have nowhere to hide. Antoine Griezmann.


Sports Fantasy Expert Challenge, Unlicenced shirt

Via @RyanJKelly

Holy jumpin’ Rypiens, it is a terrible shirt.

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Spotted by a reader of the Washington Submit’s DC Sports activities Bog (through The Large Lead), this two-faced atrocity features Robert Griffin III and a Native American straight from Stereotype Junction. Neither half seems very pleased to be on the shirt, and chances are the Redskins will not take too kindly to this unlicensed beauty both.

What is it with RG3 and the split-screens? Check out this monstrosity, which is actually a licensed Nike product:

Yeesh. And that’ll set you back $150. The NFL tends to be just a little more button-down than college football in relation to catchy outerwear, however both of these would undoubtedly qualify for what our pals at Puck Daddy have dubbed Jersey Fouls.