J.C. Tran Headlines World Poker Tour Rolling Thunder Main Event Final Table

Chip leader Quoc PhamA total of 465 entries were made in the inaugural World Poker Tour Rolling Thunder $3,500 no-limit hold’em main event at the Thunder Valley Casino outside of Sacramento, California. From that sizable turnout only six players now remain to battle it out for the lion’s share of the $1,488,000 prize pool and the chance to become the latest WPT champion.

The chip leader at the final table tomorrow will be Bay 101 tournament director Quoc Pham with 5,580,000. He is joined by Preston Harwell, Mimi Luu, Benjamin Zamani, Ken Jorgensen, and Sacremento native JC Tran. Tran, a two-time WSOP gold bracelet winner and WPT champion, is undeniably the most accomplished live tournament player entering the final day, but has the second shortest stack with only 710,000 (23 big blinds at 15,000 – 30,000 with a 3,000 ante.)

The final table bubble lasted 97 hands, with Ryan D’Angelo eventually hitting the rail in seventh place after he got all-in on a board of JHeart Suit9Diamond Suit5Heart Suit4Spade Suit with the 9Club Suit8Heart Suit against Benjamin Zamani’s AClub SuitJDiamond Suit. The river brought the QHeart Suit, securing the pot for Zamani and sending D’Angelo to the rail in seventh place with $41,410.

Here is a look at the chip counts heading into the final table:

Rank Player Chip Count
1 Quoc Pham 5,580,000
2 Preston Harwell 4,425,000
3 Benjamin Zamani 1,990,000
4 Mimi Luu 735,000
5 J.C. Tran 710,000
6 Ken Jorgensen 510,000

Photos courtesy of World Poker Tour.

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2014 World Poker Tour L.A. Poker Classic Main Event Builds $5.1 Million Prize Pool

The numbers are in for the 2014 World Poker Tour L.A. Poker Classic $10,000 no-limit hold’em main event. A total of 534 players made their way to the Commerce Casino to play in this event, building a total prizepool of $5,126,400. The top 63 finishers will make the money, with a min-cash being worth $18,970 while the eventual champion will take home $1,015,460.

Scott BlackmanAt the end of day 2 less than 175 players remain from the sizable starting field. The chip leader heading into day three is Scott Blackman with 380,000. Blackman had also ended day 1 as the chip leader, and kept ahead of a number of notable players who were nipping at his heels, including Danny Steinberg (280,000), David Paredes (251,000) and Alex Masek (199,900).

Defending LAPC main event champion Paul Klann survived the day with 31,600. In 2013 Klann topped a field of 517 in this event to secure the first-place prize of $1,004,090. 2013 runner-up Paul Volpe and third-place finisher Jesse Yaginuma both also made it through to day three.

Here is a look at the payouts:

1st: $1,015,460
2nd: $662,840
3rd: $423,440
4th: $332,190
5th: $264,520
6th: $200,440
7th-8th: $137,900
9th-10th: $100,480
11th-12th: $73,310
13th-18th: $54,850
19th-24th: $42,550
25th-30th: $36,400
31st-36th: $31,270
37th-45th: $26,660
46th-54th: $22,560
55th-63rd: $18,970

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2014 Card Player Poker Tour Foxwoods Main Event Beats Guarantee By Nearly $200,000

The champion will take home $113,435 and this trophyA total of 340 entries were made in the inaugural Card Player Poker Tour Foxwoods $1,650 no-limit hold’em main event, building a total prize pool of $494,700.

That means the event’s $300,000 guarantee was surpassed by just under $200,000! The top 36 finishers will make the money, with a min-cash being worth $3,858 while the eventual champion will take home $113,435 for the win.

Despite relatively heavy snowfall throughout Saturday the turnout for day 1B was impressive. There were 261 total entries today, with that number being comprised of 197 unique players and 64 re-entries. There were plenty of players firing multiple bullets in this event including 2012 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure champion John Dibella (3), Vinny Pahuja (3), Roland Israelashvili (4), Michael Dentale (4) and Tom Dobrilovic (4).

Brad St. VincentAt the end of the day only 84 players remained the chip leader was Brad St. Vincent with 268,000. Other notables who finished the day with big stacks include Vinny Pahuja (146,800), former card Player tournament reporter and current poker pro Jameson Singer (119,600), Chris Tryba (114,500), 2012 WSOP main event finalist Michael Esposito (98,000) and Ryan Eriquezzo (78,200).

Some big names that turned out but didn’t survive the day include John Dibella and two-time Oscar nominee James Woods.

Day 1B survivors will combine with the 22 who made it through day 1A to make a field of 106 returning on Sunday at 11:00 AM local time for day 2. Make sure to check back here for more live coverage as we try to play down to a final table.

Here is a look at the chip counts of the survivors of day 1B:

Rank Player Chip Count
1 Brad St. Vincent 268,000
2 Bob Skinner 220,000
3 Gennadiy Kostrov 194,700
4 Mathew Silberzwieg 187,000
5 Nick Cyr 185,100
6 David Kluchman 181,800
7 Ben Bianco 171,200
8 Jason Calnan 165,000
9 Tom Thomas 154,400
10 Vinny Pahuja 146,800
11 Daniel Pignataro 142,200
12 Patrick Kelly 135,000
13 Jordan Ludwick 129,800
14 Ryan Mostafa 126,000
15 Jameson Singer 119,600
16 Chris Tryba 114,500
17 Greg Konrad 112,000
18 Chris Schonbach 110,900
19 David Espinola 109,500
20 Bob Ricciuti 100,000
21 Nick Bennett 100,000
22 Micheal Esposito 98,000
23 Mark Beamly 94,000
24 Jeff Einsidier 93,300
25 John Andrews 92,700
26 Lucian Cazzello 92,500
27 Ryan Methia 89,200
28 Mike Vely 88,700
29 Bryan Leskowitz 87,300
30 Bill Cunningham 87,000
31 Jessica Wuerz 86,800
32 Rohan Long 84,300
33 Spyros Malkotsis 83,600
34 Omar Saaed 82,600
35 Ryan Eriquezzo 78,200
36 Adam Bitker 76,800
37 Roger Palombizio 72,000
38 Stephen Jurket 71,800
39 Frank Flowers 70,900
40 Derek Chin 70,500
41 Roland Israelashvili 69,300
42 Mike Jarvela 69,200
43 Matthew Zola 67,700
44 Tom Dobrilovic 66,500
45 Kevin Boesel 62,000
46 Michael Dentale 61,100
47 James Campell 58,700
48 Robert Allain 57,800
49 Kim Schinco 51,600
50 Anthony Zinno 51,300
51 Craig Sklar 50,900
52 Aaron Smith 50,100
53 Hilary Dombrowski 49,000
54 Jim Clark 47,400
55 Christopher Papa 46,300
56 Arthur Ohannessian 44,200
57 Keith Herskowitz 43,800
58 Paul Francis 43,100
59 Ramy Ibrahim 43,000
60 Richard Jordan 42,800
61 Philip Knezevich 42,700
62 Philippe Casciola 42,100
63 Gordon Eng 41,800
64 Rory Anderson 40,800
65 Alex Ortiz 40,000
66 Guisseppe Rubio 38,800
67 Ken Silberstein 37,600
68 William Wachter 36,800
69 Khoskou Gholamreza 36,300
70 Sean Cleary 35,400
71 Jon Iacovelli 28,700
72 Mark Awatt 28,500
73 Kamar Russell 26,000
74 Corwyn Canedy 25,200
75 William Lewis 22,500
76 Terry Grimes 21,600
77 Robert Gilber 21,200
78 Maurice Paradis 20,100
79 Frank Schino 19,900
80 Giuseppe Pizzolato 18,500
81 Jonathan Sorsohen 17,100
82 Jim Miron 14,700
83 Jamie Flynn 14,000
84 Ben Rosado 12,700

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Ronnie Pease Leads Final 13 Players in the Card Player Poker Tour Foxwoods Main Event

Ronnie PeaseA six-figure pay day of $113,435 is up for grabs as the Card Player Poker Tour Foxwoods $1,650 No-Limit Hold’em $300,000 Guarantee Main Event heads into its final day.

After 11 levels of play the final 13 players bagged up their chips for the night and Ronnie Pease was in the lead with 1.56 million. The chiplead position is nothing new to Pease – he also finished Day 1A with a massive chiplead over the 22 players who advanced.

Day 1B chipleader Brad St. Vincent is still alive and well, finishing the day third in chips with 979,000. Perhaps the most recognizable name still in the field, 2012 World Series of Poker bracelet winner Chris Tryba, bagged up 438,000 at the end of the night.

Day 2 began with 106 runners and action moved along quickly, seeing more than half the field eliminated in the first four levels of play. Once the money bubble approached, play slowed down considerably and saw only a few eliminations for two levels.

The money bubble was burst just before dinner when Mike Vela ran his JDiamond Suit10Diamond Suit into the AClub SuitQDiamond Suit of Mike Jarvela on a ASpade Suit5Spade Suit4Diamond Suit3Club SuitJDiamond Suit board.

Joe Starratt was the first player to take home a piece of the nearly half a million dollar prize pool, being eliminated 36th for $3,858. Soon after Starratt, World Poker Tour champion Anthony Zinno was eliminated. Zinno began Day 2 as one of the shortest stacks in play but managed to hang on long enough to finish in 33rd, adding an additional $3,858 to more than $1 million in live career winnings.

Anthony ZinnoOther notables who made their exits prior to the money included 2012 WSOP National Championship winner Ryan Eriquezzo, Vinny Pahuja, Mike Dentale, 2012 WSOP Main Event seventh place finisher Michael Esposito and Tom Dobrilovic.

Chris Leong, who cashed his way into the CPPT leaderboard by winning Event 1: $600 No-Limit Hold’em $100,000 Guarantee for $42,149, cashing out for 52nd and $602 in Event 4: $300 No-Limit Hold’em $75,000 Guarantee and taking third in Event 7: $400 No-Limit Hold’em $75,000 Guarantee for $11,763, also made his exit before the money but seemed not to be too upset by it.

Leong Tweeted “Busted…. guess it was ridic to think I could cash in first 4 tourneys of the year lol.”

Leong currently sits in fourth on the CPPT leaderboard for money won on the season with $54,514. As of now he also holds the record for most money won on the season without cashing in a main event.

Play will resume Monday at 12pm EST with full live updates on cardplayer.com. Once a final table is reached the live stream and commentary will begin.

Day 3 Chip Counts

Ronnie Pease 1,566,000
Anthony Ruberto 1,247,000
Brad St. Vincent 979,000
Mark Lieberman 925,000
Josh Albin 808,000
Justin Adams 531,000
Tom Thomas 463,000
Frank Paul 453,000
Chris Tryba 438,000
Ben Bianco 380,000
Chris Schonbach 246,000
Patrick Kelly 202,000
Mike Jarvela 132,000

In the Money Finishes

TBA $113,435
TBA $69,258
TBA $45,760
TBA $36,360
TBA $26,714
TBA $21,767
TBA $17,809
TBA $14,099
TBA $10,898
TBA $7,915
TBA $7,915
TBA $7,915
TBA $6,678
Rob Holtz $6,678
James Rubin $6,678
Mark Brambley $5,936
PhillipKnezevich $5,936
Adam Bikter $5,936
Jason Calnan $5,194
David Stefanski $5,194
Steven Juricek $5,194
Lucian Cappello $4,669
William Cunningham $4,669
Samuel Taylor $4,669
Peter Everett $4,669
Ken Silberstein $4,669
Daniel Pignataro $4,669
Matthew Silberzweig $3,858
Robert Gilbert $3,858
Jordan Ludwick $3,858
Nicholas Cry $3,858
Ryan Methia $3,858
Anthony Zinno $3,858
Kurt Lichtman $3,858
Christopher Papa $3,858
Joe Starratt $3,858

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Plushenko retires

Evgeni Plushenko (USATSI)

Evgeni Plushenko, a four-time medal-winner in the Olympics, will not have a chance to earn gold in the men's person event in Sochi.

This is a headline here in the States, but huge news over in russian federation, his home country.The beloved 31-year-old skater was forced to pull out of the event before the finals at the last moment due to back again issues.


in case "felt like a knife in my back, " Plushenko stated afterward of his warmups injury.He then announced his retirement, a career coming to an end that's one of the best in the history of men's figure roller skating. Plushenko received his second gold previously this week as part of the team competitors. He won gold in the individual men's event in 2006 in Turin, italia.

Related: the viral video from trafic travis Nation's Brian Floyd, that flawlessly put Ginuwine's traditional, Pony, to one associated with Plushenko's older routines. yes, yeah, yeah.

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Bellagio To Run Special $25,000 No-Limit Hold’em Event On Feb. 1

The Bellagio Resort and On line casino in Las Vegas, Nevada has lengthy been the house to some of the biggest money games and tournament action on the planet. In actual fact, Bellagio has awarded greater than $432,000,000 in match payouts in it’s history, the second most of any casino in the world.

Bellagio is about to continue on this tradition of high stakes motion by internet hosting a $25,000 buy-in High Curler no-limit maintain’em occasion on Friday, Feb. 1, beginning at 2:00 PM PST

Gamers will begin with 30,000 in tournament chips at eight-handed tables, taking part in 30 minute ranges all through this single-day occasion. Players can re-enter the tournament anytime all through the first 9 ranges.

The final table of the occasion will happen in the famed Bobby’s Room.


Tyler Morris Wins 2014 World Series of Poker Circuit Choctaw Main Event

Tyler Morris topped a huge area of 1,428 entries in the $1,675 World Series of Poker Circuit Choctaw no-limit hold’em important event, earning his first major title, the $369,503 first-place prize and 960 Card Participant Player of the Yr points for the win. In consequence he moved into ninth place within the overall POY standings.

“I started feeling good with five folks to go,” Morris informed WSOP com after his win. “Everyone at the remaining desk was so cool. It really helped out play and made decisions simple.”

The large turnout constructed a $2,142,000 prize pool, blowing away the occasion’s $1 million guarantee and in the course of changing into he fourth largest predominant event within the WSOP Circuit’s decade-long historical past.

Morris outlasted loads of top-flight event talent that turned up on the Choctaw Resort On line casino in Durant, OK including Joe Kuether, Kevin Eyster, T.J. Cloutier and 2009 Participant of the 12 months Eric Baldwin. He made it to heads-up play towards Shelby Penka holding a few 3-to-2 chip lead. The battle lasted several hours, but ultimately Morris was in a position to land the knockout blow.

He raised to 600,000 from the button and Penka moved all in. Morris referred to as with the OkayDiamond SuitJClub Suit and located that he was forward of Penka’s 8Club Suit6Club Suit. The board ran out KSpade SuitOkClub Suit6Spade SuitthreeDiamond Suit10Spade Suit securing the pot and the title for Morris and sending Penka to the rail with $229,194) for his runner-up showing.

Here is a look at the payouts and POY factors awarded at this closing table:

Place Player Earnings (USD ) POY Factors
1 Tyler Morris $369,503 960
2 Shelby Penka $229,194 800
three Clyde Walters $167,954 640
four Preston Harwell $127,685 480
5 Jeff Gibralter $ninety seven,204 four hundred
6 Joshua Evans $seventy four,863 320
7 Jesse Capps $fifty eight,327 240
8 Michael Sanders $45,967 a hundred and sixty
9 Julie Walker $36,650 80


Luke Rockhold Liver Kick Finishes Costas Philippou in UFC Fight Night 35 Main Event

LukeRockhold destroyed his challenger at UFC Combat Night 35. |


This was what LukeRockhold had in mind when he entered the Ultimate FightingChampionship.

The previous Strikeforce champion worn out CostasPhilippou with a brutal physique kick within the UFC Combat Night 35 headliner on Wednesday on the Arena atGwinnett Center in Duluth, Ga. Rockhold (eleven-2, 1-1 UFC) folded theCypriot 2:31 into round one, bouncing back nicely from his knockoutloss to VitorBelfort eight months in the past.

Rockhold rattled the onetime Ring of Combat titleholder with ashort proper hook after which uncorked his kicks. The first one backedup Philippou (12-four, 5-three UFC); the second put him away.

“I like that liver kick,” Rockhold mentioned. “It’s at all times there. You’vegot to set it up by going excessive and low. I have numerous energy in mykicks. So long as I don’t rush things, I’m lots better fighter.You noticed tonight, I was a lot more reserved. I waited for myopportunities, caught him with that hook after which finished him withthe kicks.”

Rockhold has won 10 of his previous eleven bouts and figures to stay afixture at or near the top of the middleweight division as long ashe stays healthy. Afterward, the American Kickboxing Academystandout turned his consideration in direction of greater-profile prey.

“I’m not right here to be good. I’m here to be great,” Rockhold said. “Iwant my rematch with Vitor, and I would really like it here in the[United] States. I’ll undergo anyone I've to [in order] toget that, especially MichaelBisping. That would be nice.”

Tavares Wins Fifth Straight

An active, multi-pronged standup assault paired with timelytakedowns carried “The Final Fighter” Season 11 semifinalist BradTavares to a unanimous decision overLorenzLarkin

within the co-principal occasion. Tavares (12-1, 7-1 UFC) swept thescorecards with 29-28 marks across the board.

Tavares put the Millennia MMA export on his heels and saved himthere for much of the 15-minute encounter. He labored successfully tothe body and head, answered Larkin at each flip and pummeled hislead leg with thudding kicks. In the second round, he prolonged hislead, scoring with a takedown and shifting to Larkin’s again.

Behind on the scorecards, Larkin (14-2, 1-2 UFC) made his move inround three. The 27-12 months-outdated threatened Tavares with a guillotinechoke and punished him with elbows to the facet of the top againstthe cage, making him pay for an tried double-leg takedown.Still, the hole was too deep for Larkin, because the surge failed toforge the finish he wanted.

Close to-Flawless Dillashaw Overwhelms Easton


Photo:Jeff Bottari//Zuffa LLC/Getty Photographs

Dillashaw was impressive in victory.

Group Alpha Male’s T.J.Dillashaw threw – and hit -Mike Easton with nearly every weapon in his arsenal, as he recorded a one-sidedunanimous determination in a bantamweight showcase. All three judgesscored it the same: 30-27 for Dillashaw (9-2, 5-2 UFC).

Easton (thirteen-four, three-three UFC) was by no means a factor within the struggle, although hisiron chin stored him upright when lesser males might have folded.Dillashaw blended takedowns and very good clinch work with thuddingkicks to the leg, physique and head, one among which sent spit flying inthe second round. Easton tried to reply when and the place he might,but Dillashaw’s wonderful movement kept him out of vary.

Dillashaw continued to pile up the points down the stretch,throwing in a pair of Superman punches in round three.

“I came in right here respecting the man,” Dillashaw said. “He’s top 10for a cause. I knew he was going to be a tricky battle, however I wasthe higher athlete tonight. He’s a sturdy man. I knew it was goingto be a 15-minute struggle, so I came in able to go the wholeway.”

Dillashaw has won five of his past six bouts, a controversialdecision loss to RaphaelAssuncao at UFC Combat Night 29 the lone hiccup.

“I am riding a six-struggle winning streak,” he mentioned. “I gained that lastfight. I’m looking to get that No. 1 contender’s spot. Whoever isin the way, I’m there.”

Late Surge Sends Palacio Previous Brunson

American High Staff’s YoelRomero Palacio stopped DerekBrunson with a sequence of left hooks and observe-up groundstrikes within the third round of their featured middleweight battle.Palacio (7-1, three-zero UFC) drew the curtain three:23 into round three, ashe repeatedly drove his elbow into Brunson’s body.

Brunson (11-three, 2-1 UFC) held off the imposing Cuban for the betterpart of two rounds, staggering him with a head kick and surprisingthe 2000 Olympic silver medalist with properly-timed takedowns. To hiscredit, Palacio saved letting the punches fly. Within the third spherical,he clipped Brunson with one left hook and dropped him to a kneewith one other. He then followed with punches and hammerfists,forcing the stoppage after a prolonged assault.

“I try to win the struggle,” Palacio mentioned. “I don’t attempt to put damageon my opponents, but if the referee doesn’t stop it, I've to keepgoing.”

Moraga Rebounds, Edges Ortiz

Arizona Fight Sports representative John Moraga gained for the eighth time in 9 appearances, as he eked out acontentious split decision over Roufusport’s DustinOrtiz

in a flyweight showcase. All three cageside judges scoredit 29-28, two of them siding with Moraga (14-2, three-1 UFC). Ortiz (12-3, 1-1 UFC) controlled nearly all the first spherical,as he struck for a takedown and fed the former title challenger asteady diet of elbows in punches. However, the momentum provedfleeting. Moraga wobbled the 25-year-previous with a left hook in thesecond, moved to his back during a scramble and nearly finished itwith a rear-bare choke.

Moraga – who submitted to a fifth-spherical armbar from flyweightchampion DemetriousJohnson in July – introduced his jab into play within the third roundand landed with extra authority, counteracting a pair of takedownsfrom Ortiz.

Miller Choke Submits Sicilia

American Prime Crew’s Cole Miller submitted Sam Sicilia with a second-round rear-naked choke in a featured scrap at 145pounds. A bloody Sicilia (12-four, 2-three UFC) tapped out 1:fifty four into roundtwo, as he misplaced for third time in 4 outings.

Miller (21-eight, 10-6 UFC) steered clear of Sicilia’s potent righthand and beat up the Sikjitsu representative from the perimeter,placing a stout jab and front kicks to efficient use. The29-12 months-old Augusta, Ga., native dropped Sicilia with a two-punchcombination – a straight proper did the harm – before settlingin side management and transitioning to the again. The rear-bare chokecame next, followed by the tapout.

“I know I’ve been a bit of inconsistent, however this has been a littlebreakthrough for me on this last 12 months,” Miller mentioned. “I promise tobe more constant in my future.”


2014 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event — Max Silver Leads After Bubble Bursts On Day 3

Just some hours into day 3 of the 2014 PokerStars Caribbean Journey predominant occasion the money bubble burst, guaranteeing that the remaining 151 gamers would all cash for a minimum of $17,600. Surely they all still had their eyes on the title and the more than $1.8 million first-place prize, however. On the finish of the day only seventy two players remained, with Max Silver holding the chip lead heading into day four with 1,453,000. Silver finished sixth in the EPT Prague major event lower than a month in the past for €one hundred sixty,200. The current Dublin, Ireland resident has roughly $1 million in prior stay match earnings and is poised to add a lot more after this occasion is finished.

Roger TeskaRoger Teska will enter day 4 in second chip place with 1,406,000. Those chips is not going to be in motion straight away, however, as Teska will begin they day with a one-orbit penalty on account of some vulgar gestures made by the apparently intoxicated Teska in direction of the EPT television crew.

There are many notables remaining in the subject, with probably the most well-chipped being current PCA super excessive curler third-place finsher Vanessa Selbst (911,000), Antoine Saout (668,000), Jude Ainsworth (618,000), Matt Berkey (607,000), Vladmir Schemelev (578,000), Matt Stout (433,000), Isaac Baron (433,000), Loni Harwood (394,000) and Mike McDonald (355,000).

Play began on day 3 with 215 gamers remaining, however solely 151 had been fated to make the money. Some of those who busted out wanting a payday on this occasion embrace Taylor Paur, Joe Cassidy and Amanda Musemeci.

Andreas Kynsveen was the unfortunate bubble boy, busting during a comparatively short period of hand-for-hand play. Zo Karim had opened to 6,500 and Kynsveen called as the following participant to act. Grzegorz Derkowski called from the large blind and the flop was dealt, bringing the AClub SuiteightClub Suit8Diamond Suit. Derkowski and Karim each checked, prompting a 5,000 bet from Kynsveen. It folded over to Karim, who raised to 13,500. Kynsveen moved all in for about 70,000 whole and Karim snap-called with the AHeart SuiteightHeart Suit for a flopped full house. Kynsveen’s ADiamond SuitKSpade Suit was left drawing dead for the whole pot after the turn introduced the QSpade Suit, and the JSpade Suit sealed the deal.

Notable eliminations after the money was made embody Jared Hamby (150th – $17,600), Ole Schemion (144th – $17,600), Jason Mercier (142nd – $18,200), Antonio Esfandiari (a hundred and fortieth – $18,200), David Baker ( 130th – $18,200), 2010 PCA champion John Dibella (106th – $20,300), 2012 WSOP Important Occasion champion Greg Merson (98th – $20,300) and Maria Ho (eighty fifth – $22,800).

Additionally price noting is the truth that the three Greenwood brothers; Sam, Max and Luc all made the money on this occasion. Luc finished 91st for $22,800 and Max finished 78th, additionally for $22,800. Sam will enter day four with 760,000 in chips, placing him in eleventh chip position.

Here is a take a look at the chip counts for the remaining 72 gamers heading into day 4:

Rank Player Chip Count
1 Max Silver 1,453,000
2 Roger Teska 1,406,000
three Kyle Sorel 1,132,000
four Renato Almeida 927,000
5 Vanessa Selbst 911,000
6 Yuri Martins Dzivielevski 884,000
7 Madis Muur 835,000
8 Shayam Srinivasan 811,000
9 Mark Ioli 792,000
10 Jorgen Sandvoll Lindebo 781,000
11 Samuel Greenwood 760,000
12 Robert Auer 746,000
thirteen Antoine Saout 668,000
14 Jorge Breda 627,000
15 Jude Ainsworth 618,000
16 Rudy Blondeau 608,000
17 Matthew Berkey 607,000
18 Vladimir Schemelev 578,000
19 Eduardo Cruz 538,000
20 Thomas Hall 531,000
21 Dominik Panka 504,000
22 Adrian Bussman 470,000
23 Allon Allison 459,000
24 Jennifer Shahade 457,000
25 Anton Iaroslavskii 457,000
26 Ortiz Fabian 439,000
27 Matt Stout 433,000
28 Isaac Baron 433,000
29 Marc-Andre Ladouceur 416,000
30 Jason Helder 414,000
31 Erik Olofsson 394,000
32 Loni Beth Harwood 394,000
33 Kristoffer Edberg 383,000
34 James St Hilaire 383,000
35 Cory Joseph Winchar 381,000
36 Daniel Alcazar Gamez 369,000
37 Mike McDonald 355,000
38 Leon Campbell 333,000
39 Daniel Weinman 333,000
40 Angel Guillen 322,000
forty one Marcel Luske 320,000
forty two Anthony Fiumidinisi 317,000
43 Fabio Freitas 317,000
forty four Mihai Tusnea 316,000
forty five Nicole Cervenka 304,000
46 Daniel Bavec 301,000
47 Grayson Ramage 301,000
forty eight Jeremy Wray 283,000
49 Felix Sides 279,000
50 Marcelo Fonseca 263,000
51 Santiago Nadal 253,000
52 Rudi Johnsen 237,000
53 Jorge Luiz Ribeiro 230,000
fifty four Tim Reilly 200,000
55 Paul Berende 191,000
fifty six Yngve Steen 189,000
fifty seven Pascal Lefrancois 181,000
58 Jose Pineda 179,000
59 George Lampert 176,000
60 Sergei Fedorov 173,000
61 Grzegorz Derkowski 132,000
sixty two Josh Prager 130,000
63 Bahbak Oboodi 129,000
64 Liv Boeree a hundred and fifteen,000
65 Pal Zsibrita a hundred and fifteen,000
66 Stefan Grunewald a hundred and ten,000
sixty seven Ismael Bojang 99,000
68 Patryk Slusarek 97,000
sixty nine Antonio Pace ninety five,000
70 Chris Klodnicki ninety four,000
seventy one Tyler Reiman 82,000
72 Gerardo Gomez seventy seven,000

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WSOF Challenges Bellator to Cross-Promotional Pay-Per-View Event



World Sequence of Combating

not too long ago fired a shot within the directionof


, challenging the Viacom-owned group to aco-promotional pay-per-view occasion.

WSOF officers just lately tweeted an image of a hypothetical fightcard, and matchmaker Ali Aziz appeared on “The MMA Hour” to verifythe challenge.

The proposed 10-battle invoice would be topped by a light heavyweightshowdown between WSOF’s TyroneSpong and Bellator’s QuintonJackson. A further 205-pound pairing between AnthonyJohnson and Bellator champ Attila Veghwas additionally listed on the fantasy card.

All of Bellator’s remaining champions were also called out,including VitalyMinakov, EduardoDantas, AlexanderShlemenko, EddieAlvarez and DanielStraus, who were paired with the WSOF’s AndreiArlovski, MarlonMoraes, YushinOkami, JustinGaethje and GeorgiKarakhanyan, respectively.

While Bellator didn't instantly reply to a request forcomment, the group isn't any stranger to the concept of throughout-promotional problem. Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney challengedStrikeforce to a champion-versus-champion meeting between Alvarezand then-Strikeforce king GilbertMelendez – a gathering that by no means materialized.

Neither Bellator nor WSOF has held a pay-per-view show yet, withthe former at present broadcasting on Spike TV and the latter airingon NBC Sports activities Community. Bellator was anticipated to make itspay-per-view debut this previous November, but the event was changed toa cable broadcast after headliner Tito Ortiz wasforced to withdraw from the principle occasion with a neck harm.

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Julian Track Wins 2013 European Poker Tour Prague Main Event

The forty seven-occasion European Poker Tour / Eureka Poker Tour Prague festival was has been an unmitigated success, with plenty of huge tournaments and massive title winners like David Peters and Vanessa Selbst. However large any of the prelims had been, however, the centerpiece of all the sequence was nonetheless undeniably the €5,300 no-limit maintain’em primary event. An impressive complete of 1,007 entries had been made this yr, building a total prize pool of €four,883,950 ($6,718,850 USD ).

Georgios SotiropoulosIn the long run the champion was German Julian Observe who got here out on top, earning €725,708 ($992,333 USD ) and 1,920 Card Player Player of the Yr factors after making a deal with heads-up opponent Georgios Sotiropoulos. The 2 agreed to every take €seven hundred,000 and play for the remained of the prize pool and the title.

This was the German’s first ultimate desk of the year, however was enough to catapult him into 62nd place in the general standings in the POY race. Monitor came into heads-up play with a large chip lead, but the heads-up battle still lasted over 4 hours.

On the ultimate hand Sotiropoulos moved all-in from the button for simply over three million with the QSpade SuitJClub Suit and Track made the call with 10Heart Suit10Club Suit. The board ran out OkSpade Suit9Heart Suit2Club SuitfourClub Suit3Spade Suit, securing the pot and the title for the German and sending Sotiropoulos to the rail in second place with €seven-hundred,000 ($957,180 USD ) and 1,280 POY factors.

The United Kingdom’s Stephen Chidwick finished third for €378,000 ($520,015 USD ), the biggest score of his professional career. Fifth-place finisher Ole Schemion earned €218,300 ($300,315 USD ) and 800 POY factors. This was Schemion’s eighth closing desk of the year, with two of those runs resulting in titles. On account of his consistent success over 2013 he has climbed into ninth place within the total standings with 3,256 points and 12 months-to-date earnings of $1,406,439.

UK and Eire Poker Tout Dublin fundamental occasion champion Max Silver completed sixth for €a hundred and sixty,200 after being eradicated by Chidwick. It was his first EPT ultimate desk, however the 23-yr-old Londoner has already made four UKIPT closing tables.

Here is a have a look at the payouts and POY points awarded at this ultimate desk:

Place Player Earnings (USD ) POY Points
1 Julian Monitor $992,333 1920
2 Georgios Sotiropoulos $957,a hundred and eighty 1600
3 Stephen Chidwick $520,015 1280
4 Ka Kwan Lau $390,424 960
5 Ole Schemion $300,315 800
6 Max Silver $220,387 640
7 Zdravko Duvnjak $162,608 480
eight Jorma Nuutinen $116,384 320

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Shooto Brazil Books Man Versus Woman for Friday’s Event in Rio de Janeiro


Should women and men be capable to combat each other in sanctionedMMA competition? | Sherdog.com


Shooto Brazil recently introduced that a bantamweight contestbetween a man and a lady is slated for Friday’s event in Rio deJaneiro.

Shooto Brazil’swebsite Tuesday brought information of the planned bout, which willpit one-struggle veteran EmersonFalcao against pro debutant Juliana Velasquez. Nevertheless, Falcaoposted a message on his Fb web page indicating that an injurywould stop him competing till subsequent yr, so it is currentlyunclear if the fight will truly move forward.

Sherdog.com attempted to contact the Brazilian MMA AthleticCommission for remark, but CABMMA officers couldn’t beimmediately reached.

ShootoBrazil forty five takes place Dec. 20 from the Miecimo da Silva SportsComplex and is headlined by a rematch between Lincoln da Sa andAlexandrePantoja Passidomo.

Falcao made his lone MMA look this past April, because the NovaUniao rep was submitted with a rear-naked choke at Upper SportCombat 2 in 3:34.

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Ben Mayhew Wins UKIPT4 Nottingham 6-Max Main Event for £72,840

Season 4 of the United Kingdom and Ireland Poker Tour (UKIPT) continued this previous weekend with the Nottingham 6-Max Fundamental Event, which attracted 458 players over the course of three starting flights. On Monday, the final six gamers returned to battle right down to a winner, and in lower than seven hours of play the UK’s Ben Mayhew emerged victorious.

Place Participant Nation Prize
1st Ben Mayhew United Kingdom £72,840*
2nd Tony Salmon United Kingdom £sixty four,296*
3rd David Clifton-Burraway United Kingdom £66,514*
4th Ben Vinson United Kingdom £34,000
5th Tim Wong Malaysia £26,750
sixth Sergio Aido Spain £20,700

*Denotes three-handed deal

Notable finishes: Jamie Sykes (11th – £7,150), Adam Forsyth (twelfth – £6,a hundred), John Eames (22nd – £three,700), Sinem Melin (32nd – £2,800), Jason Wheeler (35th – £2,800), Mickey Petersen (36th – £2,500), Matt Perrins (fortieth – £2,500)

According to the PokerStars Weblog, the primary elimination of the day came two hours into play through the 20,000/forty,000/5,000 stage. It occurred when 25-yr-old Sergio Aido moved all in from the small blind for almost 700,000 and Ben Vinson known as from the large.

Sergio AidoSergio Aido


Aido, who gained the UKIPT3 London last yr as well as the Full Tilt Poker UKIPT Galway Excessive Roller again in August, little question liked his ace at first, however was in dire straits when Vinson awoke with a much bigger ace. The flop gave each gamers a pair of aces, however after all Vinson’s queen kicker had him well out in entrance. Neither the flip nor river helped Aido, and he was eradicated in sixth place for £20,seven-hundred.

About a half hour later within the 25,000/50,000/5,000 degree, a short-stacked Tim Wong moved all in from the button for 335,000 and Vinson remoted by transferring all in over the top from the small blind.


In response to the PokerNews Odds Calculator, Vinson was a 64.seventy six% favourite whereas Wong would survive the hand 34.34% of the time. The flop made things interesting because it delivered Wong top pair, but he nonetheless only had a 37.78% probability of surviving as Vinson picked up a straight flush draw to go together with his overs, something he’d hit 62.22% of the time. Unfortunately for Wong, this was one of those time because the dealer burned and turned the . Wong was drawing dead, and after the was run out on the river for good measure, he took his leave in fifth place for £26,750.

“I’ve knocked two players out at this ultimate table and I’ve nonetheless got the shortest stack,” Vinson quipped after the hand.

Certainly he did, so it was no shock to see him exit subsequent. His demise occurred in the 30,000/60,000/5,000 degree when Mayhew opened for 130,000 from the small blind and Vinson called from the large. When the flop fell , Mayhew bet a hundred,000 after which moved all in for 1.three million after Vinson raised to 285,000. Vinson, who actually had a barely bigger stack at that time, made the call and the playing cards have been turned up.


Vinson was a huge favourite to attain the elimination, but then the appeared on the flip followed by the river. Mayhew hit a runner-runner straight to stay alive and Vinson was crippled. Vinson managed a double, however was eradicated a short while later when his failed to beat the of Mayhew after the board ran out a dry . Vinson earned £34,000 for his fourth-place end.

With simply three players left, a deal was struck that saw David Clifton-Burraway lock up £sixty six,514, Mayhew £sixty two,840, and Tony Salmon £59,296, which left ten % on the table. Satirically, Clifton-Burraway, who had locked up essentially the most money because he had the largest stack, was the subsequent to go thanks to detrimental back-to-again hand.

The primary noticed Mayhew’s best Clifton-Burraway’s in an all-in preflop state of affairs, and the second ended up being his final. With the blinds at forty,000/80,000/10,000, Clifton-Burraway three-wager shoved for 1.four million and acquired a call from Salmon.

Tony SalmonTony Salmon


The board ran out and that was all she wrote for Clifton-Burraway. Salmon held 5.seventy seven million to Mayhew’s three.39 million at the start of heads-up play, and it took forty five minutes to find out a winner.

Mayhew managed to double into the chip lead, and then sealed the deal a short time later. It occurred with the blinds at 50,000/a hundred,000/10,000 when Salmon opened for 200,000 from the small blind and then referred to as off when Mayhew shoved.


It was a basic flip, and Salmon was trying to dodge an ace or a king. That proved easier said than completed although because the flop got here down . Mayhew took a commanding lead with a pair of aces, which held after the blanked on the river followed by the on the river. With that, Mayhew captured the title whereas Salmon needed to accept a £64,296 comfort prize.

The next UKIPT will happen from Jan. 16-20, 2014 in Edinburgh, and of course PokerNews will deliver you a recap of that event in the New 12 months.

*Arms, data, and photos courtesy of the PokerStars Weblog.

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Sony extends sponsorship of Hawaii event


Sony Corp. has prolonged its title sponsorship of the PGA Tour occasion on Oahu for one more four years.

Accumulating trophies is a behavior of

Tiger Woods

. He is now three shy of Sam Snead’s record.

The new settlement starts after the Sony Open is completed Jan. 12 at Waialae Country Membership. Sony’s dedication by means of 2018 will mark 20 years of sponsorship.

Sony is among the five longest-operating event sponsors on the PGA Tour. It’s the first full-subject tournament of the year, happening every week after the Event of Championship at Kapalua on Maui.

The match is televised in prime time on the East Coast on Golf Channel.

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Tiger’s event moving to his old home course in Orlando

Tiger Woods is shifting his World Problem from his outdated home in California to his old golf course in Florida.

Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn made headlines in March after they announced they were a pair.

See how love bloomed


Woods said Friday that his unofficial occasion in December will move next year to Isleworth Nation Membership outdoors Orlando, Fla., where Woods honed his professional recreation from 1996 till shifting away to south Florida two years ago.

The World Problem had been at Sherwood Nation Membership in Thousand Oaks, Calif., since 2001. The 18-man field stays standard with the gamers. And whereas the money is unofficial, the tournament in 2010 started awarding world rating factors.

Sherwood beforehand was part of the golf panorama as the longtime course for the Shark Shootout.

Starting next year, the World Challenge will benefit the Tiger Woods Foundation and the Tavistock Group.

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Mike Kyle Injury Nixes WSOF 7 Main Event; Karakhanyan-Palmer Named New Headliner

Georgi Karakhanyan just received bumped to headlining status. | DaveMandel/Sherdog.com


An injury to

Mike Kyle

hasforced World Sequence of Fighting officials to cancel his lightheavyweight headliner in opposition to





WSOF officers introduced Thursday that Kyle broke one among his toesin training and can be unable to compete as expected at the Dec.7 occasion, which takes place at PNE Agrodome in Vancouver, BritishColumbia.

“I’m as disillusioned as anybody that we’re compelled to cancel thisfight, however Mike simply could not compete with his damaged toe, and wesimply couldn’t discover a suitable opponent for Anthony on such shortnotice,” WSOF President Ray Sefo statedin the official launch.

The NBC Sports activities Network-broadcast major card will now be topped by a145-pound title showdown between GeorgiKarakhanyan and LancePalmer. Prior to the primary card telecast, the WSOF 7 prelimswill stream dwell and free on Sherdog.com.

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Aussie Millions Main Event Partners With The Asia Pacific Poker Tour

The Crown Melbourne announced this week that the $10,000 AUD no-restrict maintain’em main occasion of the 2014 Aussie Hundreds of thousands Poker Championship will now be a part of the Asia Pacific Poker Tour. The Aussie Tens of millions Championship will run from Jan. 23rd through Feb. 10th, 2014 with twenty events on supply. The primary occasion will kick off on Feb. 2nd – 9th.

Crown Resorts Chief Operating Officer Xavier Walsh mentioned right now, “The Aussie Millions is thought to be one of many marquee poker occasions globally and by aligning with the biggest poker tour within the area, the Asia Pacific Poker Tour, will additional assure the occasion’s success in the coming years.”

The Asia Pacific Poker Tour is part of World Poker Excursions Ltd., the PokerStars-backed drive behind the European Poker Tour. The APPT is in its seventh season, with occasions throughout the Asia-Pacific together with in the Philippines, South Korea, Macau, New Zealand and Australia.

“The Aussie Thousands and thousands turning into part of the APPT is a good match for both Crown Melbourne and International Poker Excursions Ltd. Linking one of the best tournaments in Asia Pacific with the region’s biggest poker tour advantages everyone,” APPT President Danny McDonagh stated. “Personally, I can’t wait to once more be actively involved in one of many very top massive buy-in occasions in the world.”

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Jared Jaffee Wins World Poker Tour bestbet Jacksonville Fall Poker Scramble Main Event

A complete of 358 entries were made in the 2013 World Poker Tour bestbet Jacksonville Fall Poker Scramble $three,500 primary even, greater than doubling the $500,000 guaranteed prize pool with a total of $1,one hundred forty five,600 on the road. 5 days after the primary hand was dealt just one player remained: Jared Jaffee.

For the win the Brooklyn-based poker pro earned $252,749 and 900 Card Participant Player of the Yr points. This was his second title of 2013, having won the Aria Poker Traditional $1,080 championship in July. He has also made 4 other remaining tables, including a third-place finish within the $2,500 no-restrict hold’em four-handed occasion at the World Sequence of Poker for $129,447. All told he has garnered 2,740 POY factors in 2013, with yr-to-date earnings of $555,433. Because of this he has moved into 15th place within the general POY rankings.

Jaffee had to top a tricky discipline in Jacksonville, with plenty of big names making deep runs together with Jaacob Bazely (18th – $12,093) Jeff Madsen (15th – $14,127), Matt Glantz (twelfth – $17,292), David Diaz (9th – $23,734) and Ryan Eriquezzo (eighth – $31,646). Jaffee overcame Blake Purvis heads-up for the title, sending him to the rail with $166,139 and 750 POY points.

Here’s a look at the payouts and POY points awarded at this final table:

Place Participant Earnings (USD ) POY Factors
1 Jared Jaffee $252,749 900
2 Blake Purvis $166,139 750
three Michael Horchoff $106,904 600
four Margo Costa $79,114 450
5 Corrie Wunstel $fifty nine,335 375
6 Johnny Value $47,468 300
7 Matthew Oswalt $39,557 225
8 Ryan Eriquezzo $31,646 a hundred and fifty
9 David Diaz $23,734 seventy five

Photograph courtesy of the World Poker Tour / Photographer Joe Giron.

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Dan Shak To Host Charity Poker Event Thursday

Hedge fund manager and skilled poker player Dan Shak will host the annual charity poker occasion he co-based on Thursday night in New York Metropolis.

Phil Hellmuth was scheduled to emcee the event.

The event begins at 6:30 p.m. with registration, a poker tutorial session and buffet dinner and cocktails. The tournament officially starts at 7 p.m. The placement is the Mandarin Oriental.

This year marked the first time it’s being filmed for nationwide TELEVISION. The tournament will air as a part of a future World Poker Tour broadcast on Fox Sports activities Web.

Along with some poker pros, other anticipated opponents embrace high CEOs, Wall Streeters, athletes and celebrities. Over the past 5 years, the event has raised greater than $4.3 million.

The money goes to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

“This can be a really distinctive occasion and we are honored to partner on it with the WPT Foundation,” Steven M. Altschuler, M.D., the hospital’s chief govt officer, stated.

“CHOP treats thousands of kids from New York every year, so it is also becoming and meaningful to have the occasion right here within the heart of the town.”

“The worth of helping sick children get well from life-threatening sicknesses and serving to them find hope for a better tomorrow can’t be overstated,” the WPT added. “CHOP is on the forefront of this significant mission and WPT Foundation is thrilled to assist assist their ongoing efforts to improve the lives of kids in New York, Philadelphia, and from across the globe.”

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