Celtics reportedly plan on trading Rajon Rondo

Rajon Rondo is back.. on the trade block.

(USATSI)Rajon Rondo is back... on the trade block. (USATSI)
Rajon Rondo is back from ACL surgery for the Boston boston celtics, so Rajon Rondo is back to being actively involved in trade rumors. The New you are able to Daily News reports: Rajon Rondo is finally back again for the Celtics, and now the question becomes how long will this individual stay in Boston.

Rondo is the final blue chip from the 08 championship team and the year 2010 Finals team that boston celtics president Danny Ainge may convert into assets as he rebuilds the franchise. More than a few GMs around the league anticipate Rondo to be on the move, if not at the trading deadline next month, then maybe in 06 at draft time.


If you're wondering why they would want to proceed him so soon, here are the basics. If they can get the first-round pick for your pet, they'll need to pull the particular trigger as soon as they can, before the lottery. Second, Rondo's going to be in a contract year next year, and under the new CBA, we've seen fewer offers in that final year because teams decide to just wait around and try to sign players as a free agent.

It's extremely not likely the Celtics can restore to a point where getting Rondo is a plus in that timeframe, so moving your pet makes the most sense. in addition, the number one rule for any restore is you move your best gamer on a big contract. this gets you the most property back.


That said, Rondo


came back from surgical treatment, and Danny Ainge will be notoriously patient in looking out the right deal. therefore expect things to be mostly back to normal. A lot of rumors exactly where Rondo's involved, but the correct deal might take quite a while to come through, especially considering how many teams have their franchise poin guard already. This is a procedure, but with Rondo back, this starts now.

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Johnny Manziel Has the “Larry Bird Instinct” Says NFL Scout

Johnny Manziel is in the midst of his quest to win a second straight Heisman Trophy.

Johnny Manziel is six months away from being a 1st spherical draft choose.

And now, for the first time, someone has invoked the identify Larry Chicken when speaking about Johnny Manziel. I know, it caught me off guard, too.

A scout broke no new ground talking to Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News about Manziel’s NFL prospects – customary-difficulty Drew Brees and Russell Wilson mentions – but then tossed in a bizarre comparability to the previous Boston Celtics nice who’s in the NBA Hall of Fame.

Manziel has an enormous man’s feet and fingers in a small man’s physique. He has the arm to make all the throws from the pocket and another scout raved about his “Larry Chook instinct” — the power to see everyone and all the pieces on the field.

Don’t overlook Dustin Pedroia’s grittiness.

And David Eckstein’s braveness.

And Aaron Craft’s toughness.

Can the Jets please lose to the Ravens so I can fireplace up the Manziel-to-the-Jets banter? As a result of that’s where we’re headed Monday morning if Geno Smith turns the ball over a number of extra times and is benched for Matt Simms. I still think a number of QBs will go within the High 10, and the Jets, drafting within the 11-20 vary, could be out there for a QB if Geno Smith doesn’t get out of this three-week funk. Hell, he’s been terrible in four of the last 5 games. And don’t give me this, ‘he’s a rookie!’ business as a result of take a look at Glennon in Tampa and the rookie QBs final yr.

If the Jets had a capable QB this yr, they’d be a playoff staff … and that’s not one thing anyone stated in August.


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NBA Predictions Week 3 Wednesday Night Games Preview /Picks


NBA Predictions and free picks for week 3


NBA Wednesday night is packed with 13 games on the schedule. Below is a quick preview with the latest lines spread and my prediction for each game. As the odds constantly change, remember to check back here at Wonder Punter for the latest spread up until tip-off.


Good Luck!


Wednesday Nov. 20


Toronto Raptors (4-7) @ Philadelphia 76ers (5-7) 11/20- 7:00PM EST


Line: TOR -3.5

Over/Under: 200.5

Bet On NBA

Both teams are in a two-game skid…. Raptors in a win on the road.


PICK: Toronto


Miami Heat (7-3) @ Orlando Magic (4-6) 11/20- 7:00PM EST


Line: MIA -8.0

Over/Under: 199.5


Heat playing in a second in two nights, but should still be able to come away with the ‘W.’
Bet On NBA
PICK: Miami


Indiana Pacers (9-1) @ New York Knicks (3-6) 11/20- 7:00PM EST


Line: IND -4.5

Over/Under: 191.5


Knicks are a mess right now and Carmelo is frustrated. The second of two in two nights for NY against the NBA’s best.


PICK: Indiana


Brooklyn Nets (3-7) @ Charlotte Bobcats (5-6) 11/20- 7:00PM EST


Line: BRK -3.5

Over/Under: 184.5


Nets hit by injuries, but I like them in this one.


PICK: Brooklyn


Washington Wizards (2-7) @ Cleveland Cavaliers (4-7) 11/20- 7:00PM EST


Line: CLE 1.5

Over/Under: 195.5


Disappointing start for the Wizards so far… and on the road for this one.


PICK: Cleveland


Detroit Pistons (3-6) @ Atlanta Hawks (6-4) 11/20- 7:30PM EST


Line: ATL -5.0

Over/Under: 204.5


Back-to-back games for both teams but Hawks at home for this one.


PICK: Atlanta


Utah Jazz (1-11) @ New Orleans Pelicans (4-6) 11/20- 8:00PM EST


Line: NOR -8.0

Over/Under: 202


Pelicans will be well rested for the Jazz who begin a road trip.


PICK: New Orleans


Portland Trailblazers (9-2) @ Milwaukee Bucks (2-7) 11/20- 8:00PM EST


Line: POR -4.0

Over/Under: 202


Bucks without two of their best players and Blazers playing well.


PICK: Portland


Los Angeles Clippers (7-4) @ Minnesota Timberwolves (7-4) 11/20- 8:00PM EST


Line: LAC -1.5

Over/Under: 212.5


T’Wolves in a second of a back-to-back. At home but edge to Clips.




Boston Celtics (4-7) @ San Antonio Spurs (9-1) 11/20- 8:30PM EST


Line: SAS -15.0

Over/Under: 191


Spurs will be well rested for the Celtics who play in Houston the night before.


PICK: San Antonio


Sacramento Kings (2-7) @ Phoenix Suns (5-4) 11/20- 9:00PM EST


Line: PHO -5.0

Over/Under: 191.5


A home and home for these two teams in two nights.


PICK: Phoenix


Houston Rockets (7-4) @ Dallas Mavericks (7-4) 11/20- 9:30PM EST


Line: DAL -4.0

Over/Under: 215.5


Houston in a second in a back-to-back, but short trip to Dallas. I like them in this one.


PICK: Houston


Memphis Grizzles (6-5) @ Golden State (8-3) 11/20- 10:30PM EST


Line: GSW

Under/Over: 195.5


Grizzles in the middle of a road trip against a tough Warriors team.


PICK: Golden State


By Mario Martinez- Wonder Punter


Wonder Punter NBA Power Rankings- Week 3


With just about 3 full weeks of NBA action in the books after the conclusion of Tuesday night’s games… let’s take a look the latest Power Rankings as some teams continue to surprise and others continue to fall. Indiana, the last of the unbeatens suffered their first loss at the hands of the Chicago Bulls.


San Antonio and Indiana are playing like the two best teams in the league while early top 10 Philadelphia is falling fast.


Teams 1-30 with records and last weeks rankings in parentheses are as followed:


1 Indiana Pacers (9-1 LW 1)- They lost to Bulls on the second of a back-to-back. Danny Granger expected back soon.


2 San Antonio Spurs (9-1 LW 2)- The Spurs have won 7 straight while Tim Duncan is averaging career-lows of 12 points and 39.4 percent shooting.


3 Miami Heat (7-3 LW 5)- LeBron James is averaging 34 points per game during the Heat’s three game win streak.


4 Los Angeles Clippers (7-3 LW 7)- The Clippers have won four straight while Blake Griffin is averaging a double-double with 22.9 points and 10.9 boards.


5 Golden State Warriors (7-3 LW 8)- Warriors have won three straight while suffering through injuries.


6 Minnesota Timberwolves (7-4 LW 4)- Kevin Love and Kevin Martin have formed the league’s highest scoring-duo in the season’s opening month.


7 Portland Trailblazers (8-2 LW 13)- One of the league’s early surprises…. the Blazers have won six straight.


8 Oklahoma City Thunder (6-3 LW 3)- Thunder will be looking for revenge against the Clippers on Thursday night.


9 Houston Rockets (7-4 LW 10)- Back up center Omer Asik wants out of Houston and has been benched the last two games since his request.


10 Chicago Bulls (5-3 LW 12)- Derrick Rose hits six 3’s in their big win against Indiana on Saturday night.


11 Dallas Mavericks (6-4 LW 11)- Mavs look to get back on track when Dwight Howard and the Rockets visit Wednesday night.


12 Phoenix Suns (5-4 LW 6)- Suns have dropped three straight by an average 2 points.


13 Atlanta Hawks (6-4 LW 17) Another early surprise team is getting it done with Al Horford, Ronnie Millsap and the return of Lou Williams.


14 Memphis Grizzles (5-5 LW 9)- They continue to struggle and have the Clippers and Warriors on the road coming up.


15 Charlotte Bobcats (5-5 LW 16)- Continue to surprise with Al Jefferson still nursing a bad ankle. Have five of their next six games at home.


16 Philadelphia 76ers (5-6 LW 14)- Back to losing but still in first place in a bad Atlantic Division.


17 Denver Nuggets (4-5 LW 28)- Have won of four but have OKC, Chicago and back-to-back against Dallas coming up.


18 New Orleans Pelicans (4-6 LW 15)- Ryan Anderson lit it up with six 3’s against the Sixers… can he continue?


19 Los Angeles Lakers (5-7 LW 19)- Steve Nash is still out… but good news is Kobe Bryant has begun practicing.


20 Cleveland Cavaliers (4-7 LW 20) As Kyrie Irving goes, so do the Cavs. Averaging 27.5 in wins and 17.7 in losses.


21 Orlando Magic (4-7, LW 25)- Will Aaron Afflalo be traded? He’s averaging 21.7 points per game and playing well.


22 Toronto Raptors (4-7 LW 24)- Have lost three of four and still only getting scoring from Rudy Gay and DeMar DeRozan.


23 Brooklyn Nets (3-6)- Too much talent to be struggling but dealing with various injuries.


24 New York Knicks (3-6 LW 23)- Disappointing start and Carmelo Anthony is unhappy.


25 Boston Celtics (4-7 LW 26)- Started 0-4, won four in a row now has lost three straight.


26 Washington Wizards (2-7 LW 22)- Turning into a major disappointment early on… not was expected.


27 Detroit Pistons (3-6 LW 18)- Josh Smith makes his return to Atlanta on Wednesday night.


28 Milwaukee Bucks (2-7 LW 27)- No Brandon Knight, no Caron Butler… now have lost five straight.


29 Sacramento Kings (2-7 LW 29)- Only one win in November and three of next four is on the road.


30 Utah Jazz (1-10 LW 30)- Avoided tying their worst start in franchise history by beating the Pelicans.





By Mario Martinez- Wonder Punter




NBA Predictions Week 3 Friday Game Free Picks


Free Picks and Predictions for Friday week 3 NBA Games


It’s another Friday night in the NBA and with 11 big games schedule, pick your favorite games(s) and be it lines spread, over/under or straight-pick… place your bets here through Wonder Punter and Good Luck!


Milwaukee Bucks (2-5) @ Indiana Pacers (8-0) 11/15- 7:00PM EST


Line: IND -9.0

Over/Under: 186


Don’t see the Bucks challenging the Pacers on the road. Pacers are the team to beat right now.


PICK: Indiana Pacers


Chicago Bulls (3-3) @ Toronto Raptors (4-5) 11/15- 7:00PM EST


Line: CHI -1.0

Over/Under: 190


Important road game for the Bulls to get back to winning.


PICK: Chicago Bulls


Dallas Mavericks (5-3) @ Miami Heat (5-3) 11/15- 7:30PM EST


Line: MIA -8.5

Over/Under: 207.5


Good match-up, but expect the Heat to play a full game and win.


PICK: Miami


Charlotte Bobcats (4-4) @ Cleveland Cavaliers (3-6) 11/15- 7:30PM EST


Line: CLE -6.5

Over/Under: 189.5


Bobcats playing good ball early, but like the Cavs in this one.


PICK: Cleveland Cavaliers


Philadelphia 76ers (5-4) @ Atlanta Hawks (4-4) 11/15- 7:30PM EST


Line: ATL -8.0

Over/Under: 206.0


Another surprise team playing well early, but like the Hawks in this one.


PICK: Atlanta


Portland Trailblazers (6-2) @ Boston Celtics (4-5) 11/15- 7:30PM EST


Line: POR -2.0

Over/Under: 194


Look for the Trailblazers to continue winning with a road victory at Boston.


PICK: Portland


Minnesota Timberwolves (6-3) @ Denver Nuggets (3-4) 11/15- 8:00PM EST
Line: MIN -1.5

Over/Under: 210.5


T’Wolves looking good early and will win in a close one at Denver.


PICK: Minnesota


Brooklyn Nets (2-5) @ Phoenix Suns (5-3) 11/15- 9:00PM EST


Line: BRK -1.0

Over/Under: 195


Nets are underachieving and the Suns have been playing great at home… Suns win.


PICK: Phoenix


San Antonio Spurs (8-1) @ Utah Jazz (1-8) 11/15- 9:00PM EST


Line: SAS -8.0

Over/Under: 193


Spurs are solid, Jazz are bad…. Spurs win easy.


PICK: San Antonio


Memphis Grizzles (3-5) @ Los Angeles Lakers (4-6) 11/15- 10:30PM EST


Line: MEM -3.5

Over/Under: 197.5


Not sure what Lakers team will show up… but Lakers in an upset.




Detroit Pistons (2-5) @ Sacramento Kings (2-5) 11/15- 10:30PM EST


Line: SAC -2.0

Over/Under: 197.5


Toss-up for me on the this one… but slight edge to the Kings.


PICK: Sacramento


Once again, Good luck on your favorite picks.


By Mario Martinez- Wonder Punter





NBA Predictions Week 3 Wednesday Games Previews/Picks


NBA Week 3 predictions and Picks


Wednesday night is another full night of NBA games as we have 12 full games for you to place your bets on here at Wonder Punter. Be sure to place your bets early to secure the best odds. So you want to know what are the best picks and predictions for this weeks games? all free? Keep reading


Milwaukee Bucks (2-3) @ Orlando Magic (3-4) 11/13- 7:00PM EST


Line: ORL –4.0

Over/Under: 193.5


Orlando will be looking to snap a two-game losing streak.


PICK: Orlando Magic


Houston Rockets (4-3) @ Philadelphia 76ers (4-3) 11/13- 7:00PM EST


Line: HOU -9.0

Over/Under: 215.5


Rockets have lost two in a row, but should be able to handle to Sixers on the road.


PICK: Houston Rockets


Charlotte Bobcats (3-3) @ Boston Celtics (3-4) 11/13- 7:30PM EST


Line: BOS -4.5

Over/Under: 184.5


Celtics looking to win their third straight.


PICK: Boston Celtics

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New York Knicks (2-4) @ Atlanta Hawks (3-3) 11/13- 8:00PM EST


Line: ATL -3.5

Over/Under: 198.5


With J.R. Smith back, I like the Knicks on the road in an upset.


PICK: New York Knicks


Toronto Raptors (3-4) @ Memphis Grizzles (3-3) 11/13- 8:00PM EST


Line: MEM -7.5

Over/Under: 185.5


Memphis in an easy win at home. Too much talent still.


PICK: Memphis Grizzles


Cleveland Cavaliers (3-4) @ Minnesota Timberwolves (5-2) 11/13- 8:00PM EST


Line: MIN -8.5

Over/Under: 198.5


T’Wolves looking strong with a healthy with Kevin Love back strong.


PICK: Minnesota Timberwolves


Washington Wizards (2-4) @ San Antonio Spurs (6-1) 11/13- 8:30PM EST


Line: SAS -11.0

Over/Under: 200


Expect an easy San Antonio win at home. Playing good ball early.


PICK: San Antonio Spurs

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Los Angeles Lakers (3-5) @ Denver Nuggets (1-4) 11/13- 9:00PM EST


Line: DEN -9.0

Over/Under: 209.5


Nuggets will be up for the Lakers…. and expect a home win as the Lakers will their second game in two nights.


PICK: Denver Nuggets


New Orleans Pelicans (3-4) @ Utah Jazz (0-7) 11/13- 9:00PM EST


Line: NOR -1.5

Over/Under: 190.5


Like the Jazz in a surprise home win as the Pelicans will be in the second of a back-to-back.


PICK: Utah Jazz


Phoenix Suns (5-2) @ Portland Trailblazers (4-2) 11/13- 9:00PM EST


Line: POR -8.0

Over/Under: 202.5


Portland always tough at the Rose Garden.


PICK: Portland Trailblazers


Brooklyn Nets (2-4) @ Sacramento Kings (1-5) 11/13- 10:00PM EST


Line: BRK -1.0

Over/Under: 195.5


Winnable road game for the Nets against a struggling Kings team.


PICK: Brooklyn Nets


Oklahoma City Thunder (5-1) @ Los Angeles Clippers (4-3) 11/13- 10:30PM EST


Line: LAC -3.0

Over/Under: 206.5


Game of the night… OKC with a big road win.


PICK: Oklahoma City Thunder


By Mario Martinez- Wonder Punter



NBA Power Rankings 2013



Week 3 Power Rankings for the NBA


With Week 3 of the NBA starting on Tuesday night, let’s take a look at this week’s Power Rankings for all 30 teams.


1. Indiana Pacers (7-0)- Paul George is leading the Pacers to their best start in franchise history. The team to beat right now.


2. San Antonio Spurs (6-1)- With Philadelphia, Washington, Utah and Boston coming up, they can distance themselves from the pack.


3. Oklahoma City Thunder (5-1)- With Russell Westbrook back in the fold, things are looking up.


4. Minnesota Timberwolves (5-2)- Having a healthy Kevin Love does wonders for a team.


5. Miami Heat (4-3)- A sore back is slowing down LeBron as they work out their chemistry issues.


6. Phoenix Suns (5-2)- Eric Bledsoe is leading this week’s NBA’s surprise team as they have won all four of their home games.


7. Los Angeles Clippers (4-3)- Big road win at Houston as they are still trying to find their way under coach Doc Rivers.


8. Golden State Warriors (4-3)- Warriors have four different players averaging at least 15 points per game.


9. Memphis Grizzles (3-3)- Coming off a big home win against the Warriors may jump-start them.


10. Houston Rockets (4-3)- They hit the road after dropping their last three-games.


11. Dallas Mavericks (4-3)- Monte Ellis leads the team in scoring averaging 23 points a game.


12. Chicago Bulls (2-4)- Derrick Rose and the Bulls have a showdown with the Pacers this week as they look to get back to winning and avenge an earlier loss.


13. Portland Trailblazers (4-2)- Two of their four wins came against Sacramento with more winnable games coming up against the East.


14. Philadelphia 76ers (4-3)- Went 1-3 last week after starting 3-0… is the clock getting ready to strike midnight?


15. New Orleans Pelicans (3-4) Big win at home against the Lakers on Friday night, can they repeat that performance on Tuesday night in L.A.?


16. Charlotte Bobcats (3-3)- Another early surprise team in the NBA so far.


17. Atlanta Hawks (3-3)- Ronnie Millsap is off to a big year for the Hawks so far with 20.2 points, 8.2 rebounds and 3.7 assists.


18. Detroit Pistons (2-3)- Josh Smith is fitting in nicely with his new team leading them 18.8 points per game.


19. Los Angeles Lakers (3-5)- As Kobe Bryant is still working his way back, Steve Nash is suffering from back pain once again limiting his play.


20. Cleveland Cavaliers (3-4)- Kyrie Irving is heating up having scored 25 or more in two of his last three games.


21. Brooklyn Nets (2-4)- Nets need more production from K.G who is only averaging six points per game and 6.7 rebounds a game.


22. Washington Wizards (2-4)- Still a better team them their record indicates but must finish games.


23. New York Knicks (2-4)- Can the return of J.R. Smith give them the shot in the arm they need?


24. Toronto Raptors (3-4)- Expect Rudy Gay and DeMar DeRozan to get their shooting touch back after struggling in the early season.


25. Orlando Magic (3-4)- Center Nikola Vucevic is averaging a double-double to begin the season with 15.7 points and 12.1 rebounds.


26. Boston Celtics (3-4)- The Celtics have won three straight including a win over the Miami Heat.


27. Milwaukee Bucks (2-3)- Their three losses have been by eight points or less.


28. Denver Nuggets (1-4)- Rough start under new head coach Brian Shaw as they are off to their worst start since 2004.


29. Sacramento Kings (1-5)- DeMarcus Cousins is a one-man show, but it will take more then that as they have dropped five in a row.


30. Utah Jazz (0-7)- Jazz are off to their worst start since going 0-11 in their first season in the league.




By Mario Martinez- Wonder Punter



NBA Predictions Week 2 Games Preview/Picks


Predictions for week 2 NBA Games

With almost 2 weeks of NBA action in the books, we have a full action of games on Monday to place your bets on. I will give you my straight-up picks with the betting lines. Get you favorite bets in early to secure the best odds here at Wonder Punter.


Atlanta Hawks (3-3) @ Charlotte Bobcats (3-3) 11/11- 7:00PM EST


Line: ATL -1.5

Over/Under: 196


Even match-up but will give the slight edge to the Bobcats being at home.


PICK: Charlotte Bobcats


San Antonio Spurs (6-1) @ Philadelphia (4-3)- 11/11- 7:00PM EST


Line: SAS -7.0

Over /Under: 206.5


The 76ers are surprising everyone with play to start the season, but expect the Spurs to win.


PICK: San Antonio Spurs


Memphis Grizzles (3-3) @ Indiana Pacers (7-0) 11/11- 7:00PM EST


Line: IND -7.0

Over/Under: 183.5


Good game but, with the way the Pacers are playing, look for them to win.


PICK: Indianapolis Pacers


Orlando Magic (3-4) @ Boston Celtics (3-4) 11/11- 7:30PM EST


Line: BOS -2.0

Over/Under: 188.5


Look for the Celtics to ride their big win in Miami for a back-to-back win against the Magic.


PICK: Boston Celtics


Cleveland Cavaliers (3-4) @ Chicago Bulls (2-3) 11/11- 8:00PM EST


Line: CHI -9.5

Over/Under: 185.5


Derrick Rose and the Bulls struggling to start the season but look for them to win on Monday.


PICK: Chicago Bulls


Toronto Raptors (3-4) @ Houston Rockets (4-3) 11/11- 8:00PM EST


Line: HOU -9.5

Over/Under: 200.5


After back-to-back defeats to both L.A. teams, look for the Rockets to win big against the Raptors.


PICK: Houston Rockets


Denver Nuggets (1-4) @ Utah Jazz (0-7) 11/11- 9:00PM EST


Line: DEN -1.0

Over/Under: 198.5


Two bad teams, but the Jazz have been blown out in all their losses. I’ll take my chances with the Nuggets.


PICK: Denver Nuggets


Detroit Pistons (2-3) @ Portland Trailblazers (4-2) 11/11- 9:00PM EST


Line: POR -4.5

Over/Under: 202


Portland has won two in a row, while the Pistons have lost two straight.


PICK: Portland Trailblazers


Minnesota Timberwolves (4-2) @ Los Angeles Clippers (4-3) 11/11- 10:30PM EST


Line: LAC -7.5

Over/Under: 205.5


Minnesota will be playing in the second of a back-to-back. Clips coming off a big win at Houston.


PICK: Los Angeles Clippers


Good luck with your favorite teams and picks and be sure to bet early to secure the best odds right here at Wonder Punter.



By Mario Martinez- Wonder Punter



NBA Friday Night Games- Previews/Picks


NBA Free Picks and Predictions for games of 8th November 2013

Friday night in the NBA usually means one thing… a full schedule of games at your disposal to lay your money on. With odds constantly changing, I will give you my straight-up picks on all Friday night games, but be sure to get in on the betting line early to secure the best odds. Whether you like to play the points, over/under or straight-up… you can find it right here at Wonder Punter.


Brooklyn Nets (2-2) @ Washington Wizards (1-3) 11/08- 7:00PM EST


The Wizards look to win back-to-back games as they take on the Nets.


PICK: Brooklyn Nets


Cleveland Cavaliers (2-3) @ Philadelphia 76ers (3-2) 11/08- 7:00PM EST


The Sixers have now lost two in a row after being a Cinderella team for the first three games. Cavs coming off a big win vs. Minnesota


PICK: Cleveland


Boston Celtics (1-4) @ Orlando Magic (3-2) 11/08- 7:00PM EST


The Celtics got their first win against winless Utah, but the Magic just beat a good Clipper team on Wednesday night.


PICK: Orlando


New York Knicks (1-3) @ Charlotte Bobcats (3-2) 11/08- 7:00PM EST


Trouble in the Big Apple with their beloved Knicks… Charlotte is an early surprise. I like the odds of the Bobcats winning.


PICK: Charlotte


Toronto Raptors (2-3) @ Indiana Pacers (5-0) 11/08- 7:00PM EST


Clearly, the Pacers are the team to beat right now. Impressive win against the Bulls on Wednesday night.


PICK: Indiana


Oklahoma Thunder (3-1) @ Detroit Pistons (2-2) 11/08- 7:30PM EST


With PG Russell Westbrook back, expect the Thunder to start making a run. My bet is on OKC.


PICK: Oklahoma City


Los Angeles Lakers (2-3) @ New Orleans Pelicans (2-3) 11/08- 8:00PM EST


The Los Angeles Lakers will be playing the second of a back-to-back. Have to like the odds New Orleans winning plus they blew out Memphis on the road Wednesday night.


PICK: New Orleans


Utah Jazz (0-5) @ Chicago Bulls (1-3) 11/08- 8:00PM EST


Just what the underachieving Bulls needed, a winless Jazz team to come into town. Easy pick on this one.


PICK: Chicago


Dallas Mavericks (3-2) @ Minnesota Timberwolves (3-2) 11/08- 8:00PM EST


The Mavs will look to avoid two straight road losses after dropping one to Oklahoma City Wednesday night. Should be another tough battle for both teams, but see the T’Wolves as the favorite.


PICK: Minnesota


Golden State Warriors (4-1) @ San Antonio Spurs (4-1) 11/08- 8:30PM EST


All the oddsmakers have to be going crazy with this marquee matchup of two teams who are expected to light it up. Watch for the latest betting line here on Wonder Punter, but for a straight-up pick I like the Warriors on the road.


PICK: Golden State


Denver Nuggets (0-3) @ Phoenix Suns ( 3-2) 11/08- 9:00PM EST


With Phoenix coming off a tough road loss to the San Antonio Spurs on Wednesday night, I like the odds of keeping the visiting Denver Nuggets winless on the young season.


PICK: Phoenix


Sacramento Kings (1-3) @ Portland Trailblazers (2-2) 11/08- 10:00PM EST


Portland is always tough at home… safe pick with Trailblazers.


PICK: Portland


12 full games to chose from on a Friday night. Check the latest up to the minute betting lines here at Wonder Punter and good luck with your picks!

 By Mario Martinez – WonderPunter



NBA Power Rankings- Week 1

NBA power rankings

NBA Power Rankings for Week 1 of the games


With the conclusion of Tuesday nights NBA games, let’s take a look at the Power Rankings going into the Week 2 with the Philadelphia 76ers 3-1 start shocking everyone who were expected to contend for the worst record in NBA history.


1. Indiana Pacers (4-0)- Guard Paul George is healthy and ready to lead the charge.


2. Houston Rockets (4-1)- So far the Dwight Howard and James Harden duo is working.


3. Minnesota Timberwolves (3-1)- A healthy Kevin Love (29.6 points 14.6 rebounds) can do wonders for a team.


4. Miami Heat (3-2)- LeBron James admits to maybe minor chemistry problems on the team… we shall see the effects.


5. Los Angeles Clippers (3-1)- Gave a beat down to the Rockets on Monday night.


6. San Antonio Spurs (3-1)- Welcome back Tim Duncan and a resurgent Manu Ginoboli.


7. Golden State Warriors (3-1)- It’s the Stephen Curry 3-point show on pace for 437 triples!


8. Dallas Mavericks (3-1)- Dirk Nowitski and Monte Ellis getting it done so far.


9. Oklahoma Thunder (2-1)- With PG Russell Westbrook back sooner then expected, expect them to start climbing up the rankings.


10. Philadelphia 76ers (3-1)- They were ranked last to start the season, but thanks to some quality wins, they deserve a Top 10 ranking for now.


11. Brooklyn Nets (2-2)- They need a Miami like performance every night if they want to contend for top billing in the East.


12. Chicago Bulls (1-2)- Derrick Rose will continue to improve but the Bulls need more scoring.


13. Memphis Grizzles (2-2)- Both road losses were on the road to San Antonio and Dallas.


14. Phoenix Suns (3-1)- Eric Bledsoe is shinning bright in the desert sun.


15. Portland Trailblazers (2-2)- Big home win against the Spurs with Tim Duncan back in the lineup, but spanked at home by the Rockets.


16. Detroit Pistons (2-2)- Brandon Jennings is back from his injury early and ready to lead.


17. Orlando Magic (2-2)- Young and ready to play with rookie Victor Oladipo.


18. Cleveland Cavaliers (2-2)- Did we mention Andrew Bynum is playing this year?


19. Los Angeles Lakers (2-3)- Still young, still athletic, still Kobe-less. When Kobe, when? Xavier Henry looking great early.


20. Toronto Raptors (2-2)- It’s Rudy Gay’s team now.


21. Charlotte Bobcats (2-2)- Can Al Jefferson shake off his ankle problems?


22. Atlanta Hawks (2-2)- Safe to say the Hawks miss Josh Smith. PG Jeff Teague has been a bright spot.


23. New York Knicks (1-3)- The Knicks are hearing the boos already at home after Bobcats beat them.


24. Milwaukee Bucks (1-2)- Center Zaza Pachulia is averaging 13 points and 7.7 boards a game so far.


25. New Orleans Pelicans (1-3)- Second-year center Anthony Davis the lone bright spot with averages of 23.7 points, 12 rebounds and four blocks his first week.


26. Washington Wizards (0-3)- And to think everybody was talking a playoff team before the season. It’s early but win one first.


27. Sacramento Kings (1-3)- DeMarcus Cousins needs help and G Isaiah Thomas may be the answer averaging 19 points and 4.7 assists.


28.Denver Nuggets (0-3)- Not what we expected from a team that made the playoffs last year.


29. Utah Jazz (0-4)- Desperately need a point guard.


30. Boston Celtics (0-4)- Due to play the winless Jazz Wednesday night. 



NBA Sunday Games Picks and Predictions 3rd Nov 2013


NBA Sunday Games Picks and Predictions 3rd Nov 2013


Brooklyn Nets (1-1) @ Orlando Magic (1-2) 11/03- 6:00PM EST


PICK: Brooklyn


Boston Celtics (0-2) @ Detroit Pistons (1-1) 11/03- 6:00PM EST


PICK: Detroit


Washington Wizards (0-2) @ Miami Heat (1-2) 11/03- 6:00PM EST


PICK: Miami


Phoenix Suns ( 2-0) @ Oklahoma City Thunder (1-1) 11/03- 7:00PM EST




Minnesota Timberwolves (2-0) @ New York Knicks (1-1) 11/03- 7:30PM EST


PICK: New York


Atlanta Hawks (1-1) @ Los Angeles Lakers (1-2) 11/03- 9:30PM EST


PICK: Los Angeles Lakers


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Free NBA Picks, Preview and Predictions week 1


Free NBA Picks Week 1

With a full slate of NBA games on the docket for Friday night… here are my Free NBA picks for each game:


Philadelphia 76ers (1-0) @ Washington Wizards (0-1) 11/01- 7:00PM EST


PICK: Washington


Cleveland Cavaliers (1-0) @ Charlotte Bobcats (0-1) 11/01- 7:00PM EST


PICK: Cleveland


New Orleans Pelicans (0-1) @ Orlando Magic (0-2) 11/01- 7:00PM EST


PICK: Orlando


Toronto Raptors (1-0) @ Atlanta Hawks (0-1) 11/01- 7:30PM EST


PICK: Toronto


Milwaukee Bucks (0-1) @ Boston Celtics (0-1) 11/01- 7:30PM EST


PICK: Milwaukee

 Want to Place a bet?

Miami Heat (1-1) @ Brooklyn Nets (0-1) 11/01- 8:00PM EST


PICK: Brooklyn


Oklahoma City Thunder (1-0) @ Minnesota Timberwolves (1-0) 11/01- 8:00 PM EST


PICK: Minnesota


Dallas Mavericks (1-0) @ Houston Rockets (1-0) 11/01- 8:00PM EST


PICK: Houston


Detroit Pistons (1-0) @ Memphis Grizzles (0-1) 11/01- 8:00PM EST


PICK: Memphis


Portland Trail Blazers (0-1) @ Denver Nuggets (0-1) 11/01- 9:00PM EST


PICK: Denver


Utah Jazz (0-1) @ Phoenix Suns (1-0) 11/01- 10:00PM EST


PICK: Phoenix


Los Angels Clippers (0-1) @ Sacramento Kings (1-0) 11/01- 10:00PM EST


PICK: Sacramento


San Antonio Spurs (1-0) @ Los Angeles Lakers (1-1) 11/01- 10:30PM EST


PICK: San Antonio


Good luck with your teams and your Free NBA picks   By Mario Martinez – WonderPunter



Celtics suspend Sullinger for opener vs. Raptors

Jared Sullinger was arrested Tuesday. (USATSI)
Jared Sullinger will miss the first game of the common season. (USATSI)

The Boston Celtics announced on Tuesday that ahead Jared Sullinger has been suspended one recreation for his involvement in a Sept. 3 incident involving home violence prices. The case was dropped on Monday, and Sullinger had launched an apology after being launched on bail after the arrest. From the Celtics:

The Boston Celtics introduced at this time that they’ve suspended forward Jared Sullinger one recreation for his position in an incident that occurred on August 31, 2013. The suspension will be served throughout the staff’s sport at Toronto on October 30, 2013.

“Jared’s case was dismissed yesterday in Waltham District Courtroom,” mentioned Celtics President of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge. “Whereas we’re glad that this was the right ruling, we’re suspending Jared for one game because he failed to satisfy the excessive expectations we have for all Celtics workers.”

The group could have no further touch upon this matter.

It is a smart move by the Celtics to take measures on their very own, each to make the point to a young roster and to maintain up appearances in the neighborhood. Sullinger will miss the Celtics’ opener in Toronto on Wednesday evening.

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Wonder Punter NBA Power Rankings 2013-14

Wonder Punter NBA Power Rankings 2013-14


With the 2013/14 NBA season upon us starting Tuesday night…. Let’s take a look at the Power Rankings of all 30 teams to begin the season.


1. Miami Heat- The defending champion Heat will be looking to three-peat with Lebron James in the final year of his contract.


2. San Antonio Spurs- With all the pieces still intact, the Western Conference champs are still the team to beat out west.


3. Chicago Bulls- After sitting out all of last season… Derrick Rose is back and ready to lead his team to challenge the Heat.


4. Indiana Pacers- Last years team was good, now with Danny Granger back and the addition of Luis Scola… they will be even better.


5. Los Angeles Clippers- Can new coach Doc Rivers instill the mental and physical toughness that has been lacking with the Clippers in seasons past?


6. Houston Rockets- Can the tag team of Dwight Howard/James Harden co-exist and get them to the promise land?


7. Golden State Warriors- Will one more year of experience under their belt make up for the lack of depth at the point guard and center positions? Key addition with Andre Iguodala.


8. Oklahoma City Thunder- Still no Russell Westbrook until December… until then, can they keep it together?


9. Memphis Grizzles- The addition of Mike Miller should help with a team depleted with shooters.


10. Brooklyn Nets- Can an aging Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce be the difference that Deron Williams and new coach Jason Kidd need to contend?


11. New York Knicks- J.R Smith is still on the shelve and Amar’e and Kenyon Martin are not quite ready for back-to-backs yet.


12. Minnesota Timberwolves- A full year of a healthy Kevin Love and Ricky Rubio can finally make the Wolves a playoff contender after a drought of nine seasons.


13. Denver Nuggets- Andre Iguodala is now with Golden State and no Danilo Gallinari until at least December.


14. Washington Wizards- Key addition with Marcin Gortat to fill in a true center position and move Nene to his natural forward position.


15. New Orleans Pelicans- New team nickname and two nice additions will help the Pelicans improve… Jrue Holiday and Tyreke Evans.


16. Dallas Mavericks- Monte Ellis was added to help give Dirk Nowitski an offensive boost… but it’s the defense I’m worried about.


17. Portland Trailblazers- LaMarcus Aldridge vows this years Blazers team will make the playoffs.


18. Detroit Pistons- Two big additions with the face of the franchise now Josh Smith and Brandon Jennings.


19. Los Angeles Lakers- Much more athletic team then last year’s team, however their season still rides on the shoulders of Kobe Bryant’s return.


20. Cleveland Cavaliers- When will Andrew Bynum play? Oh yeah #1 pick Anthony Bennett has a sleeping disorder.


21. Atlanta Hawks- No Josh Smith… it’s Al Horford’s team now.


22. Toronto Raptors- Andrea Bargnani is now a Knick.


23. Charlotte Bobcats- Should improve in the win column with new center Al Jefferson.


24. Sacramento Kings- Will DeMarcus Cousins live up to hype of a max-contract deal.


25. Utah Jazz- Young talent is nice, but no quality point guard to dish the rock.


26. Milwaukee Bucks- Can new coach Larry Drew keep the rebuilding Bucks together?


27. Boston Celtics- New coach, new faces and no Rajon Rondo.


28. Orlando Magic- Another rebuilding year.. looking towards the 2014 NBA Draft.


29. Phoenix Suns- Traded away their best player Marcin Gortat.


30. Philadelphia 76ers- Many are predicting the Sixers to challenge for the all-time worst record of 9-73 (1972-73 Sixers).

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Ex-Celt player, Lakers coach Sharman dies

Hall of Famer Bill Sharman, a member of three Celtics championships as a player who then coached the Lakers to their first championship in Los Angeles, died Friday at age 87, his spouse informed the Los Angeles Occasions.

Sharman had suffered a stroke last week and died at his home in Redondo Beach, Calif., Joyce Sharman mentioned.

Bill SharmanBill Sharman constructed a Hall of Fame taking part in profession with the Celtics earlier than turning into a profitable coach and then common manager.

An eight-time All-Star with the Celtics, Sharman averaged 17.8 points in an eleven-year taking part in profession.

He was on the 1958-59 Celtics crew that won the primary title of an eventual eight in a row. He stopped taking part in after the 1960-sixty one season at the age of 34.

“The Boston Celtics group was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Invoice Sharman as we speak,” Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge said in an announcement. “Invoice was one among a handful of individuals which have been enshrined in the Corridor of Fame as a player for his exploits on the court and for his guidance in teaching from the sidelines. Invoice mixed with Bob Cousy to kind one of many dominant backcourts of their era successful four championships collectively. The Celtic family has misplaced an ideal buddy at present.”

Sharman started teaching the Lakers in 1971. The Lakers had misplaced six occasions to the Celtics in the Finals between 1962 and 1970.

But every thing clicked with that staff. Led by Wilt Chamberlain, Jerry West and Gail Goodrich, the Lakers received a record 33 video games in a row through the common season. They beat Walt Frazier and the Knicks in the Finals, 4-1.

West, now an govt board member with the Golden State Warriors, stated in a statement that news of Sharman’s loss of life was “a really unhappy day for me.”

“Invoice Sharman was, indisputably, one of many best human beings I’ve ever met and certainly one of my all-time favorite individuals, both as a competitor and as a pal,” West stated.

“He was the epitome of sophistication and dignity and, I can guarantee you, we discover few males of his character in this world. I prolong my deepest sympathy to his spouse, Joyce, and his kids. We are going to miss him.”

After teaching the Lakers for four more seasons, Sharman grew to become general supervisor and later staff president. He was GM until 1982 and was liable for drafting Magic Johnson and winning titles in 1980 and ’82.

Sharman was inducted into the Corridor of Fame as a player in 1976 and as a coach in 2004.

In a statement from the Lakers, group president Jeanie Buss stated: “Regardless of his greatness as a participant, coach and government, Bill was one of the sweetest, nicest and most humble individuals I’ve ever identified. He was truly considered one of a kind.”

Lakers general supervisor Mitch Kupchak additionally praised Sharman.

“Invoice Sharman was a terrific man, and I beloved him dearly,” Kupchak mentioned in the statement. “From the time I signed with the workforce as a free agent in 1981 when Bill was General Manager, he’s been a mentor, a work collaborator, and most significantly, a pal.”

The Lakers observed a second of silence for Sharman earlier than Friday evening’s preseason game against the visiting Utah Jazz.

“Just a great ambassador for the game,” Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni said earlier than the game. “Nice participant, great coach, great particular person. It is one thing you hate to see. It’s inevitable, but he led an ideal life and left us very rich for it.”

Info from ESPNLosAngeles.com’s Dave McMenamin was used in this report.

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Lakers offended by Clips covering banners

LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles Lakers were principally diplomatic when requested in regards to the Los Angeles Clippers’ new initiative, led by coach Doc Rivers, to cowl up the Lakers’ championship banners and retired uniforms during Clippers house games, nevertheless it didn’t sit so well with L.A. native, and former Clipper, Nick Young.

“He can do this?” Young stated after Lakers practice Sunday, the staff’s first since coming back from China. “For real? That’s disrespectful. We acquired to speak to Doc. He can’t have that. We acquired to do something about that.”

ClippersThe Clippers put banners of seven of their gamers over the Lakers’ sixteen championship banners and 10 retired numbers during a preseason recreation Friday night time.

The Clippers revealed their Staples Center redecoration during a preseason sport Friday, as they plastered giant posters of gamers Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan, Jamal Crawford, Matt Barnes, Jared Dudley and J.J. Redick over the Lakers’ 16 championship banners and 10 retired uniforms.

“That’s lots of pull y’all are giving Doc,” Younger said, considerably facetiously. “I think he shouldn’t are available in and have a lot pull like that. He is acquired to earn his preserve.”

When a reporter argued that Rivers’ championship resume from his time with the Boston Celtics should give the coach the credence to take action, Younger retorted, “However he didn’t win no title in L.A. That is the place it is at. Look at all these banners in here, you may’t shadow those up.”

The Lakers and Clippers have shared the Staples Heart since it opened for the 1999-2000 season, making them the one groups within the league to have such an association.

“I suppose in case you had been within the Clippers’ organization you most likely wish to do that, too,” Lakers point guard Steve Nash stated. “It is their area on their night time, so I might attempt to make it really feel like house.”

Meanwhile, the Lakers are trying to make L.A. really feel like dwelling once more after spending nine days in China.

Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni gave the workforce the time without work Saturday to recover from their cross-continental journey dwelling, which left most of the gamers jet-lagged. Younger stated he couldn’t go to sleep till 5 a.m. Saturday morning after the staff landed back in L.A. round 10:30 p.m. Friday evening.

Despite the fatigue, every Laker aside from Chris Kaman (stomach virus) and Kobe Bryant (Achilles rehabilitation) practiced Sunday, though D’Antoni lower the session brief, so as not push his players too much. Nash was additionally held out of the top of practice because of abdomen discomfort.

“They have been tired,” D’Antoni stated. “During movie session I believe a few them nodded off… In fact, that may very well be normal, too.”

Bryant was capable of do some on-courtroom sprinting and set taking pictures previous to the second of the Lakers’ two exhibition video games in China, but has but to ramp up that exercise with the staff’s regular-season opener towards the Clippers looming less than 10 days away.

“I don’t know,” D’Antoni stated when requested if he knew when Bryant would have the ability to return to observe.

Bryant’s teammates are starting to settle into the very actual risk of going into the season with out him on the courtroom. Younger, who has taken 15 extra pictures than the next closest Laker via the first six preseason games, is prepared to continue his Mamba impression.

“That’s one thing I’ve been trying to get in my thoughts and just working on my game and talking to coaches,” Young said. “I have been talking to Kobe, too, about where to be at and picking my spots out there.”

What does Bryant say to him?

“More specific sort issues, what I ought to have achieved right right here,” Young said. “He’s telling me to look at film more and attempt to examine the sport of basketball more.”

Gasol is also readying himself to choose up the slack without Bryant.

“I believe I’ve to be extra of a vocal chief on either side of the ground,” he said. “Make certain we arrange offensively and the ball tries to get by way of my hands quite a bit so I could make plays for others and get open pictures for my teammates, appeal to the defense, make the defense flip and make it simpler for the blokes.”

Like D’Antoni, Gasol merely doesn’t know when he’ll have Bryant again by his side.

“I feel he has an enormous need of coming back, however he understands there’s received to be a few steps that he needs to take to ensure that him to come again, and I do not think he is taken these steps but,” Gasol mentioned. “He’s going to come again when he will come again, whether that is in two weeks, three weeks, a month, two months. Who knows?”

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Garnett responds

Kevin Garnett: ‘Tell LeBron to worry about Miami. He has nothing to do with Celtic enterprise.’ (USATSI)

THE BIG APPLE – Delving into the past isn’t all the time a rewarding train for LeBron James. Before he gained two straight championships in Miami, there was plenty of ache, disappointment and mock – much of it suffered by the hands of the Boston Celtics.

But here he was, about an hour earlier than tipoff of an in any other case meaningless preseason recreation on Thursday night, allowing himself to be carried back to a time in his career earlier than he’d been topped a champion. His appreciation of those battles with the Celtics – the ones that resulted in devastation and those that lastly led to triumph – could not have been more evident.

“It was always fun playing in opposition to the Celtics,” James stated earlier than going through the remnants of that old Celtics crew in Brooklyn. “Always. The chemistry, the DNA, guys having numerous pleasure – you needed to kill these guys, man. They wouldn’t stop. They got me a few occasions and I was capable of get them a couple of occasions. It was nice enjoyable taking part in in opposition to those Celtics teams.”

And the way issues are going early in this rebirth for Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce in Brooklyn, it’s going to be enjoyable once more. Perhaps extra.

Before the defending champs met the ex-Celtics for the first time for the reason that Boston breakup, there was this little matter of some feedback James had made on Wednesday about how Ray Allen was vilified for leaving the Celtics, however Garnett and Pierce weren’t.

James did not outwardly impugn KG and Pierce, and really, there is not any story here, folks. Allen left the Celtics as a free agent in 2012, leaving Garnett, Pierce, Rajon Rondo and Doc Rivers behind. Garnett and Pierce have been traded this past summer as a result of the Celtics wished to rebuild without them – sending Rivers and the $21 million they owed him to the Clippers within the course of. Not the identical thing. In any respect.

Nonetheless, the internet devoured it, and by the point the final horn sounded on the Nets’ 86-62 victory, the “story” had been marinating for hours. Garnett sat down in the postgame interview room and took a bite.

“Tell LeBron to fret about Miami,” Garnett stated. “He has nothing to do with Celtic business.”

He thumped the desk and added, “Next query.”

The bad blood nonetheless flows.

Those epic confrontations with Boston – while James was in Cleveland and then in Miami – shaped him. They didn’t make him the very best player on the planet, and they don’t deserve all the credit for making him a champion. However those playoff series modified him. They are going to always be part of his basketball psyche.

“It was always talked about throughout the media, ‘Is this their last run? Is that this the last time they will play collectively?'” James stated. “And the subsequent yr, they’d be together once more. So I by no means really obtained into, ‘Is this the final time I’d play in opposition to them,’ till now mainly, understanding that they’re not in Boston.”

Two chambers of that still-beating championship coronary heart have found their solution to Brooklyn, the place Garnett and Pierce will attempt to become the antidote to the superteam that was created to lastly defeat those dastardly Celtics. The rest have scattered – Rivers to LA and Allen right right here seeking a second straight title with Miami, with Rondo left behind to see his way through the rebuilding in Boston.

But historical past, geography and aggressive disdain dictate that there can be no more fascinating reunion tour in the NBA this season than when the Warmth face the Nets. They will do it in a game that issues on Nov. 1 at Barclays Middle, earlier than the primary week of the common season is up. They will meet three more times in the common season, and if the basketball gods are beneficiant, within the playoffs, too.

Garnett and Pierce have resurfaced – with All-Star expertise round them and with an enormous of the sport as their coach – to take goal at LeBron once more.

Jason Kidd – the point guard who resurrected the Nets as some extent guard and who now serves as their rookie head coach – noticed his No. 5 jersey raised to the rafters at Barclays on Thursday evening and got an early taste of what the Heat vs. the ex-Celtics will probably be like all yr.

With 6:forty six left in the first quarter, James was in attack mode within the open floor when Pierce lined him up and delivered a right shoulder shiver for a non-taking pictures foul. James barely flinched. There was one other laborious foul from Pierce on James to prevent a dunk early in the third. It was only preseason, however it was on.

Get used to it, would be my advice.

There is no such thing as a query in regards to the Nets’ expertise, or about their championship pedigree with the addition of Pierce and KG. The only actual question is about Kidd, and whether his basketball brilliance as a player will translate to his new job in a go well with and tie.

“It may be easy for him as far as educating the game,” James mentioned. “Now, clearly a new job, new scenario will not be straightforward for anyone. However I feel he can do it.

“He has a basketball mind, like Mark Jackson,” he stated. “Mark Jackson never coached and clearly he knew the sport; he was sensible when he performed and it transferred to him in Golden State and they’re performing some great things. Obviously, it’s important to have some fairly good talent around you to win, and Mark and Jason are fortunate to both be put in situations where they’ll win.”

Otherwise in a guarded temper within the aftermath of those feedback about “Celtic enterprise,” James had no hassle waxing poetic about Kidd, a teammate on the 2008 Olympic staff, in his new position.

“The most effective level guards to ever play the game, from my perspective,” James said. “… While you go towards him, you understand how good he’s. After which while you play with him, you’re like, ‘Wow.'”

No matter occurs with this Brooklyn staff – how much of Kidd’s ground smarts translate to the bench, how a lot of Garnett’s coronary heart and Pierce’s ruthlessness are left – there may be one thing they’ll count on. They’re still coming after LeBron James; and he after them.

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KG to LeBron: Worry about your own team

BIG APPLE – Brooklyn Nets energy forward Kevin Garnett thinks Miami Heat star LeBron James ought to concern himself with his own group.

“Inform LeBron to fret about Miami. It has nothing to do with Celtic business,” Garnett stated in response to James, who previously expressed thoughts that KG and Nets small ahead Paul Pierce ought to apologize for criticizing Warmth sharpshooter Ray Allen for leaving the Boston Celtics earlier than they departed for Brooklyn.

Garnett and Pierce had been traded to the Nets together with reserve Jason Terry throughout the summer season.

“I left Boston?” Pierce mentioned when requested of James’ feedback, clearly noting he had been dealt by the Celtics and didn’t go away as a free agent.

Garnett and Pierce have been both crucial of Allen after he elected to sign with the Heat last offseason. KG said he misplaced Allen’s telephone quantity, and Pierce stated he hadn’t forgiven him.

“I feel the first thing I assumed was, ‘Wow, Ray acquired killed for leaving Boston, and now these guys are leaving Boston,'” James said. “I think it is OK; I did not thoughts it. But there have been a couple guys who basically [expletive] on Ray for leaving, and now they’re leaving.

“That is the character of our enterprise, man. I don’t know what Boston was going by at the end of the day. I know Ray needed to make the very best decision for him and his family and his career. Doc [Rivers, former Celtics coach], KG and Paul did that as properly. You possibly can’t criticize somebody who does one thing that’s finest for his or her family.”

James, after all, left the Cleveland Cavaliers to sign with the Heat in 2010. His “resolution” stays infamous to this present day.

“I can relate to that – you think so? I am the No. 1 relater,” James said. “I have been through all of it. I do know all about it.”

For more NCAA NBA MLB NFL, Scores, Reviews, Previews, and Picks, feel free to check out our sections from the tabs on top of the page where I will be updating on a daily basis

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Sources: NBA likely to change Finals format

The NBA is predicted to make a serious change to its conventional Finals schedule, ending the 2-three-2 format and returning to the two-2-1-1-1 game rotation utilized in all different playoff rounds, a number of sources instructed ESPN.com.

The league’s competition committee has voted to suggest the change to the league’s board of administrators.

“The thought was raised at the competition committee and was properly-received and the committee ultimately unanimously voted to recommend the change in format,” NBA spokesman Tim Frank stated Sunday.

The change is expected to be adopted on the subsequent meeting in October and could possibly be carried out for the 2014 Finals, the sources mentioned.

The Boston Herald earlier reported the recommendation on Sunday.

The league has used the 2-3-2 format in the Finals since 1985, when long business travel in frequent Finals between the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers had grow to be tedious. All teams now fly their very own charters, and the travel is simpler.

Proponents of the change have believed the present 2-3-2 format dulls some of the homecourt advantage to the upper seed. The Miami Warmth gained Video games 6 and 7 at house to assert the Finals in June, however they were simply the fourth team in 29 years to perform that feat.

Additionally, with the decrease seed getting Sport 6 on its home floor, it will increase the probability that a collection will go to seven video games, which is traditionally in the business pursuits of the league and its television companions. The NBA Finals are televised by ABC.


Information from The Related Press was used on this report.

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Avery Bradley may sit out the beginning of training camp in the wake of his mother’s death

Avery Bradley, through the 2012 playoffs (Getty Photos)

We all reply to private tragedy in several ways, and it seems as if Boston Celtics hybrid guard Avery Bradley may need some coaching camp time without work as he recovers from the recent lack of his mother. The 6-2 guard, entering his fourth season, is seemingly being given as a lot time as he wants by Boston Celtics normal supervisor Danny Ainge within the days before the rest of the Celtics present up for camp.

From an interview with A. Sherrod Blakely at CSNNE.com, by way of Professional Basketball Talk:

“He’s going through a really tough time,” Danny Ainge, Boston’s president of basketball operations, advised CSNNE.com. “His mom passed away and they were very shut and he is expecting a child any day. He’s obtained a lot going on.”

Bradley’s mother, Alicia “Lisa” Jones, 46, handed away on September 10.

When requested if Bradley could be late to training camp, Ainge responded, “I don’t know. We’re just taking it day-by-day proper now.”

The Celtics are beginning an extended rebuilding course of that can spread out over several seasons while the group acquires draft picks and works its approach towards cap area. Even with point guard Rajon Rondo possibly out for the beginning of the common season as he recovers from an ACL tear, the Celtics aren’t going to win or lose a playoff spot in camp, the exhibition season, or within the first few weeks of the common season. They’ll in all probability lose a playoff spot sometime in February, technically, if we’re trustworthy.

Which is why it’s good to see Ainge taking the long view with Bradley as he determines what’s greatest for his family, and his personal and professional mindset.

Especially when, as Blakely identified, Bradley was working at a feverish pace earlier within the offseason, training to do whatever he may for his Celtics:

Aware that he wanted to be extra durable for this season, the 6-foot-2 guard spent the previous couple of months in Boston figuring out two and generally 3 times a day with the consequence being him adding about 15 pounds of muscle.

“Sometimes I was doing a little bit an excessive amount of,” Bradley said earlier this summer season. “The 2-a-days I’m doing now are perfect. They’re getting ready me for the season and I am figuring out with the coaches so I am getting conversant in them and my new teammates.”

The 2012-thirteen NBA All-Defensive Second Group member will probably be an enormous part of his crew’s rebuilding process, however nothing goes to be constructed to perfection with a brokenhearted Bradley in tow throughout the first few days of coaching camp. We admire Ainge and the Celtics’ affected person contact, as Bradley takes care of more essential issues.