Casino Boss: It’s About ‘Bricks And Clicks’

Online gaming doesn’t cannibalize brick-and-mortar play, a casino executive said this week at the 2014 iGaming North America conference in Las Vegas.

“We’re certainly not trying to destroy brick-and-mortar casinos,” Tobin Prior, the CEO of Ultimate Gaming, told a crowd of around 200, the Las Vegas-Review Journal reported. “That would be insane…From the outset, we always saw our business model as bricks and clicks.”

Ultimate Gaming is an offshoot of Station Casinos.

As the debate over online gaming in the United States intensifies, thanks to a pledge by billionaire casino boss Sheldon Adelson to fight the spread of web games, the subtopic of whether visitation to the physical casinos could suffer will resurface again and again.

The vast majority seem to agree that the Internet gambling and brick-and-mortar gambling can compliment each other, thanks to promotions and how, for instance with poker, the online space offers a customer a chance to play for lower stakes than what are available in an actual casino. Those are just two simple examples of the possible synergy.

The poker boom, after all, was felt by both online and live card rooms.

The opposing camp, most notably Adelson’s Las Vegas Sands, is entrenched with its argument that if people can play from home they won’t be as inclined to come to a casino, which has many other ways of depleting customer wallets, such as restaurants and retail.

The kind of online gaming currently being implemented in three U.S. states is still in its infancy, so it’s not really possible just yet to put an end to the somewhat pernicious and obfuscatory debate among elite interests in the casino industry. Maybe one day.

The name of the game is, of course, growth, but some just have different business models. Obviously, online gambling in Nevada and New Jersey would not have been authorized if the casino industry at large didn’t think it was positive for the bottom line.

The year 2012 saw U.S. commercial casinos win $37.34 billion from gamblers, which was the highest mark since 2007’s record of $37.5 billion. Results from 2013 aren’t yet available.

Other states, such as California and Pennsylvania, are looking at potentially legalizing online poker this year. There’s currently a bill in Congress that calls for legalizing of online poker nationwide, while legislation pushing for an outright ban of online gaming is expected to be introduced soon. Nearly three years out from the infamous Black Friday, times are still strange for online poker players and advocates in the United States.


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Pat Garofalo, Minnesota State Representative, Apologizes For Dumb Tweet About the NBA and Crime

pat garofalo

Pat Garofalo, a member of the Minnesota House of Representatives, offered up one of the dumber political/sports tweets Sunday night when he wrote: “Let’s be trustworthy, 70% of teams in NBA might fold tomorrow + no person would discover a distinction w/ possible exception of increase in streetcrime.” The tweet made its manner across the Web on Sunday and Monday. Deliberately Garofalo tried to play down this intentions of his tweet.

He eventually issued a full-on apology via the Minnesota House of Representatives website:

“In the last 24 hours, I’ve had the chance to re-learn one of life’s classes: whenever any of us are providing opinions, it is best to refer to folks as people versus groups. Final night, I publicly commented on the NBA and I sincerely apologize to those that I unfairly categorized. The NBA has many examples of players and house owners who're function fashions for our communities and for our country. Those people did not deserve that criticism and I apologize. In addition, it’s been delivered to my attention that I used to be mistaken and the NBA policy on drug enforcement is stronger than I beforehand believed. Again, I provide my sincere apologies for my comments,” acknowledged Rep. Garofalo.

Let this function one other reminder that sports activities and politics in all probability shouldn’t combine, particularly on Twitter. In reality, maybe we should always all follow tweeting what we ate for lunch to play it safe.

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Astros’ Singleton talks about addiciton to marijuana


Jonathan Singleton has admitted that he has a drug problem.
Jonathan Singleton has admitted that he has a drug drawback. (USATSI)


Astros first base prospect Jonathan Singelton has been suspended twice in the minor leagues for failing drug tests for marijuana. At the time of his second suspension, his official assertion noted a "lapse in judgement," but that truly wasn't true, based on Singleton himself.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Singleton revealed that he was hooked on pot and needed to enter a treatment program.

From the AP article:

"At this level it's fairly evident to me that I am a drug addict," he instructed The Related Press over breakfast on a recent day close to the Astros' camp. "I do not openly inform everybody that, but it surely's fairly apparent to myself."

Vividly so.

"I know that I enjoy smoking weed, I get pleasure from being excessive and I can't block that out of my mind that I get pleasure from that," he mentioned. "So I have to work towards that."


"I knew I had a problem," he said. "Even after I failed the second drug test I could not quit smoking weed. It was actually unhealthy. Me going there was positively the perfect move."

He didn't feel that approach when he first entered. Fearing the unknown, he says he did not sleep for three days straight.

"They might turn off the lights at eleven:30 and I might simply sit there and stare at the ceiling as a result of I couldn't fall asleep," he said. "My coronary heart was beating too fast. I might get evening sweats. It was unhealthy. I legitimately went through withdrawal."

Singleton desperately needed to leave and wasn't open to the recovery course of.

"However after I was there for therefore lengthy it just grew on me," he said. "I was like, 'I will be right here for 30 days, so I'd as nicely get the best out of it that I can.' I used it as a learning experience."

Singleton said he has now prevented marijuana for over a 12 months, however he also ran into habit once more within the type of alcohol.

"I went by means of some slight nervousness, some despair because I wasn't being profitable," he mentioned. "That was definitely difficult and that drove me to drink."

He admits to abusing alcohol as a substitute for marijuana, getting drunk virtually day-after-day and "waking up hung over every morning."

The story up to now has a cheerful ending, as Singleton confirmed up for camp clean and in reportedly in fine condition. The AP story additionally pointed out that Singleton is confident he won't relapse and is in a superb place proper now with himself.

As far as on-field efficiency, it is easy to see how he could have been affected last season by the alcohol. He hit220/.340/.347 with six homers in seventy three games in Triple-A. In 2012, he hit284/.396/.497 with 27 doubles and 21 homers in 131 video games for Double-A Corpus Christi. His energy upside – he's 6-foot-2, 235 kilos – is why he is been ranked as a consensus high-30 prospect in all of baseball. He has a shot to open the 2014 season with the Astros, but another stint in Triple-A seems more possible at this juncture.

Staying clean will go a good distance toward him reaching his immense ceiling. Good luck to Singleton on that entrance.

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Swearinger: Clowney asks about Texans daily

Will D. m. Swearinger be reunited along with old college teammate Jadeveon Clowney? (USATSI)

Either Jadeveon Clowney really wants to play for the Texans or he really wants to be the No. 1 pick in the NFL Draft. According to Houston safety D. J. Swearinger, Clowney has been asking Swearinger almost daily about the Texans plus who the team's going to draft.

Clowney and Swearinger were teammates for two seasons at South Carolina.Will D.J. Swearinger be reunited with old college teammate Jadeveon Clowney? (USATSI)

"He requires me (about the Texans) every day, " Swearinger stated of Clowney on thurs, via CSNHouston. com. "He asks me every day. such as 'Bro, what's the word? ' I'm like, 'it's almost all in your hands. You have to do what you gotta perform for these next three months to make them pick you. '"


The advantage of having the No. 1 overall choose is that the Texans can do what ever they want. Houston might write Johnny Manziel or another quarterback, the Texans could get Clowney or the team could even trade away the choose.If it had been up to Swearinger, it sounds such as he'd take his previous college teammate.


Swearinger believes Clowney compares favorably to a defensive end already on the Texans roster. "He's an unbelievable player, with me playing with him before I got a chance to play with J. m. (Watt), they're very similar, inch Swearinger said. "The point I say is 'it's just another J. J. watts, ' he's just two-tenths faster. He runs the 4. 4, he's 6-6, 270 and he has a coronary heart for the game, he enjoys the game. And you can't complete that up, if you inquire me. "


"With them two down on the D-line, it would be easy, " Swearinger said associated with Watt and Clowney. Swearinger also stated the Texans wouldn't have to worry about Clowney's work ethic. The Texans new strength and fitness coach is Craig Fitzgerald, who also served because South Carolina's strength plus conditioning coach in 2011.


"That's sort of someone who kept [Clowney] straight, " Swearinger said. "I think it would be a huge asset getting Clowney, because Fitzgerald always remained on Clowney on everything and had him working 100 percent all the time. The work ethic thing, we don't think will be a problem. inch If you're maintaining score at home, Swearinger is the second Texans player in order to weigh-in on who Houston should draft. Wide recipient Andre Johnson said this week that if making the No . 1 pick were up to him, he'd trade this away.

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Jeff Pearlman Apologized for His Blog Post About Erin Andrews

richard sherman erin andrews

Earlier this week, prolific creator Jeff Pearlman wrote a scathing piece about the best way that Erin Andrews handled her post-game interview with Richard Sherman. Pearlman’s publish did contain some legitimate lamentations in regards to the plight of women in sports activities media who have been strong reporters but were not telegenic sufficient to move up the ranks, but the way it was written got here off as an unwarranted private attack on Andrews’ professionalism.

Pearlman has realized that his words weren't conveyed in the method he intended and written a observe-up weblog put up apologizing for that:

[W]hen it comes to women reporters, networks (in my view) place too great an emphasis on appears to be like. I know … I do know—it’s a visible medium, and attractiveness attracts viewers. Nonetheless, it strikes me as an terrible double commonplace. No one’s demanding beauty and sexiness from, say, Chris Berman or Joe Buck or Stuart Scott. Yet evidently—backside line—women with intercourse enchantment have an inside observe over ladies with improbable data and poise however, say, a belly. Or a mole. I get it. Really, I do. It simply infuriates me, because I’ve recognized very gifted women who have felt they don’t actually have a shot.

Pearlman later acknowledges that the publish got here off as “juvenile and silly,” and, in doing so, torpedoed the purpose he was trying to make. While it at all times feels weird to guage someone else’s apology, this one was about as candid, direct, and trustworthy as one may moderately hope for.


Reporter Tricks Chelsea Fans into Talking About Players Who Don’t Exist

Soccer followers in America have gained a fame as a slightly obnoxious bunch of know-it-alls. As an example, run into a soccer fan at a bar and ask them a simple query and infrequently they’ll go on-and-on in an attempt to show you just how a lot they learn about their beloved sport. Belief me: I’m speaking from experience on each side of the equation.

This video from TalkSport taken outdoors Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge is a superb send-up of soccer fans’ know-it-all tendencies. Granted it zings English Chelsea fans, but I do think there’s one American within the combine. At no point throughout the interview do any of the folks interviewed notice “Liam Ying,” “Win Nowt,” “Win Ding Youp” aren’t real. It’s funny to watch the fans speak about a faux players tempo or that they watch a whole lot of the Dutch League.

Try it subsequent time you run into an annoying soccer fan. I wager it works.

You may forgive Chelsea fans, a little bit, for pondering each participant the reporter mentioned to them is actual. The membership’s new coverage seems to be buying up any young player with a modicum of talent after which farming them out on loan. Odds are most of the guys in the picture below will never play a significant minute at Stamford Bridge — wearing a blue shirt at the least.




Brady ‘could care less’ about watching Super Bowl

Tom Brady won't be watching SB XLVIII.

(USATSI)Tom Brady won't be watching SB XLVIII.
Super Bowl coverage: XLVIII odds | Expert recommendations | Super Bowl information Watching a Super Bowl occur – after coming up 1 game short of playing in it – can't be easy. It might not happen at all in the case of mary Brady.

The Patriots quarterback, speaking to WEEI during his every week appearance, said that he could "care less" about watching the particular 2014 Super Bowl.


"I don't have much of a rooting interest, honestly, " Brady said. "Those games are hard to view. I don't really observe myself sitting down to enjoy the football game to watch this. Our season's over. honestly, I could care less about viewing the game. That's pretty much how I feel. " Brady's apathy towards the game comes from a pretty apparent place. He and the vyri? kis were one game timid of making it to New York and getting a shot at rich Sherman and the Seahawks.

Surely Brady would love a little revenge upon "that type of guy, inch but in this case he will not get it. And though he plus Peyton Manning are pleasant off the field, it's dubious he'd enjoy seeing Manning knock down his 2nd Lombardi Trophy since Brady captured his last extremely Bowl victory.

Unfortunately for Brady he'll probably have to spend the evening at his small little house with his supermodel wife Gisele. Tough crack. At least this time she'll become free to criticize Wes Welker's ability to catch the golf ball.

Gaethje Not Worried About Opponent, Just Wants to Know if He’s Right- or Left-Handed


Justin Gaethje noticed numerous matchups fall through before finally being paired towards Richard Patishnock on Saturday atWorldSeries of Preventing eight

Forward of the combat, Gaethje joined the Sherdog Radio Community’s “Beatdown” show to debate Patishnock,what may very well be subsequent and more.

On his opponent altering: “This is something Istarted experiencing in direction of the tip of my novice profession. We’realways prepared to combat whoever. I are available in here each day to thegym and I work on the stuff that I must work on to get better.It doesn’t really matter who I’m combating. I prefer to see in the event that they’reright-handed or light-handed and I wish to see the tempo they set.That’s really all I really want to see from my opponent.”

On the opponents he’s had scheduled for Saturday:“They all need to get the combat to the ground. Me, training mytakedown protection, which is one thing I’ve been working on my entirelife – this is something I’ve been concentrating on this combat andit hasn’t really had to change from the primary fight to the secondfight to the third fight. I don’t see any form of complicationsfrom the opponent change. It’s one thing that I count on to happensometimes and you’ve simply bought to go along with it.”

On Patishnock: “I have watched one fight or so andI simply see he’s a guy that started in MMA – that’s his sport. He’sreally, actually good in every aspect that I’ve seen him. Hiswrestling, his placing, his takedown protection is all good. I can’tsay none of it’s great, but all of that's good. There’s not onepoint the place I’m going to be able to loosen up. He’s bought nice kicks.He’s bought an incredible right hand, an important left hook and some great kneesand some elbows – I’ve seen him throw some elbows. I have to beprepared for every part, identical to each fight.”

On World Sequence of Fighting: “I’m within the sameposition as they are in. We’re on this collectively. I’m making an attempt tobuild my name, construct my career, and so they’re trying to do the samething. They’re giving me 100% and I’m going to verify andgive them 100 percent each time I step in there and try to put ashow on and try to keep the ratings excessive and attempt to hold peoplecoming back to observe the World Series of Fighting.”

On whom he’d prefer to struggle subsequent: “I already beat[GesiasCavalcante]. I have nothing to show there. I really feel like somepeople might say it was a fluke, however there was a doctor’s stoppage.The minimize was there. I was landing my punches, my knees and myelbows. I felt very assured in that fight. If that’s somethingthat I've to do again, I have no problem doing that, but I wouldmuch relatively fight LewisGonzalez. I wish to get a special alternative to get in thereand fight someone else and get a new win on my document.”


Prisco: About time

Mike Zimmer has got always had the utmost honor from this specific players.

(USATSI)Mike Zimmer has always had the utmost respect from this players. (USATSI)
even more NFL: Vikings hire Zimmer as coach | Haslam states Browns being 'methodical' I guess the Minnesota Vikings did not give a %$$** that will Mike Zimmer curses so much he'd make a longshoreman dry.

I guess the Vikings didn't medical care that Zimmer is not someone to avoid confrontation.


I suppose the Vikings didn't treatment that Zimmer isn't going to toe the organization range all the time. For that, I applaud the Vikings for getting Zimmer since their head advisor.

For years, I've written columns about how exactly I didn't understand why Zimmer, one of the greatest defensive coordinators in the commercial, may be left without a new job. i actually heard the stories about the man not interviewing well, precisely how he was abrasive and applied owners looking for a yes-man the wrong manner.

Once i asked him about that in December of 2012, this is what he had to say: "I'm sincere. If they ask me some thing, I will tell them. I also think there's a reputation that people have concerning me after seeing all of us at

Hard Knocks

. They saw me personally cursing out guys plus all that will stuff. Yet I am not like that anywhere outside of in this locker room or in our rooms or on the particular particular field. I am never that way after i offer with people in the particular creating. "

The Bengals participants my partner and i talked to more than the years raved regarding Zimmer and the means he rode them. Zimmer's wife suddenly passed aside last season, leaving him a new widower at the age of 53. He trained in a game 4 nights later, which impressed his / her players.

"He handled themself perfectly through all of which, " Bengals defensive handle Domato Peko said. "He lost his particular wife. We were all at this time there for him. That presents exactly how much we respect your guy. "

I don't know for certain if Zimmer will certainly be a wonderful coach. Shifting from planner to coach means a lot associated with brand-new roles. Some may do it, several can't. This particular I do know: Zimmer acquired the chance to be one of typically the thirty-two head coaches.

The Vikings are smart enough in order to give your pet the opportunity.

Realizing him, this is just what he had to say regarding that: It's concerning %*^&%$ time.

A Stripper Has “Released” a Tell-All “Book” About Her Escapades With Michael Vick

San Diego Chargers v Philadelphia Eagles

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Final week, the New York Instances broke the exceptional story that Michael Vick was as soon as the ringleader behind a dogfighting ring, and one can not even imagine what their response can be when they catch wind of the fact that the free agent quarterback supposedly dedicated adultery. As Jimmy Kempski and Matt Romanoski at report, Vick now finds himself as the topic of a stripper’s self-revealed revelations of a relationship that purportedly spanned from 2003-2011, together with the following:

- Vick’s sexual orientation (she says he’s straight).
- Intercourse events at Vick’s residence wherein Vick and his secret lover would sneak round to different rooms and watch other couples having intercourse.
- An incident through which she cuddled a puppy, and Vick told her to cease it, as a result of it might make the puppy “comfortable.” She surmised that the pet was most likely made to be one of many dogfighters.

Whereas the unique dancer failed to provide the reporters with much of the mountains of photographic and electronic proof of the connection she claimed to have, she did produce a pair letters from Vick that appeared to at the very least somewhat corroborate some of her assertions. A number of reputable publishing efforts fell by — one firm was nervous about a libel swimsuit while her try at a Kickstarter raised simply $230 of the $22,000 needed to greenlight the undertaking.

The book is now “available” on the website Though it’s not immediately clear methods to purchase the book on the web site or how a lot it prices, that’s the place it will probably a minimum of be found.

Not that this makes this whole ordeal defensible or anything, but this relationship supposedly happened while Vick was collectively along with his now-wife Kijafa Frink, however was apparently lower off earlier than he married her in 2012.


New driver has Mickelson excited about ’14

"It's a whole diverse system in my arsenal now, of course, if I push the bowling ball well : like I have already been used and in the particular offseason cash heading directly into this 2014 season, it could be the greatest current year of my job for your simple reason. ''

That 3-wood was a big part of the triumph at the Open, in which he hit the club 2 times at the par-5 seventeenth location during the final round to create a 2-putt birdie of which effectively clinched the success.


Phil Mickelson, so, who said he played most of 2013 without a new driver, will be swinging a Callaway massive Bertha Alpha heading in to the 2014 season.

Mickelson said he has been experimenting with more loft on the brand-new driver.
Phil MickelsonThe 43-year-old plans to make his 2014 PGA excursion debut in next week's Farmers Insurance Open during the Torrey Pines. He then definitely will protect his title on the Waste Management Phoenix amenable prior to heading to the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am.

He is likely to bypass the north Trust Open at spiaggia, where he has played recently. Mickelson furthermore said the guy won't play the WGC-Accenture Match Play – Adam jeff is also skipping the World tennis Championship event – simply because their kids will be concerning spring break.

He is considering introducing the Honda Traditional, then the WGC-Cadillac Tournament.

Mickelson, your highest-ranked player inside the Abu Dhabi discipline at No. five in the world, will be grouped with No. 7 Rory McIlroy and also defending champ Jamie Donaldson of Wales in the original two rounds.


The tournament is the very first of three consecutive middle section East events on typically the at least Tour.

RG3 launches Facebook rant about facing scrutiny

RG3 ranted in Facebook recently.

(Facebook. com)RG3 ranted on Facebook recently.
henry Shanahan may be gone, however , don't think the drama may dissipate from Washington simply because Jay Gruden's installed at this time as the new Redskins brain coach. Robert Griffin 3 will still attract lots of scrutiny regardless associated with who's in charge. For instance , RG3's most recent rant within the comments regarding his the facebook page (via CSN Washington). Griffin changed his covers photo, a person (apparently) left a comment about typically the sleeve he would wear on his arm, Griffin procured umbrage and he unleashed an important 297-word diatrabe about his thoughts about team and WE and even commercials.

Or something. Here's their complete text:


I don't do this specific because everybody will possess an opinion on what you do or don't carry out. But for answer your issue. i just wear an outter considering that…. well the similar reason calcul Garcon wears a fischzug mouthpiece-S. Moss wears a good hand more comfortable when it's seventy degrees-Will Montgomery wears joint pads-Alfred Morris wears tibia guards-London Fletcher doesn't don masturbator sleeves in below ice weather-Adam Carriker does bicep curls and tricep extensions well before the game-Chris Baker dances just before every game inside the locker room room-Logan Paulsen actually a couple of handed spikes when he celebrates touchdowns-Chris Chester will do ninja spins to block people-Some guys wear sleeves plus some don't-Some guys dress yourself in wristbands & some don't-Etc

You see ALL OF US do these things because they will make us more comfortable. Not really to be different. Already been within a sleeve and baseball glove intended for 10 years.


You notice WE are your staff.


A person think I want that to be national information i visit a beach? Or store at Walmart? Or put on red shoes or boots instead any time green last night? Well we don't. I am "striving" pertaining to greatness just like my associates teammates do. The "attention" that comes with being a QB within the league is what you are mentioning. All the press conferences together with talking to typically the media? required by the league to have a click conference every week throughout the period and during team activities during the off-season. Oh wait, you have to end up being talking about the tv ads? Right? Oh ok just what exactly was the deal with individuals news? WE won the split. So in 2013 when WE get knocked down, and handle last it's because of the tv ads? When that is your thought I have nothing a lot more to state. WE will get back up. Which is what matters. I hope We satisfied your question nicely enough.

And you keep supporting the team. HTTR!!!
A couple of points right here.
a single one, it probably pulls possessing people track RG3 to be able to Wal-Mart and get worried about precisely what shoes this individual wears. however , that's part of the trade away. A person get to play quarterback in the NFL plus you don't get to help make the money and earn typically the fame that comes with it with no there becoming some negative side outcomes. 2, people are much better once you win and very much less neat when you lose. That's the way sports work. It's unhappy that the difference between a happy Redskins fanbase is profitable and losing, but the are the breaks of nfl.
eventually, whoever is screaming regarding Facebook about RG3's arm rest sleeve is a part of in the special just one percent of the citizenry. If arm sleeves really are what make you crazy of course, if that's how you spend the free moment, rethink the way an individual live your life. Please. Read The Original Article

How Should We Feel About ESPN’s Receiving $260 Million in State Tax Subsidies?

ESPN Studio

Within the New York Times, Steve Eder delved fairly deep into monetary preparations between ESPN and the state of Connecticut. All the story is nicely price a learn, and there have been some eye-popping figures:

ESPN has acquired about $260 million in state tax breaks and credits over the past 12 years, in keeping with a New York Instances evaluation of public information. That features $eighty four.7 million in improvement tax credits because of a film and digital media program, in addition to savings of about $15 million a 12 months because the community successfully lobbied the state for a tax code change in 2000.

For reasons which might be abundantly clear to anyone who was inclined to click on on this story, those numbers are probably going to impress lots of outrage. ESPN has a clear hegemony over all different sports activities networks, accounts for nearly half of Disney’s income, went via a really public round of layoffs this 12 months, and oftentimes otherwise finds its content as the subject of criticism from probably the most extremely engaged sports activities fans and media.

I despise corporate welfare as a lot as the next guy, but as someone who grew up about half-hour from Bristol I do think I can provide some context as to why Connecticut’s political leaders would pragmatically need to guarantee a smooth relationship with the Worldwide Chief. As the Instances story notes, ESPN employs four,000 individuals within the state, many of whom are very nicely-compensated and contribute revenue tax to the state’s coffers and spending to local businesses. If their organization simply packed up and left (which was admittedly extremely unlikely to occur on a big scale anytime soon with or with out tax assist), it could have massive penalties.

Past that, there are symbolic implications. Spawned in 1979 in the town of Bristol — part of the oft-ignored portion of the state not inhabited by New York City commuters — ESPN has grown right into a preeminent worldwide empire. Its continued presence in the neighborhood serves as a testament that the American Dream is possible to accomplish there inside a generation.

Moreover, it’s not tough for one to understand why ESPN has reportedly spent $1.2 million on lobbying since 2007 — it’s obviously been efficient, they usually’ve generated a sizable return on investment from it. The community is part of a public corporation and therefore should seek to maximize value for its shareholders. If managers don’t hit their budgets, it has a fabric impact on Disney’s earnings and (extra) individuals lose their jobs. Sure, ESPN seemingly has a license to print cash now, but there could be stiffer competition from Fox, CBS, NBC and various other segmentations sooner or later. Of their management’s minds, they always must be as profitable as attainable.

This isn’t to say that one shouldn’t wish for ESPN to be an upstanding company citizen, and in a super world its leaders would have the angle to step back and understand that the fungible nature of cash signifies that their tax breaks come on the direct expense of great civil and social expenditures. It does seem gluttonous to put off longstanding employees when there’s no imminent menace, and it does seem overly greedy to concurrently pursue handouts from the state.


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Report: Munchak, Schiano inquire about Penn St.

Has this man showed interest in the Penn State job? (USATSI)
Has this man showed interest within the Penn State job? (USATSI)

If Bill O’Brien leaves Penn State for a head coaching job in the NFL – and CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora mentioned the Texans and Vikings have shown curiosity – maybe a present NFL coach will take O’Brien’s old job. is reporting that representatives of Titans coach Mike Munchak and Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano have made inquiries into the Nittany Lions job if, in fact, O’Brien departs.

It is attention-grabbing because Munchak is in peril of dropping his job in Tennessee, recording a 21-26 mark in three seasons. Schiano, who appeared to be in such trouble earlier this season, seemingly has made his job extra secure by the advance shown by Tampa Bay within the second half of the yr, and on Tuesday, he denied he wished the job.

Munchak, a Penn State alumnus, was thought to have had a very good shot to land the job that O’Brien eventually received two years in the past.

“I am instructed the money males who pull the strings behind the Penn State program would once more lean toward the dignified and straight-taking pictures Munchak as the favorite if, indeed, they must begin a search – which they hope not to,” writes creator David Jones.

As for the way much hassle Munchak is in with Tennessee, here’s what he said when requested about it earlier this month:

“Once we play our final sport, we’ll have a possibility to speak on how we go forward as a football workforce like I did final year and the yr earlier than that. I’ve had the identical discussion when the season ends and I am assuming I’ll have that same discussion when the season ends.

“I am going to have a chance to speak to all people then and say ‘Here is what occurred. Here’s how we go ahead. Here’s the plan.’ And then a call is made and we’ll move forward.”

Schiano, who has had most of his coaching success at Rutgers, was as soon as an assistant at Penn State, but it surely would not sound like he’d be a critical candidate at Penn State. And he said Tuesday it is not a job he desires.

“There’s zero reality to that,” Schiano mentioned, by way of “Let me make it clear, the one job I need is the one I have proper now.”

The web site reports that Vanderbilt coach James Franklin also has shown interest.

Comply with Josh Katzowitz on Google+

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Bridgewater ‘undecided’ about entering NFL

Louisville jr quarterback Teddy Bridgewater said they are “undecided” whether to return for their senior year and will make the decision pursuing the Cardinals’ bowl game.

“I’ve been hearing each one of these stories that I’ve made a decision — I haven’t made a decision, ” Bridgewater said Monday. “I will speak with my mom and the coaches before making the decision. I’m not leaning in any event. ”

Bridgewater is the No . 1-rated quarterback prospective client by ESPN’s Todd McShay, as well as the No . 8 player overall.

Bridgewater said he is not leaning either way, but accepted he’s been paying close focus on the other quarterbacks that have decided to stay in school or declare early.

He will decide on their future “hopefully three-to-four days after” Louisville’s Russell Athletic Bowl towards Miami on Dec. 28 within Orlando, Fla., when he is “comfortable” with his decision. He is not going to arranged a specific deadline.

“Whenever I feel comfortable after talking about it with my mom, my family plus my coaches, ” he mentioned.

Bridgewater may graduate Thursday with a degree within sports administration. He’s the first person in his family to graduate from university.

“It’s not really a hard decision at all, ” stated Bridgewater, who turned 21 final month. “I know I manage my future and my own future. ”

Bridgewater said he has not yet acquired any discussions about his upcoming with Louisville coach Charlie Solid or offensive coordinator Shawn Watson.

He mentioned the main reason for returning for their senior year would be “playing inside a new conference against better skill and being able to play another season with guys I’ve had excellent relationships with at Louisville. inch

Louisville ways to the ACC next season, after working Bridgewater’s last three years in the United states Athletic Conference and Big Eastern.

Bridgewater’s major reason for declaring early for the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE?

“I may finally say I reached our ultimate goal and it would alter my mom’s life (financially), inch he said. “I can make an effect on my environment, where I actually grew up in Miami, showing there is restrictions what you can reach. That will someone from the same neighborhood makes it out. ”

Bridgewater added that whatever NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE team has the first pick with regard to next year’s draft will not influence his decision. He added that will whenever he leaves college for that NFL, he wants to be able to state, “I was able to leave college a much better person than when I came to university. ”

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Stop being scared about the United States’ World Cup draw

(epa/Ron Schwane)

(epa/Ron Schwane)

Sure, this can be a arduous group.

Actually, it couldn’t have been more difficult. The Individuals open the tournament towards Ghana, who eliminated the U.S. in the last two World Cups. The U.S. then faces two Europe’s finest groups in Portugal (in the Amazon rainforest) and Germany (who the U.S. misplaced to within the 1998 and 2002 World Cups).

Compounding the task of advancing to the second spherical is the ridiculous quantity of journey going through the United States. The Individuals could have logged almost 9,000 miles after they full group play. To recap: The U.S. will play the crew that has ended their last two World Cup runs, the most effective players within the World, and a 3-time World Cup champion.

In 20 years, there hasn’t been a tougher Group of Dying. But that is why it’s going to be OKAY.

The U.S. is fitter than another group on earth.

There isn’t a group higher suited to handle the trials of travel and fewer-than-very best circumstances. For all the issues the United States has lacked in the past, it has all the time been one of the fittest groups on the planet. Nobody needs to play in a rainforest, however in the event you do, the longer you can keep up the stress the better you will be. These video games gained’t be won within the first 15 minutes, however they very nicely could be lost in the remaining 15. Who's going to have the ability to preserve working on empty within the stifling jungle? Wager on the U.S.

Jurgen Klinsmann has made the roster deeper than ever before.

The shortage of depth has plagued the U.S. for decades. They merely didn’t have the standard to final a whole month in 2010. The playmakers ran out of gasoline, and the crew limped into its second spherical recreation in opposition to Ghana. That gained’t be the case this yr. The U.S. has a bench capable of sustaining that high quality all through the group stage. That high quality shall be especially necessary heading into the ultimate match against Germany.

The U.S. is resilient.

Advancing out of the group stage has nothing to do with being the most effective group and every part to do with being probably the most constant team. The U.S. has never gained two matches in group play, and but superior out of their group in two of the last three World Cups. The 2010 Group of Dying featured Brazil, North Korea, Ivory Coast, and Portugal playing among the most uninspired, conservative soccer in latest reminiscence. Brazil snatched first in that group with two wins and a draw, whereas Portugal took second with a win and two draws.

If the U.S. is ready to knock off Ghana to start out the event, they control their own destiny. A robust defensive form, sturdy set items, and a scrappy mentality have served the Individuals effectively up to now. It can again.

The U.S. is healthier.

The quality general is solely higher. This is a staff that may survive without gamers who they leaned on closely in years past, like Landon Donovan. If the U.S. drew this group in 2002, 2006, or 2010, it could have been an excessive amount of to beat. Not anymore, and not with this expertise pool. The 2014 World Cup ought to be a possibility for gamers like Graham Zusi and Omar Gonzalez to shine, and set into movement a brand new generation of American soccer.

It’s time to grow up.

American soccer has come a great distance since 1990, and each World Cup, U.S. fans cross their fingers for a favorable draw. Sooner or later, it’s time to buck up and embrace the challenge. When Paul Caliguiri hit the shot heard round the world towards Trinidad in 1989, he launched U.S. soccer right into a stratosphere it had never encountered. The ’90s noticed the founding of Major League Soccer and the United States’ first appearance within the knockout stage since 1930.

That revolution began with a crew in 1989 facing what gave the impression to be insurmountable odds.

Kind of like now.

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Transfer news: Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba not concerned about new contract

Paul Pogba: The midfielder is relaxed about a new Juventus deal

Paul Pogba: The midfielder is calm about a new Juventus deal

£5 free every week

Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba insists that he will be not regarding himself with a brand new contract as he desires to focus on winning trophies.

The former Manchester United youngster provides two-and-a-half years leftover on his current deal in Turin, but reviews have regularly connected him with a move away having founded himself as a key component of Antonio Conte's part.

The 20-year-old's Juventus team-mate, Arturo Vidal, has recently penned a brand new deal with the Italian champions, bringing an finish to weeks of speculation, although Pogba states that it will be not really something he is worrying about.

"I don't believe about it, I will remain focused on this time of year to win something once again," he informed Italian newspaper, Tuttosport.

"My objective is to win everything – Serie A, Champions League and the World Cup with France.

"Winning the third Scudetto in a row for Juventus would be a historic success."

However, Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon can be confident that Pogba will adhere to in Vidal's footsteps and sign a new agreement.

"You will notice soon that he will also renew," he told Tuttosport.

"If a participant who has as several offers as Arturo chooses to tie himself to Juventus for such a long period, it's a very obvious signal and it indicates that there will be an essential and solid project here.

"There is a conviction among the the majority of important gamers in the squad that in the future we can accomplish the same great results as in recent many years."

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Bundesliga: Bayern Munich not worried about losing Arjen Robben

Arjen Robben: Wait for new contract

Arjen Robben: Wait for brand spanking new contract

£5 free each week

Bayern Munich president Uli Hoeness shouldn’t be frightened about shedding Arjen Robben, insisting there’s still loads of time to succeed in an agreement over a new contract.

The Dutchman’s present deal expires in 2015 and Hoeness is optimistic a brand new provide might be accepted in good time.

“There are nonetheless 18 months to go so I do not get what all of the fuss is about,” Hoeness instructed Kicker journal.

“Arjen knows what he’s received right here and we all know what we have got with him.

“He is not placing us under any pressure and we’re not putting him under any both. We will discover a resolution when the time is right.”

Robben moved on to fifty one career Bundesliga objectives on the weekend with a brace serving to Bayern beat Eintracht Braunschweig and make it 39 games in a row without defeat.

They lead the Bundesliga by 4 points from Bayer Leverkusen, who face third-positioned Borussia Dortmund, who are an extra three factors behind, next weekend.

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Ian Kinsler’s agent learned about trade via ESPN app alert

Sep 23, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Texas Rangers second baseman Ian Kinsler (5) follows through on a single in opposition to the Houston Astros throughout the first inning of a baseball recreation at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. Mandatory Credit score: Jim Cowsert-USA AS WE SPEAK Sports

The Texas Rangers and the Detroit Tigers pulled off a surprising and shocking commerce swapping second baseman Ian Kinsler and first baseman Prince Fielder. The commerce got here as such a surprise that Kinsler’s agent realized by way of a push notification from ESPN on his cellphone.

“I got an ESPN alert and then everybody beginning texting,” Kinsler’s agent Jay Franklin mentioned, by way of ESPN Dallas. “Ian is in Hawaii. He texted me and mentioned, ‘I believe I’ve simply been traded. Can you examine?’ We didn’t see it coming.”

Since Kinsler requested his agent to verify, you may assume that he discovered in an identical method. Had the entrance office known as him to tell him he had been traded, there would’ve been no reason to ask your agent to look into it. The Rangers acknowledged that the commerce story leaked earlier than they may inform everyone involved and they weren’t happy with that.

In Kinsler’s contract he submitted a listing of 10 groups he’d be prepared to accept a trade to, and the Tigers had been on that listing.

“Ian is excited about Detroit,” Franklin mentioned. “He wants to win, and he works onerous. I believe Detroit followers, much like the Texas fans, will respect that he gives you every thing he’s got day-after-day. He leaves all of it out on the sphere.”

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Samuel L. Jackson Was Not Happy About Matt Ryan Sliding Short of the End Zone on Third Down


The 2-8 Atlanta Falcons are hanging with the New Orleans Saints as we approach the half. On third down, near the objective line, Matt Ryan had an opportunity to provide the Falcons the lead. He slid at the five yard line on third and aim.

Samuel L. Jackson was not blissful about it. Fairly sure he was just referring to the name of his pockets in Pulp Fiction.


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