James Franklin to Penn State

James Franklin was 24-15 at Vanderbilt, including 9-5 in his final 14 SEC games.
(USATSI)James Franklin was 18-8 at Vanderbilt, including 9-5 in his last 14 SEC games. (USATSI)
Vanderbilt coach James Franklin is expected to be the next head coach at Penn State, a source told CBSSports. com on Thursday morning.
There are still many details to be sorted out on both sides within the next 48 hours.

Doyel on Franklin

Right move for Penn State

The 41-year-old Franklin, a Pennsylvania native, worked wonders in his three seasons at Vandy. Franklin, known for being very organized, a dogged recruiter and energetic, walked into the toughest conference in college football three years ago and transformed a program that won just 13 SEC games in the previous 10 seasons into one that has now had back-to-back Top 25 finishes.

After a 6-7 debut season in Nashville, the charismatic Franklin coached the Commodores to an 18-8 record the last two seasons and a 9-5 mark in their past 14 SEC games. He also beat No. 15 Georgia this past season as part of the Commodores pulling off an unlikely SEC trifecta with wins over UGA, Florida and Tennessee – the three traditional powerhouses of the SEC East.

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