28 thoughts on “Lebron James 30 points vs Pacers – Full Highlights (2013 NBA Playoffs ECF GM5)

  1. LeBron’s shooting mechanics look much more textbook this season than in the past. Perks of having Ray Allen on your team.

  2. 21 of LeBron’s 30 points came on jumpshots. Just pointing that out to those of you who think that he does is “dunkz n’ layupz”

  3. I think he’s sayin, “MOTHER FUCKER” but video cuts out at “MOTHERFUCK”….why would you say “what the fuck” if you just hit a 3.

  4. Agreed. Lebron has been driving and finishing with his left since High School. I don’t know what footage MJ was watching.

  5. Jordan was so fucking wrong….lebron drove left and finished with his left multiple times in this game…jordan needs to do more studying

  6. Kobe is my most favorite player ever but LeBron is on another level right now. Whether you love him or hate him you can’t deny his greatness.

  7. magine bulls without jordan is the same imagine heat without lebron, so this is greatness, the cavaliers dont built a time around lebron. what lebron makes in cleveland was awesome. People dont give the credit when credit is due, this is the problem. he is probably the second best player off all time and can be the greatest

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